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5 Tips to Make Sure You Get the Best Costa Rica Travel Packages

If you are planning a trip to Costa Rica, then one of the greatest things that you are always worried about is getting the best Costa Rica travel packages. Travel packages to Costa Rica deals vary depending on the preference of the traveler and their finances. That means that if you need to have the best travel experience, you need to select the best Costa Rica travel package.  There are some items that you need to put in mind to make sure you get a travel package that will meet all your needs. Here is a list of items that you need to put in mind to make sure you get the best travel packages to Costa Rica.

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Begin by Pricing Different Travel Package Components Separately

Most of the Costa Rica travel packages are all-inclusive meaning that everything has been catered for in the travel package. While this can be seen as a way of making sure that you get cheap travel packages to Costa Rica, it is advisable to calculate components separately so that you get the best deal.

The travel package components can include;

  • The airfare
  • Activities you will carry out,
  • Accommodation, meals
  • Transport

You will even realize that you will save money if you book your own accommodation and prepare your own meals rather than using the ones that are in the travel package. Continue reading “5 Tips to Make Sure You Get the Best Costa Rica Travel Packages”

New Year’s Eve Montezuma, Costa Rica

If you are traveling around Montezuma and seeking a place for enjoying a great New Year’s Eve party, you will find Ylang Ylang Beach Resort absolutely perfect. It is a great place to enjoy candlelight dinner buffet with vegan and gluten free options. You can also enjoy dancing with live band show. This event also include stunning fireworks and beach bonfires. From this amazing resort within walking distance you can reach the village and on a stretch of beautiful beach. At this place you will enjoy first class services. It offers amazing views of the surrounding area. Continue reading “New Year’s Eve Montezuma, Costa Rica”

Top 5 Restaurants to eat in San Jose, Costa Rica on New Year’s Eve

New Year 2019 is right around the corner and it is most joyous festival celebrated all around the world. In this holiday season each country celebrates the day in different ways but the reason of celebration is same. With particular tradition and culture adds new look to the new year festive. If you are planning for a vacation in Costa Rica, you might want to have some knowledge about the places to enjoy their traditional foods as well as many other dishes with different fusions. In this article you will find some top places of San Jose, Costa Rica and choose your most preferred place to celebrate the new year eve with your family and friends.
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Top 5 Restaurants to Eat in Costa Rica on Christmas Day

Christmas Eve or Day is full of celebration and its high time to choose the perfect location. It is the high season and you will mostly find crowd everywhere all day and it is better to make a reservation earlier. There are a lot of restaurants serving traditional menus. You will also find some of those also offer International dishes. Here goes top 5 restaurants in Costa Rica that you might can choose for enjoying Christmas eve or day: Continue reading “Top 5 Restaurants to Eat in Costa Rica on Christmas Day”

5 Best Restaurants in Nosara for Travelers from USA

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Nosara is one of the best places for travelers; it is here where you can enjoy great dishes at unbeatable prices. If you are around Nosara, you need to check out the following restaurants and pick one for yourself:


Al Chile                                 

This restaurant offers delicious foods and drinks. Given its location, clients surf and visit this spot just to be greeted by a cold beer.

The menu offers fish tacos, burritos, beef, chicken, and much more.

Aside from the delicious foods, the staff is another reason why the restaurant receives many visitors. The servers are friendly. They serve the clients with a smile. Not only are they friendly, they are also good. When the customers forget their valuables, the servers are good enough to keep such valuables for the clients.

The restaurant is well decorated. It is one of the spots you need to visit while in Nosara.

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5 Best Restaurants in Sarchi for Travelers from USA

If you happen to be in Sarchi looking for the right place to enjoy your favorite dish, look no further. You should check out the following restaurants:


Bar El Mango

If you are looking for a restaurant that offers excellent services, this is it. At this spot, you can speak English with the servers. So, no service will go wrong because of a language barrier.

The menu offers chicken, rice, shrimps, avocados, beverages, and much more. All of these foods are served in generous portions.

To whet your appetite, you can order avocados (if this is up to liking). Then, you can ask for the country’s typical food, the casado, which is made up of rice, chicken, beans and other foods. As its name implies, it is many foods in one place. You can eat all of your favorite food in one place.

Nar El Mango offers excellent services; the staff is friendly. So, when the clients arrive, the servers greet them and lead them to their seats, where their hunger is taken care of. Because of these experiences, travelers cannot wait to visit the spot again.

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5 Best Restaurants in La Virgen for Travelers from USA

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La Virgen is one of the best places for international travelers; it offers great restaurants that you cannot afford to miss out on. If you are in this area looking for the best restaurants, consider the following:

Restaurante Mar y Tierra

Blessed with attentive and pleasant staff, the restaurant offers great hospitality to both locals and travelers. This clean, quiet restaurant offers fresh, delicious foods, all of which are presented very well. You can enjoy your favorite dish. Given its delicacy, the visitors do not complain about the price of the foods. Since it is located near the main road, it is very easy to find this restaurant.

The menu offers Casado, steak, fish, papaya juice, guanabana juice, and much more. Aside from the dishes and juices, you can, of course, order a cold beer.

If it is your liking, you can start to whet your appetite with papaya juice, which is very tasty. Then, you can order your steak. While you can order any food you like, do not forget to ask for Casado; it is well cooked and served in large portions to satisfy your hunger. If you are no longer hungry or you cannot finish this dish, you can share it with a friend. Both of you will love it.

Just as you started with fresh juice, you can finish off with another. This time you can order the guanabana juice. Though it is thick, the texture is amazing.

After your lunch or dinner, you can hang out with friends and visit Nature Pavillon.


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5 Best Restaurants in Brasilito for Travelers from USA

If you are in Brasilito coming from the US, you will be interested in the following restaurants; they are the best restaurants you can ever visit in this area. Take a look at what one of them has to offer:


The Spot Brasilito

This restaurant is one of those you can visit after snorkeling to chill out watch its beachy, amazing views. As you enter the spot, the waiter quickly meets your need. So, there is no need to wait long hours to receive your meal. The food is excellent; it is served in large portions, so you can share with a friend. Given the quality foods, the price is affordable. Other than food, you enjoy your favorite drinks..

The menu offers drinks, veggies, Casados, burgers, and much more. All the dishes are served fresh and tasty.

The servers are very friendly. After enjoying your dinner, you can hang out with them and have fun.


Soda Brasilito

Located near the park in the town, this spot offers affordable breakfast, lunch, and dinners to both locals and travelers. To have more fun, you should better visit the restaurant with your kids. They love this restaurant.

The menu comprises SOPA Negra, veggies, rice, red snapper, chicken shrimp, veggie Casados, ceviche, and much more. Every dish is cooked very well. If you love seafood, you can plenty of it, all of it is freshly caught. When you finish your entrée, you can enjoy the best desserts in the restaurant.

The restaurant is attractive with a warm atmosphere. So, it receives a lot of clients. But the service is always fast.


El Forno

If you are looking for a restaurant where you can enjoy pizzas, El Forno can meet your needs. This restaurant is well known for great pizzas and seafood. And the pricing is affordable as well. Whether you want to sit in and enjoy your meal or you would love to buy your meal and take away, you can do as you see best; the spot offers both of the services.

The servers are very good. They help customers choose their food.

The menu offers pasta, pizzas, tapas, drinks, wine, and much more.

This hidden gem offers the best services. Though are new owners, they keep up with their standards.

Cafe del Manglar

The spot offers great steak for dinners, which in generous portions cooked. This spot is suitable for those who are in search of an enjoyable, affordable and peaceful setting in order to spend time with friends together with my family.

To many travelers, this restaurant offers the best Brazilian cuisine in Costa Rica. Excellently, prepared on charcoal, the food is very tasty. This includes the meat and every kind of food. Could you need some help, you can rely on the servers; they are very kind.

Located near the beach, you get to eat your meal while catching a breeze.


Lucy’s Retired Surfers Bar & Restaurant

This restaurant offers the best yet traditional Costa Rican foods. For example, you can enjoy Casados, which is a typical food in the country. All these foods are well cooked and served very well.

The servers are very good and helpful. You can rely on them to provide you with anything you desire; they can explain to you their menu. They are accommodating.

The menu offers fish, pumpkin, rice, margaritas, shrimp tacos, vegetables, and much more. All of the dishes were excellently cooked.

For your entrée, you can order the fish or veggies. Yet, do not miss out on margaritas, the best drink in the restaurant.

Located on the beach, you can visit the restaurant for meals and the amazing, relaxed temperature.

5 Best Restaurants in Atenas for Travelers from USA

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Costa Rica offers a lot of wonders to the world’s tourists or travelers. Today, we are looking at Atenas. If you are traveling or find yourself around this place, you will need to check out the following five best restaurants in this area:


La Fiesta de las pupusas

This restaurant offers delicious dishes at affordable prices. The servers are kind and helpful; you can rely on them to provide you delicious dishes out of this spot. Given the size of the restaurant and its great services, you can go there with your family; there is room for a group of people.

The menu offers various pawn pupusas, Casados, nachos, chicken, cheese, plantains, and much more. Even though the place is famous for the pupusas, all of these foods are excellently made delicious,

As you order the king prawn pupusas, you will receive the plate loaded up with vegetables. So, you will be stuffed in such a way that you will not need to eat your night’s meal.

This is one of those places that you should not miss out on if you are in the area.


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5 Best Restaurants in Tamarindo for Travelers from USA

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If you have been wondering where you can find the best restaurants for travelers from the USA, then we have got you covered. Take a look at the following restaurants, and choose the right one for yourself:


Santa Rita Cafe

This restaurant offers a great variety of foods; it offers veggies, meat, and organic foods. This place offers great services marked by the staff’s friendliness.

Given the foods it offers—coffee and others—the place is great for breakfast. It is just a perfect spot to start your day. Not only do you get delicious foods, you also get fresh dishes at an affordable price. This makes this place a must for many travelers.

The menu comprises coffee, bread, veggies, various kinds of smoothies, and much more.

The restaurant looks attractive; it is one of the best restaurants offering great fun for kids. So, if you have kids, you need to take them with you. They will love the playground while you are seated and treated by some of the best staffs in the area.


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