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Cafe David

Café David

” We have never had a bad meal or bad service whenever we visit “…..Guest

If you are in La Garita and looking for a good restaurant to have breakfast, lunch, or dinner, then we bring you another great option, Café David.

It’s one of the best restaurants and cafés in this area, you won’t be disappointed. Their prices are very average in comparison with other places in the same area, so it’s definitely a plus since you are served top notch food.

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Las Delicias de mi Tierra

Las Delicias de mi Tierra

” I always go back “…….. Guest

If you are in La Garita and looking for a restaurant that offers all original local Costa Rican food, then you better check this out.

They have really awesome Costa Rican food, you definitely will love it. And that is beside the great service and very low prices compared to other popular restaurants in the area.


They serve all traditional Costa Rican food. Their menu has a great variety that allows everyone to find a favorite for sure.

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Restaurante La Casona del Maiz

Restaurante La Casona del Maiz

” Fantastic food, excellent service “…….Guest

Another restaurant that serves all traditional Costa Rican food that will make you fall in love with it. They are so great at it and know how to make you satisfied enough with your experience there to go visit them more than once.

They are so good at presenting the food, all the dishes are normally presented on banana leaves. Isn’t this special?!

Their meals are not salty, usually, you run into places that serve very salty meals. Their drinks are also great since they are not loaded with sugar as well.

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La Casa del Vinedo

La Casa del Vinedo

” A hidden gem in Costa Rica, me and my wife had the best lunch since we came here. This restaurant is amazing “….. Guest

La Casa del Vinedo is one of the most amazing sites, you will ever visit in Costa Rica. As any newcomer wants to explore the place. Definitely, you will look for a restaurant that meets your needs.

There are many options you can have is La Casa del Vinedo. All people who tried their food describe it as extraordinary. They even called it the Hidden gem of Costa Rica. Some of them wanted to give it not 5 stars rating but 10 stars rating.

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La Fiesta del Maiz

La Fiesta del Maiz

” Great place to eat typical food, Delicious food to enjoy with your family “…… Guest

If you are looking for a restaurant that makes original Costa Rican food in La Garita, it’s one of the best places.

The restaurant offers all kinds of traditional food, Central American food, Spanish and Latin food as well.

It is also so affordable so you will have great food with average prices.

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Pizzeria La Finca

Pizzeria La Finca

” Still Dreaming of La Finca, Incredible! We had four pizzas and none disappointed”………. Guest

if you’re looking for an Italian restaurant that serves Pasta and Pizzas to die for, great atmosphere and so friendly staff.

Here I am bringing you the best option, Pizzeria La Finca, you can’t go wrong.

It’s everyone’s favorite place when it comes to crusty thin Pizza that’s made in a wood-fired stone oven in front of your eyes.

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