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Costa Rica Coffee Plantation: A Comprehensive Guide

How important is coffee to you? Do you brew one pot of coffee before going to work each morning or is one cup enough? If you love coffee like most of us, then you should know that Costa Rica coffee is one of the best globally. Most people who travel to this country go there to get the taste of their well-brewed coffee.

Costa Rica’s Coffee

The agricultural sector in Costa Rica has invested a lot in coffee production. In 2016/2017, their coffee plantations produced up to 1.4 million bags of coffee weighing 60 kilograms each. Let the number go up all it wants – they won’t stop as they are working hard to add more. Costa Ricans grow and call their coffee the Arabica variety because of its smooth and sweet taste. Their plantations have different blends of coffee such as citrus, berry, and roasted chocolate flavors.

costa rica coffee plantation

The History of Coffee in Costa Rica

The production of coffee in Costa Rica is not new in any way. It has lasted for years and still counting. Costa Rica has always grown their sweet coffee since 1798 which makes it a top priority in the country. In this side of the world, the coffee industry surpasses the tobacco and cacao production because their government is always willing to dish out acres of land to coffee producers. Their government relies on the money from coffee production to build and maintain roads, ports, and other infrastructures. Continue reading “Costa Rica Coffee Plantation: A Comprehensive Guide”

7 Budget Costa Rican Beach Resorts That Give You a Luxury Experience

We all know for a fact that sometimes we need an awesome vacation. And by sometimes I meant a lot of times! Whether you are a hardworking employee, a businessman, a single parent who likes to take his family on a trip, or a student dreaming of spring break, the beach is waiting for you. You might have been looking for wonderful resorts and stunning beaches. Costa Rica is the country that can serve you with that. In Costa Rica Beach Resorts are common. However, finding the best ones is always a hassle. Let me guide you!

However, many things (or one thing) can stop us from packing, like the budget. Little did you know that there are actually a lot ofall-inclusive Costa Rica beach resorts where you can stay for a vacation like the royal highness but at the same time smile at your budget.

Oceano Boutique HotelOceano Boutique Hotel

First on our list is definitely Oceano Boutique Hotel located in Jaco`, Costa Rica. This is one of the best Costa Rica Beach Resorts. The thing that really sets Costa Rica from other Caribbean islands is that it has been able to preserve itself from submitting to massive tourism and so you can still enjoy an eco-friendly and luxurious experience from the country. Oceano Boutique is in the heart of Jaco` but can give you a peaceful and serene stay.

This little paradise costs around $80.00 per night which includes a complimentary breakfast, a fitness gym, a spa that offers massages, and a beautiful view of the pool. This place has just a walking distance from the beach. What a total lifesaver!

Now, if you want to splurge a little for an all-inclusive resort, then our next pick must be of your choice. Continue reading “7 Budget Costa Rican Beach Resorts That Give You a Luxury Experience”

5 Must-taste Costa Rican Foods (Especially if you’re in a budget!)

Whether you’re a regular traveler or just flying out for a one-time vacation to Costa Rica, it’s of common knowledge that food is more than just a necessity, it’s an experience! You know that you’ve never fully experienced the destination until you tried no less than the best food in Costa Rica. Maybe you want to try out all the food but you’re also worried about having a food poisoning or it’s your budget that cuts. In Costa Rica food is considered as a source of Happiness. Let’s explore a list of 5 delicacies that you will find nowhere but there.

So typically, you may want to know ahead what’s worth but safe to try. And that is what this article’s about! We’re going to give you 5 of the most tried-out and definitely affordable foods in Costa Rica, if you refuse to spend much money for food. We will also share the guide to Costa Rica food prices and surprising facts about Costa Rica food.

Costa Rica Food
Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Costa Rica Food: Gallo Pinto

Definitely, number one on the list is Gallo Pinto. Nothing spells out Costa Rica famous food than this beans and rice combo. The humble country is famous for its naturally processed and oh-so-yummy black beans, which is usually present in almost every Costa Rican kosher food. Costa Rica has a wide variety of cultured beans.

The Gallo Pinto is one of those rare delicacies known that can be served as breakfast, dinner or lunch. But most of the time, people regard this as the ultimate Costa Rica breakfast food. Continue reading “5 Must-taste Costa Rican Foods (Especially if you’re in a budget!)”

How To Select The Best All Inclusive Resort in Costa Rica (And Traveling Tips)

Are you thinking of having a vacation on one of the most beautiful places on earth? Well, consider Costa Rica; the country with the best all-inclusive resorts in the world. These resorts are just mind-blowing. In Costa Rica all inclusive resorts are very common. However, choosing the best from the numerous all-inclusive resorts in Costa Rica is a task. For guidance take a look at the following 3 essential steps.

Costa Rica All Inclusive Resorts – How to Choose the Best of the Bests

Choosing the best out of a myriad of options is often taxing. Most, if not all resorts in Costa Rica have beautiful beaches, incredible ecosystem, actually, most of the things nature can offer. The important thing is choosing a resort that meets your needs. To choose the best, consider the following 3 simple steps.

Check the best location

Truth be told, most people adore resorts close to the beach. At the same time, preference varies. The location you choose depends on your reasons for visit. Whether it’s a family vacation, honeymoon or couples vacation, consider a suitable destination. You can find superb adults only or family resorts in places like Drake Bay, San Jose, Coco Beach, Nosara beach, just to name a few. When you are in Costa Rica all inclusive resorts can be the best resorts to choose from.

costa rica all inclusive resorts
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Have a well-planned budget

Your wallet decides a lot, so have a budget. Knowing the amount you have to spend, will help you narrow down the list of resorts. Take your time and compare the prices. Remember to check exclusion in the fine print. Don’t just Google Costa Rica all inclusive resorts, be more specific. Like “all inclusive costa rica beach resorts” or “all inclusive resorts in costa rica with airfare”. When you are in Costa Rica holidays are when you see price hike in resorts. So, plan accordingly.

Choose the right type of all-inclusive resort

Are you looking for an all-inclusive family, adult only or adult & family resort? In Costa Rica all inclusive resorts are well categorized. All-inclusive resorts in Costa Rica differ depending on the type of accommodation. Continue reading “How To Select The Best All Inclusive Resort in Costa Rica (And Traveling Tips)”

Costa Rica Holidays-Accommodation and Restaurants

If you are planning for a vacation and seeking a place with rich bio-diversity, amazing wildlife, misty jungles, stunning gold and silver beaches, active volcanoes, you can consider Costa Rica as one of the best destinations. This country is like a bridge between two countries as it is in the middle of South and North America. Costa Rica is considered as the best of Latin America. Blending the Caribbean and Pacific scenery, Costa Rica is a perfect holiday destination for you. If you go for a Costa Rica holiday, you can get the opportunity to explore its amazing flora and fauna and enjoy thrilling adventure, surf amazing waves of its different surf spots, explore the wonderful underwater life, go for watching its  soaring volcanoes and visit wonderful waterfalls, meet its friendly people and know about their lifestyle, culture and food as well as enjoy their amazing festivals. Whether you love to stay close to beaches or in the middle of a jungle or even in a pick of a mountain resort, there is everything for everyone Costa Rica can offer. Yoga lovers and food lovers will find variety of places to explore and enjoy. For cloud forest you can choose Moteverde, for amazing beaches Manuel Antonio and if you want to enjoy watching turtles you can visit Tortuguero and for enjoying outdoor adventure Arenal Volcano might be considered. Costa Rica Holidays might be a lifetime experience for you. Continue reading “Costa Rica Holidays-Accommodation and Restaurants”

8 Things to Put in Mind While Looking for Costa Rica Vacation Packages

Thinking on going for a vacation in Costa Rica? Then you have chosen the best destination for your vacation. With its beautiful scenery and sandy beaches, Costa Rica is one of the best vacation destinations in the world. When you are traveling to Costa Rica, always make sure you select Costa Rica vacation packages that will meet all your preferences. The best Costa Rica vacation packages are more flexible and they will meet all your needs. However, you need to put various things in mind to ensure you have the best experience in your life.

If you are thinking of traveling with your family, Costa Rica family vacation packages are available for you and your family members. In most cases the Costa Rica family packages are affordable and the number of family members is well catered in the packages. However, in choosing your Costa Rica vacation package, there are different things that you need to put in mind. Here is a list of things that you should put in mind to make sure you get the best vacation package.

Choose the Best Costa Rica Travel Packages

The type of the travel package to choose will depend on your preferences. There are affordable Costa Rica family vacation packages that will save you money. However, different Costa Rica vacation packages have different costs. Keep in mind that there are some differences between Vacation Packages and Travel Packages. Do some research about best Costa Rica Travel Packages.

Costa Rica Vacation Packages
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All-inclusive Costa Rica family packages will save you the time you will need to carry out research on tours and hotels. The travel agent will help you in preparing your travel by identifying the destinations that you will tour and activities to be carried out. Such activities include horseback riding, rainforest excursions if you chose Cost Rica adventure vacation packages. Continue reading “8 Things to Put in Mind While Looking for Costa Rica Vacation Packages”

5 Tips to Make Sure You Get the Best Costa Rica Travel Packages

If you are planning a trip to Costa Rica, then one of the greatest things that you are always worried about is getting the best Costa Rica travel packages. Travel packages to Costa Rica deals vary depending on the preference of the traveler and their finances. That means that if you need to have the best travel experience, you need to select the best Costa Rica travel package.  There are some items that you need to put in mind to make sure you get a travel package that will meet all your needs. Here is a list of items that you need to put in mind to make sure you get the best travel packages to Costa Rica.

costa rica travel packages
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Begin by Pricing Different Travel Package Components Separately

Most of the Costa Rica travel packages are all-inclusive meaning that everything has been catered for in the travel package. While this can be seen as a way of making sure that you get cheap travel packages to Costa Rica, it is advisable to calculate components separately so that you get the best deal.

The travel package components can include;

  • The airfare
  • Activities you will carry out,
  • Accommodation, meals
  • Transport

You will even realize that you will save money if you book your own accommodation and prepare your own meals rather than using the ones that are in the travel package. Continue reading “5 Tips to Make Sure You Get the Best Costa Rica Travel Packages”