Costa Rica – food heaven for all

Costa Rica Food

Costa Rica is famous for natural beauty. But what about Food? Mouthwatering! Use of fresh ingredients like vegetables and fruits makes Costa Rican food so delicious. Rice and black beans are two most commonly used ingredients. When you are in Costa Rica Food is what you will enjoy most other than nature. Let’s discover 3 best foods in Costa Rica.

Gallo Pinto

Gallo pinto , a iconic dish of Nicaragua and Costa Rica, prepared with rice and red or black beans. Gallo Pinto is usually served in breakfast with egg, either fried or scrambled. Sometimes it is topped with Salsa Lizano as well.


Prepared with rice, plantains, black beans, salad, a tortilla and meat/fish, Casado is a popular food in Costa Rica. You can find Casado anywhere in Costa Rica. This typical Costa Rican dish offers a variety of tastes piled up on one over.


Tamales, a Christmas dish in Costa Rica, is found all over Costa Rica. This authentic, and delicious dish is a must have food for every good Tico in Christmas.

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