5 Best Restaurants in Cahuita for Travelers from US

Costa Rica has arguably the best restaurants in all of America. It is one of these reasons the country is the center of tourists from various parts of the world. Americans are not an exception; they do visit this country. Interestingly enough, they find great restaurants in every province. If you are considering traveling to Costa Rica, you will need to visit the following best restaurants for American travelers:


Restaurant Tipico Cahuita

Situated in the center of town, Restaurant Tipico Cahuita is very peaceful thanks to its quiet location on the side of the main street.

The menu offers fried lobster, chicken wings, fried rice, filet fish, Casado fish, and much more. The menu has so many dishes that, if you do not finish your entrée, you can take some home for breakfast the following morning.

The staff is very friendly; they take care of the customers so much so that they keep returning for more.

While there are many foods to order, fish, rice, and beans are favorites of many clients.


Palenque Luisa

This spot offers great dinner at affordable prices. Its menu comprises in garlic shrimp, fish, passion fruit, chicken in pineapple, fruit shakes, rib, steak, Piña Colada, and much more. The food is prepared and served in a timely manner.

For dinner, you can order fish accompanied by rib eye steak. As for beverages, Piña Colada is the best you can have.

If you are still hungry, you can order chicken, the restaurant’s specialty; it is very tasty.

The servers are kind and helpful. They welcome all the visitors and help them choose their favorite food. Clients like to rely on their recommendations. They recommend delicious food. As soon as they take the orders from the clients, they bring the food in no time. Aside from the delicious foods, many clients love how fast the staff treats them well.

The steak mignon served with bacon is delicious. If you like fish fillet, pork chops, and shrimp, you can ask for them; they are available. The shrimp is served with coconut sauce. It is excellent.

For those who love beef, here is something for them: you can savor your favorite beef. It is excellently prepared with fresh ingredients. For many, this is the best spot for dinner.


El Rincon de Sandra

El Rincon de Sandra is a small restaurant offering amazing food. It offers well-prepared lunch and dinner, surprising many travelers.

The staff is very friendly and attentive. They attend to the needs of their customers in no time.

One of best foods is red snapper, which comes served in Caribbean coconut sauce.  Given that the food is affordable, you enjoy everything. But the restaurant does not offer wine or alcohol drinks.


Chao’s Paradise

This spot offers delicious foods in a beautiful setting accompanied by great music.

The menu has a lot of seafood. The food is prepared with fresh ingredients, some of which include Caribbean sauce. Most of its visitors rave about the red snapper prepared with a Caribbean sauce.


You can start with salad; it is wonderfully prepared. It looks great and fresh on the plate. Then, you can ask for french fries. You can eat as much as you want, but leave some room for Arroz con Pollo. It is best enjoyed with a chicken sandwich.

At this spot, you get to eat fresh and delicious foods at a reasonable price.


The servers are very excited to receive new and returning visitors. No matter how hungry they may be; the staff takes care of their hunger. They never leave hungry.

As you enjoy your meals outside, you can watch the waves of the sea, while you listen to great music in the background.


Panaderia Reposteria Mi Nonna

If you are looking for a perfect restaurant offering amazing breakfast in Cahuita, this family-run restaurant is the right place for you. This spot is a small bakery offering freshly baked breads and pastries. Open as of 7 am through 11 am, it receives all travelers.

The menu offers freshly baked bread, coffee, pizzas, eggs, pastries, hand-squeezed orange, sandwiches, cheese, and much more.

The staff is professional and helpful. The owner of the spot is an Italian grandmother who has spent all her life making breads, pastries, pizzas, and much more. She is a great baker. Since she performs magic in the kitchen, the clients do not mind awaiting her pastries.

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