5 Best Restaurants in Nosara for Travelers from USA

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Nosara is one of the best places for travelers; it is here where you can enjoy great dishes at unbeatable prices. If you are around Nosara, you need to check out the following restaurants and pick one for yourself:


Al Chile                                 

This restaurant offers delicious foods and drinks. Given its location, clients surf and visit this spot just to be greeted by a cold beer.

The menu offers fish tacos, burritos, beef, chicken, and much more.

Aside from the delicious foods, the staff is another reason why the restaurant receives many visitors. The servers are friendly. They serve the clients with a smile. Not only are they friendly, they are also good. When the customers forget their valuables, the servers are good enough to keep such valuables for the clients.

The restaurant is well decorated. It is one of the spots you need to visit while in Nosara.

El Manglar Restaurant

This is both a hotel and a restaurant. It offers great accommodation for travelers. Given its location near the beach, the restaurant attracts many people.  As it is more than a restaurant, El Manglar Restaurant offers spacious rooms that are beautifully decorated. The spot has a lot to offer, which surprises the many people who stumble over it.

The spot offers delicious breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It also offers great services: the servers are good enough to take care of the clients’ allergies, making sure they are served the right food. Whether you want American dishes or Costa Rican ones, you can have them all.

For those who stay at the hotel, the breakfast is free. As you wake up, you surprised with freebies; food and the fruit are fresh and delicious.

The menu offers tuna tartar, huevos rancheros, sandwiches, Carribean Shimp, burger, tacos, chicken tenders, mahi-mahi, crawfish, Peruvian ceviche, and much more. All of these dishes are affordable and served large portions.

In addition to the dishes, you can order strawberry smoothie; you like wine, you can choose your favorite one. There, you can enjoy your meal while listening to music.

Go Juice

Go Juice, as its name implies, offers great juices. It is the best restaurant for juices. The servers perform magic in the kitchen. The gourment can customize every juice with any of their ingredients. Depending on your palate, you can grab a bowl, coffee or smoothie after you surf.

Pacifico Azul

Pacifico Azul offers excellent dinner. Many locals and travelers frequent the spot for its delicacies and wonderful services.

The menu offers tuna, patacones, mahi, and much more.  You whet your appetite with ceviche topped with patacones. If you are a veggie, you can order the vegetarian casado while your relative gets the grilled Mahi.

The waiter is always friendly and attentive. So, every customer receives his/her favorite food; the waiter ensures that they are all satisfied. The restaurant is both clean and comfortable.

Cafe de Paris Restaurant & Bakery

This place is suitable for coffee and tea. Travelers love it for its quality breakfast and lunch. The food is cooked very well; it is fresh and delicious. Aside from the meat, the restaurant also offers vegetables for those who do not eat meat.

The menu consists of crepes, home bread, pizzas, smoothies, salads, empanadas, and much more. The chocolate croissants, as well as the smoothies, are one of the reasons travelers frequent the spot.

Thanks to the servers’ kindness, you can buy pastries and bread from the bakery and enjoy them with your coffee at the spot.

After enjoying your meal, you can either sit back and relax or swim in the small pool. You can swim with your kids.

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