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Casa Delagua

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Located on the road from Monteverde to the Arenal Volcano, Casa Delagua is the best restaurant in the area. It offers delicious foods, typical of Costa Rica, at unbeatable prices. If you are traveling to Monteverde or going somewhere near the place, make sure you stop by; you cannot be disappointed with this one.


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El Huerto De Playa Grande

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El Huerto De Playa Grande is a highly recommended restaurant offering Italian cuisine. The Italian foods offered are all yummy and affordable. Many travelers and locals don’t seem to go away from this place. It is one of the few restaurants in Playa Grande that, after your first visit, you just keep returning to. If you love the Italian foods, you need not go to Italy; this is the right spot for you. All you need to is make a reservation given its busyness.


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Numu Cocina

Numu Cocina is a great restaurant excelling in sushi, the Asian foods. It is located in Playa Potrero. Both locals and travelers frequent the spot for its delicious, affordable foods. So, whether you are a local or traveler in the country, I have no qualms about recommending this spot for you. All you need to do is make a reservation given its popularity in the area.


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El Chivo Cantina

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Located between La Bodega mini market and the ocean in Nosara, El Chivo Cantina offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner at affordable prices. Its delicious dishes—genuine American cuisine—are the main reason for the travelers to visit the spot. If you are in the area looking to enjoy well-prepared dishes, this is the best bar for you. Given its popularity in the area, you need to make a reservation prior to your visit.


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Bouticafe Bohemia

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Situated in Playa Samara, Bouticafe Bohemia offers excellent foods and services for both locals and adventurers. It is suitable for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. If you are around this area looking for quality meals, make sure you stop by; this restaurant will become your favorite spot. Take your family, friends, partner with your for an indelible experience.


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La Princesa Cafe

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La Princesa Cafe is an excellent cafe located in the center of Tamarindo. It offers delicious dishes and beverages at affordable prices. The spot is perfect for breakfast, lunch, dinner. If you are around this area looking for delicious food or tasty drinks, there is no better place than this one. Take your partner or friends with you for an amazing time together.


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Fish & Cheeses Italian Restaurant

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Fish & Cheeses Italian Restaurant is a little restaurant, based in Tamarindo,  offering quality Italian foods at reasonable prices. The locals and the travelers who have thus far visited the spot highly recommend it for its genuine, top-notch Italian food; they say that the quality of food even beats the foods in Italy. This is incredible yet worth believing given the Italian visitors dining at this very restaurant. So, if you are around Tamarindo looking to enjoy this kind of food, this is the right spot for you. As usual, you do need to make a reservation for its popularity and size.


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Villa Deveena

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Villa Deveena is a hidden spot in the middle of the jungle. It is near to the surfing beach of Playa Negra. Thanks to the skilled connoisseur, it offers a blend of international and Costa Rican dishes; the meals are very affordable. Next time you are around in this area, you should not miss out on this place.


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Located near the beach, Sandbar offers the best meals and TV sports in Playa Hermosa; it has a lot of TVs for the soccer enthusiasts. If you have been looking for an entertaining restaurant with delicious and affordable dishes, look no further; this spot is the right one for you. You can take your family, partner, and friends with you for a great time.


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La Hoja Verde

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La Hoja Verde is a beautiful restaurant excelling in healthy, tasty veggies in Playa Flamingo; it also offers meaty foods. Given its quality foods, it is the main go-to spot in the area. If you are a vegetarian or a meat eater looking for excellent dishes at unbeatable prices, look no further; the place you need is it!


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