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Kenko Sushi

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Kenko Sushi, a small and beautiful restaurant based in Quesada, excels in Japanese and international cuisine. Both the locals and the travelers find this spot a great delight—an unforgettable treat—always inviting them to come back for more. For the great time awaiting you, you’d take your friends and family with you.


Foods at Kenko Sushi

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The restaurant has two menus. These menus provide clients with unbeatable dishes, such as sushi, gyozas, rice, chicken and much more.

All the food is cooked and presented very well. As your food is brought to the table, it will have your mouth watering. Yes, the food is out of this world.

The helping of food is generous; you will get satiated with just one order.

The restaurant offers the best sushi in Costa Rica; it beats all the other restaurants in the area.

You can’t miss out on the tasty gyozas.

After enjoying your meals, you will be delighted with tasty desserts. What’s more, you can order delicious drinks, cocktails, smoothies, margaritas.



Services at Kenko Sushi

The restaurant offers amazing services. Every new client is astonished at the quality food and services; they are bound to return for more, as the restaurant has no equal—it has unique services. The staff is friendly and attentive to the clients. As the customers arrive and take seats, the servers kindly explain their cuisine, so that they know what to order. After making their orders based upon the recommendation and upon their palate, the staff brings the food in no time. Surprisingly, the staff is fluent in English. So, you won’t have a hard time talking with them.

The food and drinks are well priced; they are really affordable.


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Toscana is an attractive restaurant, based in Quesada. Every passerby gets attracted by this amazing spot—they can’t resist the beauty of the restaurant. The spot offers unbeatable dishes for all ages, kids and adults alike. Next time you feel hungry in Quesada, look no further; this is the right place to satisfy your hunger.


Foods at Toscana

The menu has tasty, healthy dishes, such as Gallo pinto, empanadas, fried plantains, and more.

All the foods are perfectly cooked by the restaurant’s connoisseur to satisfy every palate.

Clients get a large helping of food. It can be shared with a companion at the table.

For entrée, you can order gallo pinto. It is very delicious. You should eat a little food to save space for fried plantains. These foods are out of this world.

In addition to the tasty foods, you can order wonderful beverages of your desire, such as coffee, cold drinks, beer. As for fruit, you can order guacamole.


Services at Toscana

As visitors walk in, they find lots of comfy seats awaiting them. With the great gourmet, they don’t need to wait for their food being cooked; it’s always prepared. And, the servers are ready to take their orders. They quickly take their orders and bring the entrées in no time. They are even open to allergic visitors; there is special food for them. The owner is so friendly that he always talks with the clients, thereby making sure they are happy with the services.

The prices are very affordable.

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Cava Del Parrillero

Image result for cava del parrillero quesadaCava Del Parrillero is a beautiful restaurant based in Quesada. It is a steakhouse with a sushi restaurant. So, you can choose whether to order your meals from the steakhouse or from the sushi restaurant. But both of them are excellent. This place is suitable for ordering any type of meal that you desire—breakfast, lunch, dinner. Thanks to its excellent cuisine, any of these meals will meet your need.


Foods at Cava Del Parrillero

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The menus offer delicious dishes, most of which are vegetarian options. Yet, the restaurant excels in meaty foods. All the foods are wonderfully prepared by a skillful cook.

In addition to the delicious foods, you can order strawberry mojitos, cocktails, and more. If you love liquors, you can order the local beer, which is so enjoyable.

The prices are very affordable as well.


Services at Cava Del Parrillero

The restaurant offers excellent services. The waiters are both kind and friendly to customers. They welcome the clients and get them seats. As they sit in the comfy seats, they choose their entrées from the two menus. The staff helps visitors who are still on the fence as to what meals they should choose by explaining their cuisine, so that the clients can choose according to their palate. As soon as they choose their food, the servers quickly bring the entrées to the tables. Visitors don’t need to look for the waiters, for they are always walking around the tables, making sure the clients are satisfied with their orders.


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