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Fish & Cheeses Italian Restaurant

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Fish & Cheeses Italian Restaurant is a little restaurant, based in Tamarindo,  offering quality Italian foods at reasonable prices. The locals and the travelers who have thus far visited the spot highly recommend it for its genuine, top-notch Italian food; they say that the quality of food even beats the foods in Italy. This is incredible yet worth believing given the Italian visitors dining at this very restaurant. So, if you are around Tamarindo looking to enjoy this kind of food, this is the right spot for you. As usual, you do need to make a reservation for its popularity and size.


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Matty’s DeliCafe

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Matty’s DeliCafe is a small restaurant near the Langosta beach in Tamarindo. Though it’s located in a pricey town, the restaurant offers unbeatable dishes—breakfast and lunch—at affordable prices. So, the many locals and travelers who frequent this spot recommend it to other people. You, too, should not miss out on this place.


 Foods at Matty’s DeliCafe

The menu comprises in Turkey sandwiches, bacon, smoothies, Belgian waffles, Asian Slaw, Greek quinoa salad, ahi tuna wrap, bread, and much more. All the foods are cooked with passion and presented very well. You might feel like trying them all. So, you should choose with care.

The ahi tuna wrap comes loaded with fruits, both of which are fresh and yummy.

The salads are fresh and generously served. You can either order the Greek quinoa salad or the chicken salad. They are flavorful. The bread is equally fresh and tasty; you can enjoy it either with coffee or smoothies.



Services at Matty’s DeliCafe

The owner is very friendly and attentive. When the clients arrive, he accommodates them with ease and does his best to provide them with anything they need. This includes bringing the menu, helping them choose their meals according to their taste, and bringing the food in a timely manner. He gets them the best dishes out of his spot; he always shows up at their tables to check if they are satisfied with their entrées. He, the owner, is also funny; he tells local stories to the clients while enjoying their meals. That’d be a great entertainment.



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El Sapo Ristopizza Cocktail Bar

This place stands out the rest of the restaurants in this location and the members of staff are friendly. The hotel has a good environment for relaxing that you will really enjoy. Food is deliciously prepared and will make you happy anytime you visit this place. The environment is family oriented hence suitable for family dinners and outings. Also, it is a suitable place to go for lunch with friends or workmates.


This is one of the best restaurants in Costa Rica that offers the most delicious pizza. You can decide to eat it at the restaurant or do a take away like a snack. The pizza are well prepared and on a scale of 1 to 10, it would probably break the scale because it is extremely delicious.

The restaurant has a bar that offers you with your favourite beer. The waiters are friendly and will give you the best services. They keep on checking on you to ensure that you have all you need and make additional orders if you wish. The waiters are also keen on details; therefore you will get served with the exact food or drink that you order.


They offer the most delicious pizza in Costa Rica. Other foods found in this restaurant are also delicious and you will not be disappointed. The selection of beers in the bar is one of the best. You will not run out of options when it comes to choosing what drink to take.

The restaurant is located near the town and you can actually walk or take a short drive to the restaurant. Whenever you want to have a quick bite, you can always stop at the El Sapo Ristopizza Cocktail Bar.


It is located near the Playa Langosta Town in Costa Rica. You can walk from the town or take a quick drive to the restaurant.


100 Metros Northe Hotel Barcelo Playa Langosta,

Playa Langosta.

Phone: +506 2249 5432