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Tilapia Angel

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Tilapia Angel is a good restaurant, situated in Bijagua de Upala, offering amazing dishes to locals and travelers. It is suitable for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. If you are around Alajuela, you need to try this place. All you need to do is taking your family and partner with you, for a great time awaits you there.


Foods at Tilapia Angel

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The restaurant offers tasty dishes, such as filapia fish, rice, salad, fried plantains, and more. The food is excellently prepared with great, fresh ingredients.

Since the food is served generously, you can make one order and share it with your partner. You just can’t finish your entrée as you eat it alone.

The tilapia fish looks fresh. It is served with white rice and salad. You can also get fried plantains, which are out of this world.

In addition to the amazing food, you can order yummy drinks; you can’t miss out on the cocktails. You can also grab some wines.


Services at Tilapia Angel

The staff provides the customers with wonderful services. They welcome all the visitors and guide them to the seats. The clients are privileged to watch the cook preparing their food. The gourmet is fast cooking the food, so clients can’t gripe about any delay. Then, the servers bring the dishes in no time. Could there be any visitor suffering from allergies, there is always something for them. The staff will switch plates to suit their needs.

The prices are reasonable.


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Las Tinajitas

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Las Tinajitas is a beautiful restaurant situated in Alajuela. It is frequented by both locals and adventurers touring the Tenorio National Park. The spot excels in various Costa Rican dishes; its meals range from breakfast to lunch, and dinner. As you go there, take your family and friends with you—the place is spacious enough to hold all of you.


Foods at Las Tinajitas

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The restaurant offers delicious dishes, such as chicken, pork chop, hamburger, beef tacos, rice, empanadas, nacho platter, fresh salad, French fries, plantains, and more.

All the foods are perfectly prepared with fresh ingredients. They are cooked to suit various tastes. So, you will not be disappointed.

For entrées, you can either order beef tacos or pork chop. You can also order tico plates. Nacho chips are very yummy. You should try them, too.

For dinner, you can ask for chicken breast, which comes with white rice; Casado plate is also a must-have.

There are amazing drinks, juices, and wines that are worth ordering with your entrée.


Services at Las Tinajitas

The staff is kind and friendly. They are always ready to attend to the needs of their customers. When the visitors arrive at the spot, the servers welcome them through handshakes and quickly take their orders. Then, they bring the food in no time. The owner is good. He is always walking around the tables, ensuring that the clients are fully satisfied with their orders.

For the foods and drinks, the prices are very affordable.


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La Casita del Maiz

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Situated on the west side of Bijagua, a few miles from the main town, La Casita del Maiz is a little family-owned restaurant excelling in foods wonderfully prepared with corn. That said, this spot offers unique dishes in the area.


Foods at La Casita del Maiz

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The menu is in Spanish. It offers unique, unbeatable dishes, such as Quesadillas chicken, Casado, rice, tilapia fillet, and more.

The restaurant also has yummy appetizers and desserts for order.

Though it may sound weird that all the foods are prepared with corn, all of them are very delicious. As you order your meal, you will be tempted to ask for more.

You can order the unbeatable Casado, which comes accompanied with tilapia fillet.

If you prefer chicken, you can order quesadillas chicken. This meal will also have your mouth watering as you remember the experience.

You’d also try pancake. It is out this world.

Then, you can ask for drinks to add to your taste.


Services at La Casita del Maiz

The staff is professional and patient with the clients. They are always open for orders; even when visitors turn up late, they attend to their needs without grumbling or rushing. The servers always look happy; they serve the clients with a smile. This is what makes the customers feel at home and return the next time. The staff also helps new visitors who have no idea what to order. Thanks to their experience, they recommend the best foods for their palate. At times, visitors can watch the staff prepare their food. So, they can get to know the preparation method of their entrées.


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Pizzeria El Barrigon

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Pizzeria El Barrigon is a beautiful restaurant, situated near Rio Celeste in Alajuela. It is frequented by both locals and international visitors, who are bound for the Rio Celeste. It offers delicious breakfast, lunch, and dinner. As you are around the town, you’d go for any of these tasty meals.


Foods at Pizzeria El Barrigon

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The menu offers unbeatable dishes, such as pizza, Casado, chalupas, arroz con pollo and more.

The food is served in generous portions. So, you will be full just with one order.

You can’t miss out on the delicious Casado. It is wonderfully prepared by the restaurant’s connoisseur to suit your taste.

Pizza is the restaurant’s specialty—there are meaty and veggie pizzas. If you are a vegetarian, you can order veggie pizza; if you eat meat, then the meaty pizza is the best option for you.

Furthermore, you can order yummy juice—pineapple juice—with your entrée


Services at Pizzeria El Barrigon

The restaurant offers amazing services. The staff is kind, friendly and attentive. As the visitors get in the spot, they are welcomed and offered great samples of food prior to making any order. This helps them decide on the entrées for the day. Then, as they order their food, the servers bring it in a timely manner. What’s more, the restaurant has free Wi-Fi on which the clients can surf the Internet.

If you can’t speak Spanish, you don’t need to worry, for the servers do speak English, too.

The prices are reasonable. You can either pay with dollars or with colones.


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The Hummingbird Cafe

The Hummingbird Café

” My favorite meal in Costa Rica “…… Guest

There are many excellent restaurants and cafes in Costa Rica. Few of them have a good view. Nothing is better than good food and fabulous view.  The Hummingbird Café is one of the best places to have a good meal after hiking in Costa Rica.

You can have a fabulous walk through woods there. The atmosphere definitely will capture your mind. Besides the excellent food and service, it has more than excellent location.

Food at The Hummingbird Café

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