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Located near the beach, Sandbar offers the best meals and TV sports in Playa Hermosa; it has a lot of TVs for the soccer enthusiasts. If you have been looking for an entertaining restaurant with delicious and affordable dishes, look no further; this spot is the right one for you. You can take your family, partner, and friends with you for a great time.


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Ginger is a beautiful and popular restaurant, based in Playa Hermosa; it offers unbeatable dishes. As a busy restaurant with great services, you need to make a reservation before heading for meals. With the restaurant’s guarded parking, you don’t need to worry about a robbery.


Foods at Ginger

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The restaurant has extensive, varied menu. It offers delicious dishes, such as ginger rolls, seafood boil, firecracker shrimp, Mongolian ribs, spring rolls, ahi tuna, roasted goat cheese, calamari, samosas, tender chicken, buffalo mozzarella, cheesecake, sauces, lava cake, bean cakes, and more.

The food is dished up in large portions so that, with just one order, you can be satiated. Don’t order more than enough; order a little food for you not to miss out on pavlova, such a delicious dessert. To add to the taste, you can also order lava cake.

The spring rolls and the Mongolian ribs are out of this world; you might be tempted to order even more.

Aside from the tasty foods, you can order Costa Rican beer; you can either choose to sip tasty cocktails or great wines. You will love pineapple jalapeño pepper margaritas.


Services at Ginger

The staff is both professional and kind to customers. As soon as clients arrive at the spot, you can tell that they feel honored by their presence—they warmly welcome them and get them seats. As they, visitors, choose their entrées, the staff quickly brings their food to the tables. Could there be new visitors who don’t know what to choose, the experienced staff helps them choose the best food on the menu.

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La Casita del Marisco

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La Casita del Marisco is a popular restaurant based in Playa Hermosa. Overlooking the beach forty feet away, the restaurant gets cooled by the ocean’s breeze. It is suitable for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Since it’s frequented by both locals and travelers, you’d better make a reservation before you go for meals.


Foods at La Casita del Marisco

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The restaurant offers delicious food. The menu offers white rice, potatoes, pasta, salad, Shushimi, surf and turf, fish, lobster, ceviche, red snapper, jumbo shrimp, fries, tuna sashimi, and more. No matter how hungry you are, you will be satisfied, as the food is served in large portions.

Red snapper is so delicious that you cannot have enough of it; you go asking for more. Tuna sashimi is wonderfully prepared and delicious.

Not everything is meaty; you can have veggies, too. Like meat, the vegetables are very tasty; even non-vegetarians love the veggies from this restaurant.

Aside from the tasty food, you can order beer, which is great and cold; wine is also available.


Services at La Casita del Marisco

The staff is very attentive to orders. Due to their friendliness, they even remember the name of the previous customers, which makes them feel at home. They are kind enough to accept your complaints. For example, if you are not satisfied with your order and you want it to be substituted for something else, they will kindly do that for you—clients are their top priority. Plus, the staff speaks English, too. Then, you will have a better communication with them.

Prices are really reasonable.

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