El Novillo del Arenal

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Located near the Tabacon Hot Spring hotel, El Novillo del Arenal provides locals and travelers with excellent foods at unbeatable prices. If you were to compare it with other restaurants in the area, you would label it cheaper than them. Yet, it offers the best dishes in the area. So why suffer when you could savor flavorful foods without breaking your pocket? With that being said, the next time you are around La Fortuna de San Carlos, look no further; the restaurant is right there for you. Given its large space, the restaurant can hold a lot of people. So, you can go with as many of your relatives as possible. You need to make a reservation, though.


Foods at El Novillo del Arenal

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The menu offers wonderful dishes such as ceviche, tenderloin, beef, steaks, hamburgers, chicken, beer, arroz con pollo, bread, wines, and much more.  The food is skillfully cooked with unique flavors. So, the clients are glad to dine there.

After whetting your appetite, you can order the steaks, which are accompanied with Arroz con pollo. They have great exquisite tastes.

If you still need more food, you can grab the casado. This dish, made up of so many other dishes, will definitely satisfy your hunger.


Services at El Novillo del Arenal

The owners take care of the clients in a way that they feel at home. As soon as the visitors arrive, the staff welcomes them with warm greetings; it feels as if they had been waiting for them. Then, the menu is quickly provided, so that they can choose their favorite food. If the customers need help choosing their entrées, the staff is there to help them; they explain the preparation method of each dish and offer great recommendations, one of which is the flavorful steak.



El Novillo del Arenal is a well-decorated,  clean and open-air restaurant in the mountains. It has a peaceful atmosphere. After enjoying your meals, you can watch the breathtaking Arsenal Volcano.



Phone number: 00 506 2479 1910

On the road to Tabacon, 10 KM outside of Fortuna, Arenal Volcano National Park, La Fortuna de San Carlos, Costa Rica

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