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5 Best Restaurants in Sarchi for Travelers from USA

If you happen to be in Sarchi looking for the right place to enjoy your favorite dish, look no further. You should check out the following restaurants:


Bar El Mango

If you are looking for a restaurant that offers excellent services, this is it. At this spot, you can speak English with the servers. So, no service will go wrong because of a language barrier.

The menu offers chicken, rice, shrimps, avocados, beverages, and much more. All of these foods are served in generous portions.

To whet your appetite, you can order avocados (if this is up to liking). Then, you can ask for the country’s typical food, the casado, which is made up of rice, chicken, beans and other foods. As its name implies, it is many foods in one place. You can eat all of your favorite food in one place.

Nar El Mango offers excellent services; the staff is friendly. So, when the clients arrive, the servers greet them and lead them to their seats, where their hunger is taken care of. Because of these experiences, travelers cannot wait to visit the spot again.

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5 Best Restaurants in Atenas for Travelers from USA

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Costa Rica offers a lot of wonders to the world’s tourists or travelers. Today, we are looking at Atenas. If you are traveling or find yourself around this place, you will need to check out the following five best restaurants in this area:


La Fiesta de las pupusas

This restaurant offers delicious dishes at affordable prices. The servers are kind and helpful; you can rely on them to provide you delicious dishes out of this spot. Given the size of the restaurant and its great services, you can go there with your family; there is room for a group of people.

The menu offers various pawn pupusas, Casados, nachos, chicken, cheese, plantains, and much more. Even though the place is famous for the pupusas, all of these foods are excellently made delicious,

As you order the king prawn pupusas, you will receive the plate loaded up with vegetables. So, you will be stuffed in such a way that you will not need to eat your night’s meal.

This is one of those places that you should not miss out on if you are in the area.


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5 Best Restaurants in Arenal Volcano National Park for Travelers from USA

As you are traveling to Costa Rica, you need to find the best restaurants in Arenal Volcano National Park. so, today I bring you these great restaurants located near Arenal Volcano National Park:


Restaurante El Colosco

Based near the Arenal Volcano National Park, El Colosco is the right place to enjoy your meals for travelers who pass going to the place by the spot. Either when going to or coming from the Volcano, the travelers cannot help but stop to have their meals. The menu comprises salad, beans, veggies, rice and much more. All the dishes deliver a mouth-watering experience.


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5 Best Restaurants in San Random for Travelers from US

If you are considering traveling to Costa Rica or are already in the country looking for the best and most suitable restaurants for you, then the following 5 restaurants will make your day. All of the restaurants below have something in common: they all offer delicious foods at affordable prices. So, you are not going to break your pocket.


La Choza De Dona Emilce

Situated near the airport, this restaurant receives many travelers as they leave the airport on their way to Arsenal—as the restaurant is near Arsenal Volcano, it receives many international visitors. Most of these travelers are from UK; all of them are treated very well.

The menu offers Casado, rice, quesadillas beans, salads, chicken, potatoes, pork, seafood, and much more. All of these foods are cooked and served very well. The menu offers various beverages. As a result, every client is satisfied.

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Finca AgroDolce

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Based in Alajuela, Finca AgroDolce offers excellent foods and services to both locals and travelers. If you are searching for a beautiful restaurant offering its clients a treat, look no further than this restaurant. In addition to the local foods, you can have the Italian cuisine, which is good news for the international travelers.


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Located near the Plaza Pinos soccer field in Grecia, Hernan excels in American pizzas. Though Costa Rica is known for its shortage of excellent pizzas, this restaurant offers the best. So, the travelers and the locals who have dined at this restaurant have fallen in love with this place in such a way that they keeping returning for more, whenever they have time. With that said, if you are looking for delicious yet affordable pizzas, this place has you covered. All you need to do is go and enjoy. If you have no time to stop by, the staff can get your order delivered in a timely manner.


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La Casita del cafe

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La Casita del cafe is a great restaurant located away from the town, Atenas. So, to get to the spot, you need to drive yet the foods are worth your efforts. The restaurant blends delicious Costa Rican foods with its amazing view, all of which are a great delight for the clients. Next time you feel hungry in this area, you need to pay a visit to this spot. You’d take your friends with you for an indelible experience.


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Restaurante la Finca

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Restaurante la Finca is a hidden restaurant based in Sarchi, Costa Rica. Though it is located in a dirty road away from the town, the clients, travelers and locals, who find this spot are very happy with the foods and services, and highly recommend it to other people; it excels in Costa Rican seafood as well as other kinds of food. The restaurant is also suitable for celebrating anniversaries. If you are in search of this kind of food, this must be the place for you.


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La Forchetta

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La Forchetta is an excellent restaurant specializing in authentic Italian dishes. Situated in Alajuela, with this place you don’t need to travel to Italy for the foods; it is the number-one restaurant for pizzas and other Italian foods in the area. The restaurant is frequented by both locals and travelers; all of them are satisfied with the foods and services; they have no qualms about recommending it to other people. Given its popularity and small size, you need to make a reservation or go early.


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Restaurante Rana Roja

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Restaurante Rana Roja is one of the best and safest restaurants in La Fortuna de San Carlos. No matter how many restaurants you have visited before; as you step in this one, you will realize that you have come to stay. That is, it is destined to become your favorite spot. The foods are typically Costa Rican yet suitable for the travelers as well. They are sold at more affordable prices than you can imagine. As you are around this area, pay it a visit and keep the memorable time.


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