5 Best Restaurants in Brasilito for Travelers from USA

If you are in Brasilito coming from the US, you will be interested in the following restaurants; they are the best restaurants you can ever visit in this area. Take a look at what one of them has to offer:


The Spot Brasilito

This restaurant is one of those you can visit after snorkeling to chill out watch its beachy, amazing views. As you enter the spot, the waiter quickly meets your need. So, there is no need to wait long hours to receive your meal. The food is excellent; it is served in large portions, so you can share with a friend. Given the quality foods, the price is affordable. Other than food, you enjoy your favorite drinks..

The menu offers drinks, veggies, Casados, burgers, and much more. All the dishes are served fresh and tasty.

The servers are very friendly. After enjoying your dinner, you can hang out with them and have fun.


Soda Brasilito

Located near the park in the town, this spot offers affordable breakfast, lunch, and dinners to both locals and travelers. To have more fun, you should better visit the restaurant with your kids. They love this restaurant.

The menu comprises SOPA Negra, veggies, rice, red snapper, chicken shrimp, veggie Casados, ceviche, and much more. Every dish is cooked very well. If you love seafood, you can plenty of it, all of it is freshly caught. When you finish your entrée, you can enjoy the best desserts in the restaurant.

The restaurant is attractive with a warm atmosphere. So, it receives a lot of clients. But the service is always fast.


El Forno

If you are looking for a restaurant where you can enjoy pizzas, El Forno can meet your needs. This restaurant is well known for great pizzas and seafood. And the pricing is affordable as well. Whether you want to sit in and enjoy your meal or you would love to buy your meal and take away, you can do as you see best; the spot offers both of the services.

The servers are very good. They help customers choose their food.

The menu offers pasta, pizzas, tapas, drinks, wine, and much more.

This hidden gem offers the best services. Though are new owners, they keep up with their standards.

Cafe del Manglar

The spot offers great steak for dinners, which in generous portions cooked. This spot is suitable for those who are in search of an enjoyable, affordable and peaceful setting in order to spend time with friends together with my family.

To many travelers, this restaurant offers the best Brazilian cuisine in Costa Rica. Excellently, prepared on charcoal, the food is very tasty. This includes the meat and every kind of food. Could you need some help, you can rely on the servers; they are very kind.

Located near the beach, you get to eat your meal while catching a breeze.


Lucy’s Retired Surfers Bar & Restaurant

This restaurant offers the best yet traditional Costa Rican foods. For example, you can enjoy Casados, which is a typical food in the country. All these foods are well cooked and served very well.

The servers are very good and helpful. You can rely on them to provide you with anything you desire; they can explain to you their menu. They are accommodating.

The menu offers fish, pumpkin, rice, margaritas, shrimp tacos, vegetables, and much more. All of the dishes were excellently cooked.

For your entrée, you can order the fish or veggies. Yet, do not miss out on margaritas, the best drink in the restaurant.

Located on the beach, you can visit the restaurant for meals and the amazing, relaxed temperature.

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