5 Best Restaurants in Arenal Volcano National Park for Travelers from USA

As you are traveling to Costa Rica, you need to find the best restaurants in Arenal Volcano National Park. so, today I bring you these great restaurants located near Arenal Volcano National Park:


Restaurante El Colosco

Based near the Arenal Volcano National Park, El Colosco is the right place to enjoy your meals for travelers who pass going to the place by the spot. Either when going to or coming from the Volcano, the travelers cannot help but stop to have their meals. The menu comprises salad, beans, veggies, rice and much more. All the dishes deliver a mouth-watering experience.


Altamira Restaurant

This is a very beautiful and clean restaurant; travelers who go near cannot avoid but enter the spot. As they do, they are greeted by wonderful music and delicious, affordable foods of various kinds. The service, too, is surreal. This is why the restaurant is the main go-to spot in Arsenal. Given its location, you are privileged to watch Volcano; you can choose to do so at the end of your meal.


Tiquica Restaurant

Suited for children and large groups, Tiquica, one the most recommended spots in the entire La Fortuna de San Carlos, offers great food and services. Not only does it offer Costa Rican foods, but also does it serve American cuisine to the food enthusiasts or the Americans. So, when you going or coming back from Volcano National Park, you should give it go as well. You will be delighted.

Open from 12 pm to 9:30 pm all week long, you have a plenty of time to enjoy yourself with some of the best food. So, you can have lunch, dinner, brunch, as well as tasty drinks.

Thanks to its amazing services, you can enjoy your meals in peace. After finishing it, you can sit back and relax. If you would like to surf the internet, you can do so at no cost. You will not face any problem answering emails, doing some research, staying in the loop.


El France Abuelo Parrillada y Restaurante

If you are looking for a spot where you can enjoy delicious pizza, look no further; this restaurant has you covered. In addition to pizzas, the spot offers seafood, barbecue, and much more.

The restaurant offers the best and fastest services ever. As you order your meals, you will not even notice any delay. The food comes in no time. These servers know how to prioritize the needs of the client.

The restaurant looks beautiful, quiet, and simple. This means you can enjoy your meals in peace. you can then chat with your partner; nobody will rush you out.


Soda Mima

Soda Mima is one of the best bars. Given its touristic, the bar has been frequented travelers from various locations, including the American travelers. Most of its clients rave about the restaurant’s food. So, if you are I’m in La Fortuna de San Carlos, you need to drive to this soda. You will not gripe about anything; everything is perfect.

In addition to offering delicious Costa Rican foods, the bar offers American dishes as well; this, too, is a delight for the American travelers.

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