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5 Best Restaurants in Orosi for Travelers from USA

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If you have been looking for the best and most affordable restaurants in the province of Cartago in Costa Rica, you may be interested in the following five restaurants, all of which have a lot in common with American restaurants. They all are situated in Cartago, in the heart of Orosi. So, the next you are in this country, you know where to head to for amazing foods.


Cafeteria Con Sabor a Pueblo

This restaurant offers wonderful foods comprising of breakfast, lunch, and dinner; the restaurant offers the best coffee and desserts in the entire town. Aside from the coffees, you can enjoy cakes and chocolates.

You can start with chicken accompanied by salads. This dish has a wonderful texture. Then, you can ask for seabass and shrimp. This is just yummy. You might as well ask for more.

The servers are kind and helpful. They welcome all the visitors and walk them to their seats. As soon as they are seated, they provide them with the menu, which is very extensive. The servers help the customers choose their favorite foods at affordable prices. They also recommend the best foods, basing on their experience. Whoever follows the staff’s recommendations, he/she is never disappointed.

Ambiance wise, the spot looks attractive; it is big enough to hold a family; it is even suitable for kids. After enjoying their dishes, the kids can go play in the playground while their parents immerse in chats.


Rancho Orosi

This particular restaurant is suitable for both meat eaters and vegetarians. So, if you are a vegetarian, this is the right spot for you; if you do eat meat, this restaurant will meet your needs as well.

As for foods, you can order the Casados, chicken, veggies, and much more. All the foods are served generously. So, you will not walk away hungry; you will be satisfied.

The staff is friendly and helpful. So, you know you are going to be served very well. Whatever you ask for, the server will get it for you.

The restaurant is gorgeous and large enough to hold a group of parties. So, you can go with as many of your relatives as you want. As the spot has a breezy patio, you can sit outside when it is hot outside.


Hotel Tapanti Media de Orosi

This spot is made up of a hotel and a restaurant. It offers excellent foods and services. The restaurant has great connoisseurs who cook with love. So, whatever you order is wonderfully and freshly prepared to satisfy your appetite. The food is served in large portions. So, unless you are very hungry, you cannot finish your food. You can then enjoy it with your partner at the table. Since it is also a hotel, you have a place to stay during your travel from the US. It offers wonderful accommodations.


La Fondation del Alto

Owned by good Ticos, La Fondation del Alto offers great services and excellent dishes for both locals and travelers. The restaurant looks and feels like home; the servers also offer a wonderful treat. After finishing your meals, you can sit back and relax with your partner.



Bar El Puente Negro

Though this restaurant is situated in Costa Rica, it has a lot of things which are typical of the US. Aside from the foods, you are reminded of the home country through music and the clients visiting the spot. If you are worried that you cannot speak Spanish, here is good news: the servers speak English fluently, making all the Americans feel at home; it is as if you enjoying your meals at one of the restaurants in the US, thanks to the language and people who frequent the restaurant.

La Casa del Sabor

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La Casa del Sabor, located across the road leading to Orosi town, is the best restaurant in the area. It offers amazing dishes, which are suited for breakfast and lunch. Since it’s frequented by both locals and travelers, you need to go early or to make a reservation in advance.


Foods at La Casa del Sabor

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The menu offers wonderful Costa Rican dishes, such as trout, fries, pescado entero, salad, red snapper, spaghetti, rice, grilled chicken, chicken fingers, pork chop casado, beans, and more.

The food is served in large portions. So, visitors can share it with their companions at the table.

For entrées, you can order grilled chicken, which comes with fresh salad and tasty fries.

You can also order Pork chop Casado; it comes loaded with rice, salad, beans as well as plantain. These dishes are out of this world.

There is a delicious chicken soup for visitors to whet their appetite while awaiting their entrées; there are free lollipops for all the clients.

What’s more, you can order tasty drinks and natural juices, such as cas, cocktails, and margaritas.


Services at La Casa del Sabor

The restaurant provides wonderful services for the clients. The staff is friendly and attentive to the customers. As the clients arrive, they are warmly welcomed. They sit in the comfortable seats and make their orders. While their food is prepared, they are given a tasty soup. Right at the time they finish the soup, their food is already on the table for their delight.

For the great food and services, the prices are incredibly low. You can pay either with a credit card or with cash.


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Pizzeria a la lena “Il Giardino”

Pizzeria a la lena "Il Giardino"

” A pizza like you eat in Italy “…… Guest

Let’s be honest, we almost eat Pizza at least once a week. Right?! So of course if you are visiting Costa Rica, you will crave some Pizza anyways.

So we’re here to introduce you one of the best restaurants that makes top-notch Italian Pizza, Pizzeria a la Lena “Il Giardino”.

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Backerei Cafe y Panaderia Suiza

Backerei Cafe y Panaderia Suiza

” Miraculous place and delightful host ” …… Guest

We always love going out for lunch, but we are also almost always on a budget.

So if you are not financially ready to splurge on a great meal in a fancy restaurant, we’re here to suggest going for breakfast in such a wonderful place yet budget-friendly.

And if it happened to be close to them while running some errands, definitely give it a try.

The place has really good vibes, so it will make your day.

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Restaurante Tradiciones Don Jose

” Good lunchtime with family, the view is spectacular, and the attention is nice “….. Guest

If you are looking for a place where you won’t be disappointed by any means, go check it out.

Everything is good about this place. It’s set-up beautifully, close to the road but quite secluded at the same time.

The food is delicious and served right.

Excellent service and super clean bathrooms.

This is truly a hidden gem in the Orosi valley so don’t miss it.

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