5 Best Restaurants in Atenas for Travelers from USA

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Costa Rica offers a lot of wonders to the world’s tourists or travelers. Today, we are looking at Atenas. If you are traveling or find yourself around this place, you will need to check out the following five best restaurants in this area:


La Fiesta de las pupusas

This restaurant offers delicious dishes at affordable prices. The servers are kind and helpful; you can rely on them to provide you delicious dishes out of this spot. Given the size of the restaurant and its great services, you can go there with your family; there is room for a group of people.

The menu offers various pawn pupusas, Casados, nachos, chicken, cheese, plantains, and much more. Even though the place is famous for the pupusas, all of these foods are excellently made delicious,

As you order the king prawn pupusas, you will receive the plate loaded up with vegetables. So, you will be stuffed in such a way that you will not need to eat your night’s meal.

This is one of those places that you should not miss out on if you are in the area.



This restaurant named Antano offers breakfast and lunch to both locals and travelers. The servers are pleasant and helpful.

The restaurant is clean; it has a beautiful ambiance. Even the rooms are very comfortable.

The menu comprises beef, fish, chicken, pork, fajitas, iced cappuccino, homemade drinks, coffee, and much more. All of these foods and drinks are offered at unbeatable prices.


Kay’s Gringo Postres and Café

This spot is one of the most highly recommended restaurants in Antenas. The restaurant always delivers on quality. Whether you look at the food or consider the services, you will be pleased; the food is tasty and fresh; the servers are attentive and entertaining. You can rely on these servers to take care of your needs with their breakfast and lunch dishes.

The menu offers eggs,  home fries, sandwiches, cheese, sausages, mushrooms, potatoes, sauerkraut, and much more. All of these foods are homemade and served in large portions.

You can enjoy freshly caught fish accompanied by chips with great cold slaw. Given that this dish is served only twice a month on Fridays,  you can try a buffet meal.

You can finish off with the restaurant’s best desserts.

The restaurant features a library. So, if you love reading, you can do so at the free library.
Given its touristic setting, you can run into many Americans and speak English with them and thus make English friends. The restaurant is visited by many travelers.


Don Yayo Chicharonerra

Trusted by locals, the restaurant has become arguably the most recommended spots in the area. The little restaurant offers well-prepared dishes at unbeatable prices. The servers are very and helpful; their kindness flows with them.
The menu consists of ceviche, pork, fish soup, calamari, ribs and chicharon, salads, cold beer, and much more.

Given the restaurant’s great ambiance coupled with its great foods, the restaurant is a hidden gem for many travelers.


El Restaurante Guanacaste

This restaurant is very easy to find; there is a big sign of this spot on the road. The restaurant offers breakfast, lunch, dinner to both locals and travelers. Because of its great foods and services, the spot gets full in the evenings. The restaurant features TV. You will then be able to watch your favorite films while you eat.

Given its delicious yet varied dishes, you can enjoy your favorite meals. You can pick yours as you check out the menu:

The menu consists of Arroz de Camarones, corvina, pork, salads, beef, marinated veggies, margaritas, and much more.

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