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Organico Fortuna, as its name implies, excels in healthy, quality organic foods offered at affordable prices. It’s a perfect restaurant for both vegetarians and meat eaters. Given its location in La Fortuna de San Carlos near the La Fortuna waterfall and the Arenal Volcano National Park, it attracts many travelers in addition to its locals.


Foods at Organico Fortuna

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The restaurant has a rich menu, offering Energy bowl, rice, a cinnamon roll, beans, mahi-mahi tacos, veggie pasta, vegan sandwich, falafel, salad dressed with tasty fruits, ice-cream, plantains, and much more. Though the names of the foods seem to be common, their flavors are undeniably out of this world.

You can order veggies with Quinoa. They are perfectly cooked with coconut oil, making them even more delicious. You also need to order the mahi-mahi tacos. Probably, they are the yummiest fish you can ever have at the restaurant.

The ice-cream is perfectly topped with raisins and nuts, the flavorful dessert; the falafel sandwich can best be enjoyed with a drink of your choice. With the restaurant’s many beverages, you can ask for the smoothies added to your entrée. It is so energetic. You can also order yummy, organic coffee, which is prepared with almond milk.


Services at Organico Fortuna

The staff is so knowledgeable about the organic foods. They cook and serve their dishes with excellence and passion; they provide the clients with anything they desire. What’s more, the staff also has a shop offering teas, snacks as well as clothing. So, the visitors can buy some of the items and take them home.




The restaurant looks pretty with a peaceful atmosphere, allowing the clients to immerse in conversations with their lovely partners and friends after enjoying their meals.



Open from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM

Phone number: 5065065722115

21007 la Fortuna Alajuela 466 | Next to Banco San Jose, Arenal Volcano National Park, La Fortuna de San Carlos 21007, Costa Rica

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