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Casa Celeste

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Situated in the center of Potrero, Casa Celeste offers excellent Italian foods at reasonable prices. Given the authentic Italian dishes and beverages, a lot of visitors, both locals and adventurers, frequent the restaurant. You, too, won’t want to be left behind. This spot is suitable for breakfast, lunch, and dinner with families and friends, as well as with couples.

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Numu Cocina

Numu Cocina is a great restaurant excelling in sushi, the Asian foods. It is located in Playa Potrero. Both locals and travelers frequent the spot for its delicious, affordable foods. So, whether you are a local or traveler in the country, I have no qualms about recommending this spot for you. All you need to do is make a reservation given its popularity in the area.


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Pronto Burgers, Pizza and More

Based in Playa Potrero, Pronto Burgers, Pizza and More, as its name implies, finds its excellence in burgers, pizza and some other foods. It is visited by local folks and travelers. The visitors find this place a number-one spot for any of these dishes.


Foods at Pronto Burgers, Pizza and More

On the menu, visitors can find great foods, such as burgers, quinoa veggie burgers, pizza, bread, and some more. These foods are perfectly prepared with fresh ingredients. So, you can savor every dish you order. All the foods are homemade. There’s an amazing connoisseur delivering quality foods.

Since every dish is yummy, your choice is up to your preference. You can choose between the various burgers and pizzas. You might as well enjoy the bread. Moreover, the menu has excellent desserts that you shouldn’t miss.



Services at Pronto Burgers, Pizza and More

The staff is welcoming and friendly. Their services are incredibly excellent. They take care of the clients in such a way that it feels like each server is assigned to one client—it is as though every client has his/her own server. The servers answer all the questions about their cuisine and recommend the best foods. After watching the gourmet perform magic in the kitchen, the clients receive their mouth-watering dishes. Plus, there is a special service: the clients can order foods to take home with them and have their own feast; they can get baked bread and some other dishes. The staff ensures that all the clients are satisfied and that their preferences are respected. And the foods and the beverages are sold at unbeatable prices.



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Smokin Pig

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Smokin Pig is a beautiful restaurant situated in Playa Potrero. It excels in barbecue, which is very authentic. You can also find more tasty dishes, which are typical of the USA—you will have great surprises.


Foods at Smokin Pig


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The menu is extensive. It offers delicious dishes, such as BBQ, buffalo wings, beans, a sampler platter, smoked chicken taco, ribs, Pork, house sauce, fries, brisket, and more. The food is served in large portions. So, any order you make will just get you full. You might as well share it with your partner at the table.

You will love the delicious baked beans, wonderfully prepared by a knowledgeable staff.

Whether you want a heavy smoke, you will love the BBQ.

You can either order pork or ribs. They are very delicious. Ribs are meaty; pork is tender. There is a handy sauce that you can dip in the pulled pork or any other food you like.

The French fries are not frozen, which is nice.

After your entrées, you can order pecan pie accompanied with vanilla ice cream, which is very yummy.

Services at Smokin Pig

The restaurant is run by a kind and hard-working woman. She is very friendly to the customers. If you are still on the fence whether you should dine at the spot, you can go check it out in the afternoon. You will find her working hard so as to provide delicious food for clients. As soon as she sees visitors, she comes over. After introducing herself, she explains customers the history of the restaurant. Then, she quickly offers them great samples of the food at hand; the food is so delicious that you will definitely come back for more. In the evening, as you come, you are treated the same way. Then, the staff quickly takes orders and brings food and drinks in no time. Waiters also chat with you while attending to your needs—the prices are unbelievably affordable.

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The Beach House Restaurant and Bar

The Beach House Restaurant and Bar, as the name implies, is an open-air restaurant displaying an amazing view of Playa Potrero beach. This is a perfect restaurant for both locals and travelers to enjoy meals while watching the ocean’s sparkling waves going back and forth.


Foods at the Beach House Restaurant and Bar

The menu blends American and local cuisines, thereby meeting as many tastes as possible. It offers amazing dishes, such as seabass, chicken plato typico, shrimp, burgers, fresh fish, wings, chips, strawberry daiquiris, scampi, and more.

There are tasty appetizers: you can either start with shrimp tempura or tuna tartar. Then, you can order coconut shrimp, which is very delicious. For fish lovers, there is an unbeatable fried fish.

Though spaghetti carbinara may be a strange meal to order at a beach spot, it is equally delicious.

Aside from the many unbeatable foods, there are great drinks for order. For example, you can order smoothies or cocktails. Beer is also available.

As you finish your delicious entrée, you are served volcano, the best dessert of the restaurant.


Services at the Beach House Restaurant and Bar


The staff is friendly towards every client. They welcome all the customers and show them their seats. Then, they kindly and quickly take orders; clients need not wait for their food, for the staff delivers it in no time. Could these visitors have any question or complaint, the staff responds promptly and positively, making sure every concern is dealt with politely. Because of these services, clients feel at home.

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Top Restaurants in Flamingo

Flamingo Beach town and its neighboring towns have many different restaurants which range from upscale to affordable local soda’s. Here goes some of the top restaurants in Flamingo and around:

the beach house you hook it and we'll cook it 'snapper'The Beach House Restaurant and Bar:

Situated directly on Playa Potrero, next to Playa Flamingo, the Beach House Restaurant and Bar was formerly a private residence and later it has been transformed into a charming restaurant and bar. It is renowned for serving delicious seafood though it also offers some great American fare. This restaurant remains open from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. and you can enjoy some wonderful time during the day as well as at night and enjoy your food while watching the stunning view of the Pacific Ocean. You can enjoy amazing sunset view. It offers happy hour from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. when you can get 2 for 1 margaritas and rum punch. You can visit the restaurant on Sundays during sunset when you can enjoy listening the music icon Darin Talbot live and also enjoy watching wonderful ocean views and stunning sunset. Continue reading “Top Restaurants in Flamingo”