All inclusive vacations in Costa Rica a lifetime Memory treasure

Want to enjoy your honeymoon, getaway with your friends or just to be in a place which you can say that you have seen most bio diverse place in the world, Surfed in two seas in the same day, been in well protected indigenous life, seen some animals only one country has in the world, explore active volcanoes, have a bath in hot springs, snorkeling and whale watching, tasted some authentic cuisine and drinks, Just relax or party in lots of beautiful beaches then yes all inclusive vacations in Costa Rica is the tour package and  Costa Rica is the country for you.


Life has changed a lot now-a-days. With a click or tap on the screen you can now easily arrange your stay in all inclusive vacations in Costa Rica. For peoples who really thinks that they need to have a getaway but planning and arranging a tour is really hectic (most of the times they really are) then Costa Rica all inclusive vacation packages are really great option for them. With a tap on your cell phone you can choose, relax and enjoy.


From the first hand experience it can be said that these all inclusive vacations in Costa Rica package might feel like pricey but truth to be told it’s way cheaper.  As a couple you can easily have the Costa Rica all inclusive vacations just around $1000-$2000 for each for 6 nights/ 7 nights stay (nobody is forcing you to spend more or less).

What are mostly included

These all inclusive vacations in Costa Rica packages include airport pickups (one of the tour operator’s representatives is there to pick you up at the airport. And they have a good control and understanding over English and Spanish), you will have a car waiting for you outside which will bring you to your tour package hotel. The foods and the beverages are inclusive with the tour package (they really serve great quality foods and premium beverages) And a privet drop to the airport.

Activities and nightlife

Check in the hotel if you are in the mood to visit the surroundings you can start then otherwise it is better to give your body some rest to cope with the jet lag. Enjoy the sun in the afternoon. Go out in the evening. Costa Rica has a very vibrant night-life if you enjoy discos. You can enjoy it in all inclusive vacations in Costa Rica But caution is always necessary.


If you have landed in San Jose, then you can plan a day tour at the Manuel Antonio National Park which has one of the most beautiful beaches. During the road trip you will get a real breathtaking Pacific coastline view. With the guided hike (there are quite many trails to hike for) you can see some wild lives including butterflies, monkeys, sloths and lots of birds. Please remember this park is a protected rain forest. And there is a high chance of encountering with some marine species as well.


Volcano and Cloud forest

The next day of your all inclusive vacations in Costa Rica you can go for the really active Arenal Volcano which had a major eruption couple of years back, Arenal Lake, La Fortuna Waterfall, dormant Chato volcano and hot springs tour. On the way or returning from the tour you can buy some oxcart as a souvenir from Sarchí. You need to take a guided natural hike at the volcano because of the steep slopes (remember you are in an active volcano area) though the trails are watched over very closely. You can enjoy the hot springs with different temperatures and it’s all natural. Lake Arenal hydroelectric project now produce around 17% of the total electric production of the country.


You can also pick the Monteverde Cloud Forest as your destination for a day. You can enjoy the zip line courses, Tarzan swing, the hanging bridge or walk in the jungle trails enjoying the Mother Nature very closely with her different species from the above or by foot.



If you are a volcano lover then you can visit the Poas volcano national park, Irazú Volcano (the highest place and if the sky is clear you can see both the Pacific and Caribbean sea from there) Tenorio Volcano National Park, Chato Volcano and Rincón de la Vieja Volcano National Park as well. They are in very convenient locations and there are tourists always place, so pre-booking is a better idea.


Sea turtles, Snorkeling, Surfing

Now you really don’t want to miss the nesting ground of green sea turtle on your all inclusive vacations in Costa Rica right? On the northern Caribbean coast Parque Nacional Tortuguero (Tortuguero National Park) is the place you must visit. You can tour in the fresh water rivers, creeks and lagoons and feed the turtles (don’t try to feed the caimans) see the monkeys and hundreds types of birds and other protected wild lives. You can also do whale watching, delphinine, snorkeling here.



Came to Costa Rica and didn’t snorkel? You really missed a great thing on your all inclusive vacations in Costa Rica. On the southern Caribbean coast Cahuita National Park is a place you will love to be for underwater dive. Another protected sanctuary where ghost crab, fishes, corals and sea lives are there in the 4 km reef you can see the sloths and different types of monkeys, birds, plants and reptiles in the protected forest.



Surfing can be the only reason to be in Costa Rica. Playa Guiones where you can surf nearly all the time of the year surf. It’s a place for both beginners and experts to surf. Jaco, Tamarindo (the most popular destination for the surfers) and dozens more surfing place in a single country makes it surfers’ heaven. You can enjoy them on your all inclusive vacations in Costa Rica.


Other interests

Nobody misses to visit Coco beach, one of the oldest beach and fastest growing community. Marine life lovers like to visit the Isla del Caño as well. Peoples like to visit Mount Chirripó national park. This is the highest mountain in Costa Rica. Santa Rosa National Park which is the first national park of Costa Rica is a historical place where the battle of Santa Rosa held.dry forest is a great attraction of this place. Tourists visit the Barra Honda National Park mostly for the calcareous formations of the limestones caverns.



There are so many places to be and so many things to do in Costa Rica. If you are in there it’s a must that you will be there again in your life for sure. You know the fountain of youth is waiting for you.

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