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Soda Viquez

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Soda Viquez is a highly recommended restaurant in La Fortuna. It offers amazing foods and soda to both locals and travelers. Since it easily gets filled with clients, you’d better go to the spot early.


Foods at Soda Viquez

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The menu offers tasty sodas and foods, such as casados, avocado, batidos, rice, salad, steaks, seabass, tortillas, burritos, and more. The food is perfectly cooked with fresh ingredients. Hence the unbeatable taste of every meal. Given that the menu has great flavorful dishes, you can order any appetizers you like, and get it in a few minutes.

For entrées, you can ask for casado, which is accompanied with rice, and share it with a friend.

You can’t miss out on the garlic seabass, the restaurant’s specialty. This dish is out of this world. It is accompanied with a great deal of foods, such as beans, veggies, salad, and potatoes.

As for beverages, you can order beer as well as smoothies; the yucca purée is also enjoyable.


Services at Soda Viquez

The staff is friendly towards every client. When the clients arrive at the spot, the servers greet them and get them free samples of food, such as rice pudding, which can help them decide on their dishes, could they have hard time choosing their meals. The samples are yummy. It feels like you’re eating your very entrée. As the clients choose their meals and beers, they receive them in no time, thanks to the fast service of the staff—the prices for foods and sodas are very reasonable.


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Chifa La Familia Feliz

Chifa La Familia Feliz

” Out of the ordinary food and service, Simply wonderful “……… Guest

If you are looking for a place with extraordinary, different types of meals, this restaurant is really what you need.

This  is one the highly recommended restaurants to visit during your stay in Costa Rica.

Anyone in Alajuela should visit that restaurant, It is an experience that you shouldn’t miss.


What makes this restaurant special is the meals they provide.

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La Parrilla de Maria Bonita

La Parrilla de Maria Bonita

 ” I didn’t think I was hungry, and I ended up eating too much! ” …… Guest 

if you’ve been here in La Fortuna de San Carlos for a couple weeks and got enough of the local Costa Rican food .

You wanna switch it up a little bit, then I recommend you La Parrilla de Maria Bonita.

This is a small restaurant just off the main highway and it honestly worth the extra 2-minute drive.


The place offers all local Costa Rican food but with a Lebanese twist.

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Tierra Mia

Tierra Mia

” Real typical Costa Rican food! perfect if you are a tourist “….. Guest

Of course, you would love to try the traditional Costa Rican and Central American food if you were visiting Costa Rica.

And if you are in Cartago especially, we have a great restaurant to start your journey with, Mi Tierra.

It is one of the best options down there when it comes to the local food restaurant choices.

They are a little bit on the pricier side, but they guarantee you freshness and deliciousness. You won’t be disappointed.

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