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La Hoja Verde

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La Hoja Verde is a beautiful restaurant excelling in healthy, tasty veggies in Playa Flamingo; it also offers meaty foods. Given its quality foods, it is the main go-to spot in the area. If you are a vegetarian or a meat eater looking for excellent dishes at unbeatable prices, look no further; the place you need is it!


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Coco Loco


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Situated in front of Playa Flamingo Beach, Coco Loco is the best ocean-view restaurant you can ever visit in Flamingo. Its dishes and atmosphere are suitable for graduation ceremonies, friends, and family. As you dine, you will be amazed at the beautiful sunset.


Foods at Coco Loco

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The menu comprises of tasty foods, such as churrasco, fish tacos, ribs lobster, platain, salad, fresh seafood, sea bass, fresh beef, yucca chips and more.

As for appetizers, you can have plenty of options, among which you will have drinks, the restaurant’s specials. Plus, you get fresh Agua de Pipa, coconut fresh water, for the kids.

You can then order sea bass; they are very delicious—you will find yourself ordering even more.

Churrasco is very delicious. It will easily fall into your favorite food list. With the coco loco’s drink, limonada loco, the churrasco is even more delicious. There is also a hot lava rock by the table, where you can cook your own beef.

If you love ice-cream, you can have at it; the coconut ice-cream is so yummy.

You can order seared beef, prepared on a volcanic stone. So, it suitable for any temperature you need. The food is offered at unbeatable prices.


Services at Coco Loco

The servers are attentive and friendly to clients. They answer every question about their dishes. Could visitors have a hard time choosing meals, the servers help them choose some of best dishes. The staff even remembers everything about the visitors, including their names, thereby making the clients feel at home.


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a’lo Nico

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If you are in search of a restaurant with a great variety of delicious food, a’lo Nico is the best place for you to head to. It blends the local and international dishes to meet your needs. So, it is suitable for the local residents and the travelers alike. You can find it at the Flamingo Beach. With its great dishes and services, you won’t want to miss this place!


Foods at a’lo Nico

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The extensive menu offers pasta, wraps, crepes, falafel shawarma, casados, cheeseburger, beef burgers, sandwich, pineapple, papas bravas, etc.

Given its fresh ingredients, the food is fresh and delicious. It closely follows each and every season.

There are so many options for sandwiches: chicken sandwich, breakfast sandwich, pesto sandwich and more.

The cornbread is also served in various ways.

You can order the tasty pineapple pancakes. If you want to try cheese options, you can order cheeseburgers. They are exceptionally prepared, too.

Oh, there is that unbeatable fish wrap that you won’t want to miss!

Lebanese chicken wrap is great, too.

Aside from the excellent food, you can have tasty drinks—natural fruit drinks, such as homemade mango, refreshing lemonade blended mint drink.

You will enjoy marmalade pineapple.

Surprisingly, this restaurant, in spite of being in Flamingo, sells food and beverages at an affordable price.


Services at a’lo Nico


The waiters are so friendly. So are the owners, a French couple!  They love their services so much that they prioritize the needs of their clients. And they even suggest you’d try a lot of new tastes—you will love the big samples to try.

They also excel in Lebanese cooking.

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Surf Box

Surf Box is situated on the left side of the highway. Set just before the fork (that either goes to Potrero or Flamingo), this restaurant is a great place with both covered outdoor and air conditioned indoor seating arrangement. The outdoor patio has three large community style tables. If you visit this place with a large group and want to enjoy your food in a natural setting, then you will find the outdoor area perfect. Its small indoor area has a book shelf that surrounds the few tables. If you want o escape the heat and get a little work on your laptop or read a book, then choose this indoor seating area. Continue reading “Surf Box”

Top Restaurants in Flamingo

Flamingo Beach town and its neighboring towns have many different restaurants which range from upscale to affordable local soda’s. Here goes some of the top restaurants in Flamingo and around:

the beach house you hook it and we'll cook it 'snapper'The Beach House Restaurant and Bar:

Situated directly on Playa Potrero, next to Playa Flamingo, the Beach House Restaurant and Bar was formerly a private residence and later it has been transformed into a charming restaurant and bar. It is renowned for serving delicious seafood though it also offers some great American fare. This restaurant remains open from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. and you can enjoy some wonderful time during the day as well as at night and enjoy your food while watching the stunning view of the Pacific Ocean. You can enjoy amazing sunset view. It offers happy hour from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. when you can get 2 for 1 margaritas and rum punch. You can visit the restaurant on Sundays during sunset when you can enjoy listening the music icon Darin Talbot live and also enjoy watching wonderful ocean views and stunning sunset. Continue reading “Top Restaurants in Flamingo”