Cafe David

Café David

” We have never had a bad meal or bad service whenever we visit “…..Guest

If you are in La Garita and looking for a good restaurant to have breakfast, lunch, or dinner, then we bring you another great option, Café David.

It’s one of the best restaurants and cafés in this area, you won’t be disappointed. Their prices are very average in comparison with other places in the same area, so it’s definitely a plus since you are served top notch food.


The menu shows a great variety of food that makes everyone have more than one favorite to choose from.

They are well known for their buffet. But also they offer some of the best desserts you will ever try.

They also have great coffee that you can try in your coffee break or a quick visit when you are out and about.

The place is so great if you are looking forward to breakfast, lunch or even dinner. They start the day at 8:00 AM and get closed by 5:00 PM.


This restaurant is located in La Garita de Alajuela, a sleepy and beautiful community in Alajuela province. This is more or less the cafeteria for Zoo Ave, a local shelter for birds and big cats. The restaurant is surrounded by lush gardens and animals roam free, like the local peacock and huge iguanas.

Generally, it’s so comfortable and relaxing so you can go chill out there alone or with your family and children or with your friends as well. You will absolutely enjoy the amazing atmosphere.

And of course, we must shout out to the outstanding service there. The staff is so helpful and attentive so you can ask for anything you want and they would be more than glad to help you out.

They are so caring and welcoming in a way that makes you feel it’s a second home and they are family members or even close friends.

Location and Contact Information

Address: La Garita en las mismas instalaciones del, La Garita.

Location: Costa Rica, Province of Alajuela, La Garita.

Phone number: 506 2433 7440

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