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5 Must-taste Costa Rican Foods (Especially if you’re in a budget!)

Whether you’re a regular traveler or just flying out for a one-time vacation to Costa Rica, it’s of common knowledge that food is more than just a necessity, it’s an experience! You know that you’ve never fully experienced the destination until you tried no less than the best food in Costa Rica. Maybe you want to try out all the food but you’re also worried about having a food poisoning or it’s your budget that cuts. In Costa Rica food is considered as a source of Happiness. Let’s explore a list of 5 delicacies that you will find nowhere but there.

So typically, you may want to know ahead what’s worth but safe to try. And that is what this article’s about! We’re going to give you 5 of the most tried-out and definitely affordable foods in Costa Rica, if you refuse to spend much money for food. We will also share the guide to Costa Rica food prices and surprising facts about Costa Rica food.

Costa Rica Food
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Costa Rica Food: Gallo Pinto

Definitely, number one on the list is Gallo Pinto. Nothing spells out Costa Rica famous food than this beans and rice combo. The humble country is famous for its naturally processed and oh-so-yummy black beans, which is usually present in almost every Costa Rican kosher food. Costa Rica has a wide variety of cultured beans.

The Gallo Pinto is one of those rare delicacies known that can be served as breakfast, dinner or lunch. But most of the time, people regard this as the ultimate Costa Rica breakfast food. Continue reading “5 Must-taste Costa Rican Foods (Especially if you’re in a budget!)”

Reasons Costa Rica Offers the Best Raw Veganism

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While Costa Rica does offer rice and beans as part of its raw veganism, the country has more to offer for vegan travelers. It is true that you can order some veggies from local sodas. But you can have more. To prove this point, I bring you the following reasons worthy of your consideration:


Try Costa Rica’s Veggies

Every province you visit does offer the vegetables. The country’s veggie varieties are mind-boggling. Yet, the locals do not understand this. They still view Costa Rica as a country with a wide range of meaty foods.

Like mentioned above, you can order the veggies and be surprised by a large plate of rice and beans; the country offers other kinds of vegetables: vegetarians can ask for such a plate accompanied by fried cheese and eggs; the vegans can order fried plantains served with cabbage salad. If these dishes are not enough, you can still go on to order Gallo pinto, veggies, con huevos, and cheese.


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Reasons You Need Try Food Truck Park Costa Rica

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Costa Rica is one of the most touristic countries in the world. Every year, it receives a lot of international travelers. They go there for various reasons, one of which is that precious Costa Rican cuisine. Almost every restaurant in Costa  Rica has something special for the travelers. Not all complain about the food; most of them love it. The food gets even better when you find a great connoisseur.

Many people have visited a lot of restaurants in the country. Some have said something positive about the experience. Some have left negative reviews. These experiences mean that, while the country offers the best gastronomical experiences, not every cook performs that culinary magic.

If there is one place that you cannot go wrong with is the Food Truck Park in the country. Every person who has ever tried its food has been astonished at the food quality. You might wonder why people rave about its food and why you should consider the Food Truck Park. If so, then consider the following reasons you need to try this place:


Delicious Foods at Unbeatable Prices


The Food Truck Park offers the most delicious foods you will ever taste in a lifetime. The gourmets know that they are doing in the kitchen. As you make your order, you will be surprised at the quality of the food you receive; it is freshly made and served in large portions. What is more, unlike dining at a restaurant, the food truck offers all kinds of foods that you have ever dreamed of. All the foods are offered at unbeatable prices—eating from the food truck is a great deal; everybody looks forward to this food.


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Three Best Costa Rican Appetizers for Travelers from USA

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Costa Rica is not only famous for great desserts, drinks, and Casados; it is also famous for its great appetizers making the food enthusiasts ready for their favorite dishes—after all, what importance does the main course have unless the stomach is prepared to receive it? This alone makes the idea of appetizers a must for all eaters, whether it be a veggie or meat eater. Most of the happy clients who frequent Costa Rica’s restaurants do so partly because they are offered a wonderful appetizer; they are not just given their main entrées. So, getting an amazing starter even before you order your favorite dish is a great deal, not to mention when you get an appetizer generously served; it can kill your hunger immediately.

Today, I am looking at the best appetizers that Costa Rica offers to its food enthusiasts, including the American travelers. As you visit the country, you need to ask for the following starters:


Costa Rican Garlic Fried Yucca

This is one of the best Costa Rican appetizers that you ever taste as you visit the country. You cannot miss it; every province offers it: you can get it in every restaurant that you enter.

This starchy root veggie, the yucca, looks like potatoes. Thanks to the garlic sauce used, the appetizer offers the best texture; you will love it so much so that you might ask for more. This is why it is called ‘appetizer’.


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Three Best Costa Rican Breakfasts for Travelers from USA

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Aside from its delicious desserts, drinks, and Casados, Costa Rica is well known for its amazing breakfasts. When it comes to foods, it is among the best countries offering delicious meals. Today, we are going to look at some of the best Costa Rican breakfasts that you should never miss out on as you travel through the country.


Gallo pinto

Le us start by looking at Gallo pinto. This breakfast is the main first meal of the country. No matter where you go; you see every restaurant serving it partly in varied versions. But one thing is sure: no matter how different the versions might seem; all of them will have you rave about their delicacies.

Concerning the ingredients, Gallo pinto is prepared with both optional and traditional ingredients such as butter, garlic, chopped onions, chopped bacon, cooked rice, salt, as well as salsa. After the gourmet finishes performing his magic, he puts in cilantro, which contributes to its great texture.


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The Best Costa Rican Casados for Travelers from USA

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Costa Rica is the world’s renowned country when it comes to delicious foods. Not only does it offer tasty desserts and drinks, the country also offers the best Casados that you will ever taste in your life. That is why Costa Rica is flooded by tourists every year. Upon trying their foods, they can no longer go away; that is, they have to revisit the spot. They definitely come back for more.

As for the “Casados” which, when translated literally in Spanish, means “married”, they are great. Yes, most of Costa Rican gourmets marry a lot of foods—that is, they blend a lot of dishes to offer you a perfect and unique experience. One of the best and typical blends of Costa Rica is rice and beans. Even entrées that should not deserve such a blend of dishes, you will see rice and beans in them. What is interesting, though, is the delicacy of this blend; travelers are surprised at the texture; they wonder how they have come to offer you a heaven-on-earth meal out of simple black beans and rice.

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3 Best Costa Rican Drinks for Travelers from USA

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In addition to the wonderful desserts, Costa Rica is well known for its inquisitive drinks that are found only in the country, unless other countries are emulating them.

Before getting the fame of excellent drinks, the country did not offer a lot of options for travelers; it just offered beer. It did not have many varieties of beverages. However, as the time went by, mixologists began to blend many delicious fruits such as passion fruit, some veggies, hot chiles, and the like. This creativity resulted in Costa Rica being rich in drinks.

No matter where you go; if it is Costa Rica, you will enjoy the tastiest cocktails ever. The country is rich in this kind of drinks. Let us then explore the best drinks in the country that you can try as you visit the country.


Chili Guaro

Typical of Costa Rica, chili guaro is prepared with the following ingredients: Guaro Cacique, salt, Tabasco, tomato juice, and Mandarin lime. You can try this beverage as you enter the country. All the country’s provinces do provide this drink. So, you can have access to this drink at every bar. This spicy drink tastes delicious.


Jaguar Colada

This drink is one of the national beverages that makes both locals and internationals rave about. It tastes very sweet; it is not at all bitter. As you travel to Costa Rica, be sure to request this one; every bar offers it. The drink is served with passion fruit and coconut creme. It does not feel as if you were drinking alcohol.


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The Best Costa Rican Desserts for Travelers from USA

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Costa Rica is a wonderful country catering to both locals and international travelers. It has been the main go-to destination for many travelers from various parts of the world.

If you have been thinking of traveling this summer, you need to put this in the lists of places to visit; it offers a lot of fun, adventure, and foods.

Many are the foods you can order from the country’s restaurants. Unless you want, whatever food you will order should not keep you stuffed; you do need to save room for Costa Rican mouth-watering desserts.

I am going to share with you some of the best Costa Rican Desserts. The country has many desserts. Depending on your taste, you can pick traditional desserts.

Here is a list of some of the best Costa Rican desserts that you need to try:

  • queque seco also known as Orange Pound Cake;
  • Miel de Chiverre which is known as Sweet White Spaghetti Squash;
  • Tres Leches;
  • Arroz con leche or rice pudding;
  • Suspiros or Meringues.

Other than these above, you can have the following:

  • cono capuchino which is, basically, an ice-cream cone with chocolate on top.
  • Flan is cold caramel custard that you should not miss out on.
  • Melcocha is a candy made out of raw sugar
  • pan de maiz is corn sweet bread
  • queque seco is a tasty pound cake

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Costa Rica – food heaven for all

Costa Rica Food

Costa Rica is famous for natural beauty. But what about Food? Mouthwatering! Use of fresh ingredients like vegetables and fruits makes Costa Rican food so delicious. Rice and black beans are two most commonly used ingredients. When you are in Costa Rica Food is what you will enjoy most other than nature. Let’s discover 3 best foods in Costa Rica. Continue reading “Costa Rica – food heaven for all”