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La Ventanita


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Situated near the Volcano Arsenal, La Ventanita, an amazing little restaurant excelling in delicious Mexican dishes, touts the most breathtaking views in the area. Whether you are a local or a traveler touring Costa Rica, you’ll have your needs fully met. Take your partner with you as you visit this spot.


Foods at La Ventanita

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The restaurant offers excellent dishes, such as homemade salsa, white rice, chicken quesadillas, black beans, chicken sandwiches, burritos, Chifrijo, pork, patacones, chicharones, and more.

The food is perfectly prepared with fresh ingredients. It is served in large portions; you will order one more dish only if you are extremely hungry or you have not eaten anything the whole day.

There are lots of tasty appetizers and desserts you can order.

The restaurant offers the best burritos you will ever have in El Castillo.

You can order homemade salsa, which comes cold yet delicious.

What’s more, you can order delicious smoothies to accompany your meal.



Services at La Ventanita

The chef, together with his waiters, is very friendly. He welcomes visitors as they come in. Then, after taking their orders, which is done so quickly, he gets their food in a timely manner. At the end of their meals, he even recommends some amazing places to visit. Thanks to his friendliness, he lets his clients watch an amazing river, which is one yard away.

The prices are extremely affordable.


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Pizza John’s Jardin Escondido

Pizza John's Jardin Escondido

” Little slice of heaven “……. Guest

Each kind of food has its lovers. Italian food has the most popular dishes all over the world. Tell me who on earth doesn’t like pizza, merely No one. For pizza lovers, there are many options, but Pizza John’s Jardin Escondido is a choice you must consider.

Province of Alajuela has many restaurants, many of them are great. But, Pizza John’s Jardin Escondido has its taste and unique atmosphere.

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Restaurante Grano de Oro

Restaurante Grano de Oro” Beautiful setting, excellent service and great food “…… Guest

If you went to Costa Rica, you should try Costa Rican food, or it will be a significant loss. In San Jose, there are many restaurants. Grano de Oro is a great one you should try.  This restaurant will make your journey a great memory. Grano de Oro is one of the fancy restaurants in San Jose. The setting and the atmosphere there is simply wonderful no one can deny that.

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Restaurante Pescatore

Restaurante Pescatore

” Fresh, delicious and awesome service! you have to go “……. Guest

If you are a fan of Peruvian food or you have wanted to try it, it’s time now. This amazing restaurant won’t let you down. A Peruvian chef owns it, so you are getting 100% original food.

It may sound to be a little bit on the pricier side, but it won’t matter if you get top notch food, right?

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Taste of India506

Taste of India506

” One of the best Indian Ethnic Cuisine in America. Real Taste and very prompt service “… Guest

We are not always looking for traditional food options when we are visiting a country, right? You may need to try something different, so if you are a fan of Indian food or if you have been waiting to try it, Costa Rica didn’t forget to provide you with an Indian restaurant.

And if you are an Indian and craving some home country food vibes, here is the restaurant to go.

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Pizzeria La Finca

Pizzeria La Finca

” Still Dreaming of La Finca, Incredible! We had four pizzas and none disappointed”………. Guest

if you’re looking for an Italian restaurant that serves Pasta and Pizzas to die for, great atmosphere and so friendly staff.

Here I am bringing you the best option, Pizzeria La Finca, you can’t go wrong.

It’s everyone’s favorite place when it comes to crusty thin Pizza that’s made in a wood-fired stone oven in front of your eyes.

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Jalapenos Central

Jalapenos Central

” A home away from home …with better food! ” …… Guest

Didn’t you fall in love with Mexican food right away when you tried it? I guarantee you did.

But if you’re new to the game and you’re looking for a place to get you on the track then go visit Jalapenos Central.

It’s kind of everyone’s favorite when it comes to Mexican food in Alajuela. Even in Costa Rica.


They serve mainly Mexican and Latin food.

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Pesqueria da Limonta

Pesqueria da Limonta

” Expectations are dangerous but coming here isn’t! “…… Guest

If you’re craving some freshly prepared seafood and you’re looking for a bomb place so not to be disappointed in any way, then you’ve to choose Pesqueria da Limonta, you definitely can’t go wrong.


First of all, their recipes are unique as they created them all.

The staff guarantees you all special, fresh, and clean meals made in front of your eyes.

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La Esquina de Buenos Aires

If you want to feel a bit of Buenos Aires in Costa Rica, you should visit the ”La Esquina de Buenos Aires” located in the downtown in front of the hotel ”Colonial” in San Jose. It’s situated nearby the National theater, Gold museum, ”Jade” museum and National museum. The restaurant gives you a feeling that you will never forget.  Continue reading “La Esquina de Buenos Aires”

Naans & Curries Pinares

This traditional Indian restaurant is situated in the province of San Jose, Curridabat. Naans & Curries Pinares is located in a modern mall type building with other bars and restaurants, but it’s special because only there you can eat traditional Indian food while staying in Costa Rica. The owners took an inspiration from an age-old approach to dining. It was opened by an entrepreneur from India who felt in love with Costa Rica, but he and his family missed Indian food. It’s located in a very quiet environment nearby the Costa Rician language academy and Costa Rica university. Continue reading “Naans & Curries Pinares”