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Situated in the center of Cahuita, Barakka Bistro is a completely different restaurant, offering European dishes. The food is so delicious that you might even skip some other restaurants to just come to this one. You will love so many things of the restaurant; with the surprises awaiting you, you will have done great by taking your partner, friends and family with you.


Foods at Barakka Bistro

The menu is small but filled with delicious dishes. The food comprises of pizza, pasta, soup, ricotta cannelloni, fresh fish and bruschetta, which is suited for veggies. You can also order beef tartar.

The foods offered are so excellent that you might order more and more regardless of how large the portions—you may never have enough of it.
There are great appetizers as well as delicious desserts.

There are great beverages: you can order beer as well as European wines; you can enjoy natural juices, wonderfully squeezed right at the restaurant.


Services at Barakka Bistro


The servers and the owners care much about the client’s satisfaction in such a way that they offer to help you choose the right food, which is free from gluten; they explain their dishes to new clients. And those who are allergic to some foods can have something suitable for them—from seafood to bountiful veggies. The owner and his partner are dedicated to their work to ensure you are entirely satisfied with their services.
Like the owners, you will love their friendly dog.


Barakka Bistro has excellent atmosphere: it is beautiful and cozy inside; you will love staying outside especially in the afternoon. Yet, you are encouraged to dine inside when the sun sets—you will love the beautiful lights; you can either listen to music or watch music videos on the wall.



Open from 12:00 PM to 9:30 PM
Phone number: 00 506 2755 0145
Calle principal, Cahuita, Costa Rica

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