Cafe Cahuita

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Based in Cahuita, Cafe Cahuita offers Costa Rican and foreign dishes. So, could you be in Cahuita, this restaurant, situated along the main street, would be a great spot for both your breakfast and lunch.


Foods at Cafe Cahuita

The food comprises of crepes, banana chocolate, breakfast, tuna wrap, wheat sandwich, veggie wrap, etc. Given their excellence in breakfast options, breakfast combo is so delicious that you won’t have enough of it; you might as well visit the restaurant again. If you like, you can order another breakfast such as Gallo pinto. You can have an excellent lunch, too.
The restaurant also has excellent home-made cakes and ice-cream—you will have an indelible experience out of the tasty ice-cream! Plus, you won’t want to miss out the great eggs.
As for veggies, you won’t have a lot of options. Most of the time, you can have only fruits. Though you can order vegetarian sandwich blended with salad, it will not have great ingredients. The lettuce may look tired with some unhealthy tomatoes. So, the staff really needs to improve their options for veggies. Then, you are encouraged to order for bread, which is always tasty.
If you are not satisfied due to the small portions, you can order for food or come back later.
There are great beverages: you can have natural juices such as smoothies, which are so delicious; you can order ginger, a fresh drink. Coffee is also available. It is very delicious. Aside from juice, you could order fresh fruit.
The chef’s speaking skills will surprise you. He even speaks German. So, if you are a German, you will feel at home with him. He is also helpful and kind.
Price is affordable.

Services at Cafe Cahuita

The staff offers great services for their clients. They respond quickly to orders and answer every question about their dishes. They even recommend the best dishes to those who are new to their restaurant. They do all they can in order to satisfy their clients. They seek to ensure you will visit them again.



Cahuita Main Road, Cahuita, Costa Rica

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