5 Best Restaurants in Puerto Limón for Travelers from USA

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Travelers love visiting Costa Rica. If you are one of those tourists or even a simple traveler to the country, you will need to find a great restaurant where you can have your favorite dish. As you visit Costa Rica, check out the following restaurants, one of which might be just for you:


Soda El Patty

This restaurant offers delicious, affordable dishes to international travelers. Soda El Patty offers breakfast, lunch, dinner. So, you can pick your meals for the day. If you are thinking of visiting as a family, you can do so; the spot offers great comfort for families.

The menu offers patties, coffees, rice, beans, and much more. The food is served in large portions. So, you can share with a friend, because you, alone, can’t finish your dish.

At this restaurant, you can enjoy rice and beans accompanied by cas juice. You can also get coconut milk, which is amazing.

Because of the delicious foods, many clients keep returning for more.

This beautiful and small restaurant offers excellent services; the staff is welcoming and attentive to the needs of the customers. Every client going in is greeted, offered a seat, and then served accordingly.


Restaurant Cocori


Cocori is a beautiful, clean spot with an amazing ocean view. Aside from its delicious foods, the spot offers a great comfort and wonderful services, which keep the visitors coming back for more.

The clients love that they can eat their favorite dishes just at the right time. Yes, you will not be kept waiting. Whether you go early or late, there is a room for you. If you go early in the morning, you will love watching the sunrise while your food is being prepared. The food is very affordable; you can eat without breaking your pockets.

For more information, you can call at 00 506 2795 1010

Alternatively, you can visit their website at gotopuertolimon.com


Caribbean Kalisi Coffee Shop

Located behind the Cathedral, in downtown Limon, this spot offers a great variety of local food to choose from, at unbeatable prices. While as a traveler you might wonder if you won’t get sick eating in the country, you will be surprised at the quality of food offered at this restaurant.

The menu offers salads, fish, chicken, and much more. Aside from eating delicious dishes, you will love how clean the restaurant is; the spot also has air conditioning, which is luxury in the area. So, you will enjoy eating there.

Given the location of the restaurant, it is always locked during business hours. This is a good measure to fight against crime in the city; decent customers have permission to enter. So, in addition to the food you eat, you will also love the safety and comfort that the restaurant has to offer.


Gecko Cafe & Grill

If you are looking for a great spot offering beer, you will need to check out this restaurant, Gecko Cafe & Grill. It is located at the beach. Aside from the beer, the spot offers a lot of delicacies.

The restaurant offers a great accommodation for travelers. You can also go there with your friends; there is always room for a group of parties.

The spot offers great services, making every client feel at home while being offered a great treat. The owner is kind enough to relate the history of the area. So, you will love to hear the history of the place of your visit.


Red Snapper Restaurant

Located in the hills overlooking Port Limon, this place offers great, affordable foods and great views. One upside of the place is that you can pay with your credit card if you don’t have cash on hand.

The menu comprises pasta, beef, pizza, fish, and much more. All of these foods are excellently prepared and delicious.

In addition to the great, varied foods, you can enjoy the best wines—this clean, beautiful restaurant offers a great selection of wines as well. What is more, you get to be attended to by an amazing staff. As you visit this place, you will feel like returning for more.

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