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5 Best Restaurants in La Virgen for Travelers from USA

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La Virgen is one of the best places for international travelers; it offers great restaurants that you cannot afford to miss out on. If you are in this area looking for the best restaurants, consider the following:

Restaurante Mar y Tierra

Blessed with attentive and pleasant staff, the restaurant offers great hospitality to both locals and travelers. This clean, quiet restaurant offers fresh, delicious foods, all of which are presented very well. You can enjoy your favorite dish. Given its delicacy, the visitors do not complain about the price of the foods. Since it is located near the main road, it is very easy to find this restaurant.

The menu offers Casado, steak, fish, papaya juice, guanabana juice, and much more. Aside from the dishes and juices, you can, of course, order a cold beer.

If it is your liking, you can start to whet your appetite with papaya juice, which is very tasty. Then, you can order your steak. While you can order any food you like, do not forget to ask for Casado; it is well cooked and served in large portions to satisfy your hunger. If you are no longer hungry or you cannot finish this dish, you can share it with a friend. Both of you will love it.

Just as you started with fresh juice, you can finish off with another. This time you can order the guanabana juice. Though it is thick, the texture is amazing.

After your lunch or dinner, you can hang out with friends and visit Nature Pavillon.


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5 Best Restaurants in Costa Rica for Travelers from USA

If you are coming from the US in search of the right restaurant in Costa Rica, then you have come to the right place. Costa Rica does not cater only for its nationals; it has a lot of restaurants for all internationals.

Today, I bring you five restaurants that you can choose from as you enter the country.


Los Amigos

Based in Puntarenas, Los Amigos offers tasty dishes. If you are traveling to Costa Rica, make sure you stop by Los Amigos. It is one of the most recommended spots in the province. Many happy clients remember returning multiple times for more meals. You, too, during your first visit, you will definitely return for more.

Though the restaurant is situated in Costa Rica, its foods are typically American. As for the dishes, you can find hamburgers, fresh seafood, and various beverages. Both foods and beverages are excellently prepared and served in a timely manner. So, you will not be kept waiting.

The staff takes care of the customers in such a way that if you have allergies to some foods, you will still be given the right food—they have various foods; nobody walks away hungry.


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Creperie & Cafe Entre Nous

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Creperie & Cafe Entre Nous is an amazing restaurant, based in Heredia, excelling in coffees and drinks. It also offers other delicious dishes, thereby catering for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Since the food is flavorful and well priced, lots of locals and travelers frequent the spot and keep returning for more. Next time you are around this area, you would want to miss out on this one.


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Restaurante Matices

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Restaurante Matices is one of the best restaurants in San Rafael. It offers excellent foods and beverages at unbeatable prices. If you are looking to enjoy meals, such as lunch and dinner, at a family-friendly spot with your relatives and friends, this is the spot for you. Since it is a busy spot, you need to make a reservation.


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Casona Tica Linda

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Situated in Heredia, Casona Tica Linda is a hotel featuring a great restaurant. With that being said, you can stay in for a couple of days while savoring excellent dishes and beverages at unbeatable prices. The spot offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner. For a memorable experience, you can visit the restaurant with your fiancée.


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Soberanos is a new yet great restaurant offering quality foods and beverages at affordable prices, in Heredia. The spot blends American and Asian cuisines to satisfy various tastes. If you are around this area looking for one of the best modern restaurants to have lunch or dinner, this is the right spot for you. For a great time, consider going with your family, partner, and a group.


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Riviera Marketplace

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Riviera Marketplace is a great restaurant located in San Antonio, Costa Rica. Given its excellent services, the spot is suitable for celebrating anniversaries and having normal tasty dishes at affordable prices. So, next time you find yourself around this area, look no further; this is the right spot for you. The restaurant has a safe parking thanks to the guard watching the cars.


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La Carretica

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La Carretica is a traditional Costa Rican restaurant based in Heredia. It offers authentic Costa Rican cuisine for both locals and travelers. Unlike many expensive local restaurants, La Carretica offers more reasonable foods and beverages. It is suitable for breakfast and lunch. Whether you are a Costa Rican or a traveler in the country, you can’t afford to miss out on this spot. The restaurant is easy to find: it is near the Heredia Museum of Traditional Culture.


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Barock Music Pub

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Barock Music Pub is a new restaurant offering quality foods at affordable prices in San Antonio De Belen. Given its tasty foods and excellent services, the locals and the travelers pack the spot as soon as it’s open. They go there for simple and special dishes, which are suitable for celebrating anniversaries. If you are around this area wanting to celebrate your birthday or to satisfy your hunger, the spot can meet any of those needs. Plus, the restaurant has a safe parking lot.

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Las Delicias del Maiz jr


Based in Heredia, Las Delicias del Maiz jr specializes in Costa Rican cuisine; it offers authentic Tico foods for the locals and the travelers alike. Whether found by chance, the travelers are impressed by this little food treasure. Whether local or traveler, you won’t want to miss out on this restaurant. For the indelible experience, you’d better take your partner with you.

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