Beach Dog Cafe

Though it is often overlooked from the street, Beach Dog Cafe is beautifully decorated on the inside. So, visitors are careful enough not to be fooled by the street view. The restaurant is situated beside Nosara beach. So, it boasts an amazing ocean view that visitors fall in love with. It is suitable for family lunch, dinner and romance. So, you’d better take your family and partner with you.


Foods at Beach Dog Cafe

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The restaurant has various kinds of delicious dishes to suit every taste. The menu comprises of healthy, delicious foods locally sourced, such as huevo rancheros, Pad Thai, pineapple fish, strawberry, rice, chicken salad, chicken tacos, almonds, margaritas and more—the food is unbeatable and unique to this spot.

In addition to the outstanding food, clients are offered lots of fruit, smoothies, cocktails, and mango jalapeño mojito.


Services at Beach Dog Cafe


The staff has amazing cuisine; they provide their clients with healthy food. So, you’ll be glad to eat with them. Plus, they are very friendly towards customers. They are always around, taking orders and delivering food in no time. And, the owner, a local, is very helpful. He always comes to ensure that the customers are happy with their order. In case they are not satisfied, the owner together with his staff quickly arranges for another entrée suitable for their palate. With music playing, the staff even dances around the tables, entertaining their clients.




The restaurant has a great atmosphere with an all-night live music performance of a very talented band. If the band gets to know that some visitors are celebrating a birthday, they play for them, too. So, though you are free to hang out with friends, you will choose to stay inside, as you take great delight in the show; you will definitely feel at home.

Eat while being entertained with Open Mic Night at reasonable prices!




Open from 8:00 AM through 10:00 PM

Phone number: 00 506 2682 1293

PlayaGuones, Nosara, Costa Rica

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