5 Best Restaurants in Sarchi for Travelers from USA

If you happen to be in Sarchi looking for the right place to enjoy your favorite dish, look no further. You should check out the following restaurants:


Bar El Mango

If you are looking for a restaurant that offers excellent services, this is it. At this spot, you can speak English with the servers. So, no service will go wrong because of a language barrier.

The menu offers chicken, rice, shrimps, avocados, beverages, and much more. All of these foods are served in generous portions.

To whet your appetite, you can order avocados (if this is up to liking). Then, you can ask for the country’s typical food, the casado, which is made up of rice, chicken, beans and other foods. As its name implies, it is many foods in one place. You can eat all of your favorite food in one place.

Nar El Mango offers excellent services; the staff is friendly. So, when the clients arrive, the servers greet them and lead them to their seats, where their hunger is taken care of. Because of these experiences, travelers cannot wait to visit the spot again.

Los Ranchos Centro Turistico

The restaurant offers delicious foods. The menu is huge, it offers lots of variety for everybody. You can get various specialty drinks. You can enjoy a nice lunch with your friends and family. Children will love this spot; there is a playground for them. The restaurant also has rooms for travelers, so you can stay there. If you are wondering about the prices, the food is affordable.

Mariscos Donald’s

Located near the soccer field in Sarchi North, Mariscos Donald’s food is cooked and served very well; all of the visitors are happy with both services and delicious dishes.

The menu offers ceviche, citrus juice, fresh white fish, red bell pepper, casados, papaya, pina colada, shrimps, fries, and much more. As you order your favorite food, you will be served in large portions.
This is the place for fish, casados. If you love the seafood, this is the place for you.

Soda la Puerta Del Sol

Located near the road, this restaurant offers delicious authentic, Costa Rican food in a quiet, comfortable setting. You can visit the spot for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, all of which are offered at affordable prices.

The menu is extensive. It comprises casados, beverages such as fresh fruits as well as cold beer.

You can sit outside with your friends as you enjoy your meals.  The service is excellent. As you order your meals, you get in no time.

Don Felipe De Grecia S.A.

Don Filipe is a highly recommended restaurant. It is well known for its great meats. You can enjoy your meal with your family as in celebrating an anniversary; you will be surprised by the views of the place while sipping your favorite juice.

Many travelers love Don Felipe. The spot is hidden. So, when you find it, you feel accomplished. Its coffees and drinks are mouthwatering.

In addition to that, the food is served in large portions. So, your family will eat until they can no longer in any food; they will have to take it home for breakfast. You might think because of its large portions, the food is expensive. But every dish is unbelievably affordable.

The staff is both friendly and helpful; you can communicate in English with the server. So, you can eat what you like thanks to this communication in English; there is no language barrier.
Apart from the Costa Rican dishes, the spot offers the best coffee for both travelers and locals.

Given the size of the restaurant, it can hold many people. It is also comfortable. So, you can have a good time with your group.

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