5 Best Restaurants in San Random for Travelers from US

If you are considering traveling to Costa Rica or are already in the country looking for the best and most suitable restaurants for you, then the following 5 restaurants will make your day. All of the restaurants below have something in common: they all offer delicious foods at affordable prices. So, you are not going to break your pocket.


La Choza De Dona Emilce

Situated near the airport, this restaurant receives many travelers as they leave the airport on their way to Arsenal—as the restaurant is near Arsenal Volcano, it receives many international visitors. Most of these travelers are from UK; all of them are treated very well.

The menu offers Casado, rice, quesadillas beans, salads, chicken, potatoes, pork, seafood, and much more. All of these foods are cooked and served very well. The menu offers various beverages. As a result, every client is satisfied.

La Delicias Del Mal

This restaurant offers delicious dishes at relatively affordable prices. Thanks to the wonderful servers, every travel is treated very well despite the language barrier. That said, you can bump into English speakers and immerse in conversation.

The food is served in large portions, so you can share it with a friend. The foods consist of garlic shrimp, fries, calamari, and much more. The menu also offers American food for those who love it.

Whether or not you like seafood, you should better try garlic shrimp and calamari. These foods are some of the best you can ever ask for out the menu.

You can have any kind of beverage except alcohol given that the spot is not licensed to carry beer.

Restaurante El Sendero

Situated near the Hotel Villa Branca in a village called Silencio, the restaurant has an amazing ambiance. As the name Silencio implies, the restaurant is located in a silent, peaceful place surrounded by a wonderful nature. As you enjoy your meals, you will be delighted by the sound of birds chirping.

The restaurant offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Whether you are looking for seafood or other kinds of foods, the restaurant will meet all of your needs.

The menu offers veggies, homemade tortillas, cheese, chicken, and much more. All of these foods are prepared with fresh, natural ingredients.

The servers are very attentive and helpful. They are always there to meet the needs of their customers.

Octubre 29 Gastrobar

If you love pizza, this is the right place for you. Pizza is one of the best foods that keep the clients raving about it and recommending it to their friends. Another thing that draws people to this spot is its wonderful and unique decoration. If you are around San Ramon, you need to check this out.

The menu offers various pizzas, all of which are excellently prepared with fresh ingredients. Served in larger portions, you will need to share the pizza with a friend. Otherwise, you will not be able to finish your entrée. You might as well take it home to enjoy it the following day.

The menu also offers various alcoholic drinks such as local beer, sangria, and other handcrafted beers. The menu has international beers; you can order your favorite one, whether it is from the UK.

The restaurant offers great services; the servers are friendly and attentive to your orders. You will not even need to call them; they keep checking with the clients to ensure everything is in order.

Aroma Cafe

This restaurant is located near the main Park and the church of San Random; it offers tasty meals. Served by kind and helpful staff, the food is a delight to the customers.

Many clients used to pass this stop as they judged by the looks. When they finally entered it, they were greeted by a beautiful terrace behind it. The food and indoor dining experience definitely make the spot worth your visit.

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