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Los Congos Bar

Los Congos Bar

” Over the top “……. Guest

If you are in Orotina and looking for some bomb place to have a great meal, but you are so bored with the regular layout of closed nonairy restaurants, here’s a different place for you.

It’s located in the middle of trees so you can enjoy the Costa Rican monkeys playing around when you have your meal. And if you have children or kids, it’d be so amazing.

Foods at Los Congos Bar

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Taco Taco Taqueria y mas

Taco Taco Taqueria y mas

” The food is awesome. An excellent service. My friends and I loved this place “……. Guest

If you are in Orotina and looking forward to eating some top-notch Tacos, here’s the right place to go. They are the Taco experts; you definitely can’t go wrong.

Foods in Taco Taco Taqueria y mas

They are mainly offering South American and Mexican foods, but they are well known for their Tacos.

Guests always recommend you try the Caprese Quesadilla, it is AMAZING! And also Tacos con chicharrones which is very good too.

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El Jardin

El Jardin

” Restaurant, Art, Shopping and the most beautiful bathrooms “…… Guest

If you are in Orotina, Costa Rica or somewhere near, it’s one of the greatest restaurants and gift shops you will visit.

The place is nicely organized in a way that makes it perfect for you to find a room to eat and also do some gift shopping. It’s a cafeteria according to the layout and the way they serve the food.

foods in El Jardin

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Marisqueria Cardumen

Marisqueria Cardumen

” Seafood was out of this world “….. Guest

If you are in Orona and looking forward to eating some top-notch seafood, here is a great restaurant to go. It’s a small restaurant located on the side of the main road to Jacó, so it’s not difficult to reach.

It’s not a fancy one, but you will be served the most delicious seafood, they always use fresh ingredients. Plus, it won’t hurt your wallet.

They are so caring about your impression and opinion so they always do their best to provide you with more than you expect.

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Restaurante Y souvenirs el jardin

Restaurante Y souvenirs el Jardin

” Souvenirs & Tico Food in One Pleasant Stop “…….. Guest

If you are a tourist visiting Orona for the first time, you have to go for coffee and souvenirs in Y souvenirs el Jardin. And if it is not your first time there, you must have visited them and bought tons of goodies for your family and friends, right? If NO, then what are you waiting for?

Foods in Y souvenirs el Jardin

They are mainly a local cuisine offering Costa Rican meals. And they are well known for their coffee; it’s the best in Costa Rica.

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Antigua Hacienda

Antigua Hacienda

” Great amazing and beautiful place with a great story of friendship “…… Guest

There are many great restaurants in Costa Rica, but Antigua Hacienda has his own special taste. This is one of the great restaurants in Orotina. This one holds a great friendship story beneath its walls.

You will find a picture of the owners. They are six women came together, went through any bad condition or obstacle, and managed to reach what they aimed.

This is a motivational place. If you want to find some positive energy to help you to go on your journey, go there.

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Restaurante Killer Monchis

Restaurante Killer Monchis

” Very nice food and not expensive “…… Guest

If you are looking for a good restaurant in Orotina, here is another one for you. And if you have been eying it, we are here to help you make a decision.

It’s not fancy, but it has all you look forward to in a restaurant. Food is very good, delicious and made with fresh ingredients. Service is always in time. The place itself is so clean and airy. And last but not least, their prices are so average and reasonable.

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La casa del sabor

La casa del sabor

” This is my new go-to spot for a first meal when landing in Costa Rica “……Guest

Another Costa Rican/South American restaurant, but this time in Orotina. They offer all kinds of traditional Costa Rican food plus some many other options as well.

It’s one hour from the airport so it’s so good if you need to eat something while driving to or from the airport.


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