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La Bodega

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Situated off the main drag in Tamarindo, La Bodega is a hidden treasure in the country. Visitors that ever make to the restaurant wish they had known the spot earlier. This restaurant offers quality dishes with excellent services in a wonderful place.


Foods at La Bodega

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The restaurant has a small menu that offers delicious dishes, such as a vegetarian sandwich, chicken Ceasar sandwich, banana bread, iced coffee, lemon scones, eggs, salad, hummus, omelette, and some more.

All the foods are locally sourced, which is a great investment in the Costa Rican farms.

The foods are wonderfully prepared with fresh ingredients. They are served in generous portions, which can be shared with companions at the table.

For entrées, you can order curry chicken or the Ceasar salad chicken. They all are amazing.

Every meal is served with a drink. It could be a cocktail, vegan ice cream, or any other drink of your preference; you can also order the iced green tea.


Services at La Bodega

The staff is very friendly. The owner and his team are a perfect collaboration; they always try new dishes to delight their customers. So, visitors are always surprised with new dishes on the menu.

The owner always chats with customers, making sure they are fully satisfied with their orders. Plus, with the restaurant’s many seats, there is room for everybody. All you need to do is order meals and let the staff satisfy your hunger.

The foods and drinks are all affordable.


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Surf Shack Burgers & Wings

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Though Surf Shack Burgers & Wings looks average on the outside, it is extremely beautiful on the inside. So, visitors are careful not to judge a book by its cover. As they approach the spot, they easily get blown away by its wonders and surprises. This amazing restaurant is situated in Tamarindo right next to La Rotunda.


Foods at Surf Shack Burgers & Wings

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The menu has various dishes. It offers cheeseburger, pineapple salsa, wings, shakes, chicken fingers, bacon, hot dogs, peanut butter, mushroom burgers, steak sandwich, fries, and more. The food is served in great portions; it is worth sharing with your party.

There are a lot of burgers. If you like cheese, you can get the cheeseburger; it comes grilled on the plate.

Out of this incredible spot, you will have the best fish and excellent wings.

After enjoying the milkshake, you will be raving about it.

For dessert, you can either order cream or cookies.


Services at Surf Shack Burgers & Wings

The restaurant offers excellent services. The staff has great surprises: on Mondays, kids eat free from charge; on Fridays, clients get free fries added to their orders. The servers are kind and friendly to the clients. Since their job is to satisfy their customers, they patiently take their orders—even if it’s a weird mix of flavors—and serve them accordingly. Whether visitors are coming only to try the food or they have been frequenting the spot, they all go home satisfied; their return is always guaranteed.

For the great services, their prices are very affordable.

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Sprout Tamarindo

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Situated near the street leading to Tamarindo Beach, Sprout Tamarindo touts amazing ocean breeze. Whether you are going to or coming from the beach, you’ll see the restaurant right before your eyes; it is the main go-to spot in the area. Visitors are privileged to enjoy healthy foods in a fun place.


Foods at Sprout Tamarindo

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The menu is very extensive. It offers meaty dishes and veggies; the food comprises of burgers, mushrooms, sweet sauce, fish tacos, sprout salad, avocado, veggie tacos, chips, mahi-mahi salad, mini pork sliders, veggie wrap, guacamole, grilled chicken tacos, cabbage, tomato salsa, margaritas, and more.

All the foods are wonderfully prepared with fresh ingredients. With its great cuisine, the restaurant offers the best burgers in the area.

Perfectly prepared with fresh corn tortillas, fish tacos flavor is unbeatable.

If you love chips, you can get them blended with guacamole. This mixed dish is so amazing.

In addition, you can order delicious cocktails, smoothies and mango margarita. You might as well ask for green tea, which has been iced with pineapple.


Services at Sprout Tamarindo

The staff is both friendly and attentive. They take care of the clients with delicious foods and drinks. As they also offer delicious veggies, vegetarians are more than welcome to enjoy meals at their spot. Plus, they are easy to talk to, thanks to their fluency in English.

For these amazing services, the prices are reasonable.


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Dragonfly Bar & Grill

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Dragonfly Bar & Grill is a very beautiful restaurant based in Tamarindo. It caters for all the day’s meals—breakfast, lunch, dinner. Given its nice setting, it is perfect for having romance and celebrating one’s anniversary.


Foods at Dragonfly Bar & Grill

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The menu is very extensive. It offers unbeatable foods, such as seafood linguini, tuna tartar, snapper, brownie, filet mignon, Thai beef, trout, carrot blueberry cake, lemon chicken, a vegetarian quinoa dish, churro, mahi-mahi and more.

To whet your appetite, you can order tuna tartar. It is so appetizing and delicious.

While you can ask for filet mignon, you shouldn’t miss out on Thai beef. Perhaps, you’d order both of them.

For dessert, you can either order brownie or carrot blueberry cake.

In addition, the bar has amazing fresh drinks that you can order; the cocktails are unique to this bar; they are out of this world.


Services at Dragonfly Bar & Grill

The bartenders are very good. They attend to your needs in a friendly manner. Since every food is wonderfully cooked and delicious, you might have a hard time choosing the right meal for the day. So, the servers help the clients choose the best food for their palate. Then, they take orders and bring the food in no time. They also provide clients with fresh drinks that they make. Given their fluency in English, you won’t have any language barriers; you will have a great time communicating with them.

The prices are reasonable.


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Seasons by Shlomy

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Seasons by Shlomy, a wonderful restaurant situated in Tamarindo, up on a hill off the main drag, provides unique services; it offers its delicious dishes at both private events and at the very spot. So, visitors can either hire their services or enjoy meals right at their restaurant. Take your cash with you when you visit this place.


Foods at Seasons by Shlomy

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The menu—modern and fresh one—has various dishes; it offers unbeatable foods, such as seared tuna, seared mushrooms, sea bass, octopus, seafood pasta, Asian beef, apps, filet mignon, shrimp, chocolate mousse, various kinds of bread—focaccia, brioche—and more.

For appetizers, you can either order the seared tuna or the Asian beef. They are all delicious and appetizing. The sea bass can be ordered as an entrée.

With the spicy-sweet sauce, you can dip in your focaccia and any other food that you like.

For dessert, you can order the tasty chocolate mousse.

In addition, you can ask for a plate of tropical fruits or drinks. They are out of this world.


Services at Seasons by Shlomy

The staff is fun and professional. They offer great services; whether hired or visited, the servers are attentive and friendly to the customers. Since all the foods are perfectly cooked and delicious, you may have a hard time choosing the right meal. That’s when the staff lends a hand—thanks to their professionalism, they help each new customer choose the best dishes for their taste. Then, they take orders and bring the food in a timely manner.

The prices are really affordable.

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Falafel Bar Medetirenean cuisine

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Based in Tamarindo, Falafel Bar Medetirenean cuisine, as its name implies, excels in both falafel and in Mediterranean cuisine. If you are looking to enjoy these foods, the restaurant will meet your needs. It provides breakfast, lunch, and dinner. So, there is always something for you. Since it’s frequented by a lot of folks, you’d better make a reservation. Take your kids as well as your other parties with you.


Foods at Falafel Bar Medetirenean cuisine


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The menu is vast. It offers amazing dishes, such as falafel pita, lamb, french fries, fish falafel platter, chicken shawarma, pita bread, hot sauce, hummus, and more.

The food is served in large portions for your satisfaction; it is shareable with friends.

Falafel and hummus are wonderfully prepared to suit your taste. If you get pita bread added, you will find these foods to be out of this world.
In addition to the unbeatable foods, you can order tasty cocktails, frozen lemonade, beer, and wines.


Services at Falafel Bar Medetirenean cuisine

The restaurant has great services. The servers are both friendly and kind to customers. They serve clients the best way they can, bringing food and drinks in no time. In a place with fewer restaurants offering veggies, vegetarians feel at home at this restaurant thanks to its various tasty vegetarian foods. Visitors can enjoy Arabian food as well. With access to free Wi-Fi, they, visitors, can stay connected to the Internet as long as they want to. Owing to the restaurant’s parking, clients’ cars are safe.

For all the great services offered, the prices are unbelievably cheap.


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Pangas Beach Club

Image result for Pangas Beach Club tamarindoOverlooking the Beach, Pangas Beach Club touts the best ocean-view in the area. The restaurant is suitable for romantic meals as well as anniversary celebrations. So, take your partner with you. You will enjoy the surprises awaiting you there.


Foods at Pangas Beach Club

The menu is vast; its specialty is seafood—seafood soup, lobster, the red snapper, ceviche, fish, carpaccio. It also offers other delicious foods, such as ribeye, steaks, tenderloin, and more.

The steak is excellently prepared on a hot lava stone; the various kinds of seafood are perfectly cooked in garlic and butter. You will be amazed as you watch your food being prepared on the volcanic rock. For example, you can watch the tenderloin being wonderfully prepared. When it is brought to the table, you will even clean the plate.

The seafood soup has a lot of flavors; it has a lot of shells. Aside from the seafood soup, you can order a cream of pumpkin, which is very tasty.

There are great beverages: you can either order wine or drink—there are various types of drinks. There are lots of fruits, too.

For dessert, you can order Key Lime Pie, which is served as a whole.


Services at Pangas Beach Club

The restaurant offers excellent services. The waiters are friendly towards customers. When the clients arrive at the spot, they greet them by shaking their hands. They also lavish their attention upon them, taking orders and bringing the food in no time. Furthermore, the staff is so generous that they even offer clients a complimentary dessert.


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NOI Bistro Tamarindo

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NOI Bistro Tamarindo is a small and beautiful restaurant, situated in the center of Tamarindo, whose delicious foods and wonderful services you should not miss out on. Lots of people frequent the spot. So, you should make a reservation in advance. The restaurant offers wonderful breakfast, lunch, and dinner for all ages.


Foods at NOI Bistro Tamarindo

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The menu offers tasty dishes, such as burgers, tuna, Argentinian steak, fried eggs, chicken schnitzel, salad, potato, fries, and more.

The food is served in large portions. You might not be able to finish your entrée unless you consider sharing it with the person at the table with you.

Burgers are out of this world; they are handmade and tasty. You can order tender steak accompanied with sweet chili sauce. The chicken schnitzel is best eaten with fried eggs and chips. This meal is unbeatable.

Aside from the food, you can order coffee, drinks, and beer; cocktails are excellent.


Services at NOI Bistro Tamarindo

The staff is very professional. They quickly take orders and deliver the food in a timely manner. The owners of the restaurant, a lovely couple, are very kind. They always ensure customers are treated well and satisfied with their orders. They are very careful to deal with clients who are allergic to some foods; they explain their cuisine, so that the clients can get to know what is best for them. Thanks to their generosity, they freely give some meals to the clients as a thank-you.

The prices are very reasonable.


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Green Papaya Taco Bar

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Situated after the beaten path in Tamarindo, Green Papaya Taco Bar is an amazing spot; it is hidden from the public. Visitors are happy to find this beautiful restaurant; it is surrounded by breathtaking nature. It has excellent dishes, which are suitable for family and romantic dinner. So, you can bring your family, partner, and friends. As you prepare to go to the restaurant, you’d better take your cash with you.


Foods at Green Papaya Taco Bar

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The menu comprises of tacos, potatoes, chips, salsas, burritos, enchiladas, tacos, beet salad sauce, chips, tortillas, and more.

You will love the food serving; it is large enough to share with friends.

You can order mashed potatoes and enchiladas. They are all tasty.

If you like beets, you can enjoy beet salad; it is fresh and delicious.

There is a hot flavorful sauce—you can pair it with any meal you desire.

Every food is perfectly prepared; all the foods are unbeatable.


Services at Green Papaya Taco Bar

The waiters are very friendly towards the clients. As they arrive, the staff welcomes them, chats with them and takes their orders. If the visitors are not sure about foods on the menu, the staff kindly helps them choose suitable meals for their taste. Could there be any complaints, they respond positively—they do their best to meet your needs.

With their affordable prices, you will have an amazing treat at a wonderful place.

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Pizzeria La Baula

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Based in Tamarindo, Pizzeria La Baula, an Italian restaurant, excels in pizza. If you are looking for the best pizza in this area, look no further; this restaurant is the best to ever deliver it. Take your family or kids with you, as there is a lot of fun awaiting them.


Foods at Pizzeria La Baula

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The restaurant offers amazing dishes, such as pizza, bread, crust, ham, salads, tiramisu, Gorgonzola cheese, sauce, and more.

Given the specialty, every pizza—prosciutto pizza, mozzarella pizza, pineapple pizza—is one of the most unbeatable dishes ever offered at the restaurant. There is a wood stove oven where it’s wonderfully cooked.

The salad is so wonderfully prepared that you may not have enough of it; you will keep ordering it.

Furthermore, the restaurant has tasty drinks and cold beer. If you like, you can order fresh drinks or cold drinks. As for wines, you can either have red wine or white one.


Services at Pizzeria La Baula

Pizzeria La Baula has amazing services. The staff attends to your needs with passion. Even though the restaurant is frequented by so many clients, they give their all to serving you the best way they can, answering questions about their dishes, taking orders and delivering the food in time. The owner of the restaurant is also attentive and friendly to the customers; he always checks with the clients if they are happy with their orders. Could there be any dissatisfaction, he sees to it that dish changes are made as soon as possible.

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