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Restaurante Colbert


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If you are interested in French and traditional food, then Restaurante Colbert is the right place for you. Though the restaurant is somewhat hidden from the public in a small village around Poas, you will be glad you have found this treasure; even those from France acknowledge that this is a great restaurant outshining many other restaurants in their home country.


Foods at Restaurante Colbert

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The menu offers dishes like tilapia, chicken, prune sauce, veggies, salmon blended with pepper sauce, rabbit stew, and much more. You will love both the tasty appetizers and the desserts, which are mostly labeled the best of the area.
Given the great cuisine of the French owner, you will love duck breast accompanied with orange sauce. You may even have go extra miles just to dine here.
You will love the quality beverages: if you love natural juices, you can have them squeezed for you; for the lovers of beer, you will have French wines; you will also be delighted with many other drinks.


Services at Restaurante Colbert

The servers are so attentive and responsive to the clients. As many new clients come in, they kindly take the time to explain their delicious foods to them.
Even though the owner left France more than three decades ago, he still has great knowledge of French cuisine. He dedicates all of his time to preparing delicious dishes for you. He even takes the time to serve the clients. You will realize he is a humble and kind man, which whom you’d always dine.

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La Parrillita de Pepe

If you are looking for a restaurant excelling in Colombian dishes, you’d better head to La Parrillita de Pepe. While the restaurant looks small, it is so roomy inside that you hardly see one client standing. Given its beauty, you will be attracted to it right at first glance. This place is great for lunch; it is not for traditional meals.


Foods at La Parrillita de Pepe

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The menu is extensive. But, it does not offer many options for veggies.
Though the name of the restaurant might have a lot to do with steakhouse, on the menu you will get Colombian foods, such as empanadas, and the fresh, flavorful arepas, which are surprisingly cheap—they are better accompanied with pineapple sauce.
Yet, there are plenty of other dishes for you to try until you find your favorite one—for example, you can try fries. You can also have grilled chicken. The menu also has ribs, hamburgers, and varied hot dogs.
If you like skewers, you can have at it.
Aside from the great food, you will have great options for natural drinks such as smoothies. You can also ask for coffee. Cold drinks and hot chocolate are available for order, too.
Keep in mind that you will have no access to beer, as it is not sold.
The prices are very affordable.


Services at La Parrillita de Pepe


While the servers are good, they sometimes delay attending to the clients. Maybe that is because the restaurant is so much frequented that it easily gets full. Aside from that, everything is fine. Plus, there is free Wi-Fi for those who need to surf the Internet. That’s a great bonus.

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Nonno’s Pizzeria

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Nonno’s Pizzeria is a small and beautiful restaurant excelling in pizza, in Costa Rica. Despite the competition with other restaurants, this is the best pizzeria you should go to. It also offers delicious foods. You will definitely get your soul fed. The restaurant is situated in Heredia; as you head to the north side, you will certainly see it awaiting your presence.


Foods at Nonno’s Pizzeria

The menu offers the best pizza you will ever taste in the entire area. Yes, the Pizza is worth ordering on weekly basis. It also has other foods such as crust, pasta, ham, Spirali, mushrooms, Grissini, and the Italian Dolci.
Given its unique flavor, you will love the sauce, which you could just eat alone.
You can either try the Italian sausage or bacon.
As the dough is not thick, the fresh and organic ingredients are held perfectly, resulting in wonderful dishes.
Thin and crispy, the pizza has a unique flavor, which you won’t find elsewhere. So, it’s safe to say that the taste will be stuck on your mind and that you will not help but return for it.
No matter how much you fuss about what you eat, you will love this food—you may not have enough of it.
After enjoying your entrée, you will be blessed with that unbeatable dessert—Dolci accompanied with a hazelnut cream.


Services at Nonno’s Pizzeria

Aside from delicious dishes, you will also have great services; the waiters and the owners are both friendly and attentive to the clients. You won’t need to call them; they are right there for you. Plus, they let you order pizza, or any other food you want, in advance. So, as you get there, you won’t need to wait while it’s being prepared; you will find it ready for you.
The price is, surprisingly, affordable.

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Trilogy Pub & Friends

An introduction to Trilogy Pub & Friends

Whenever you want to relax and have fun, you can visit the Trilogy Pub & Friends restaurant. They have a great beer selection for all tastes. You will not lack a drink to enjoy with friends. The restaurant does not have a parking area, but there are a few parking spaces near the restaurant. It is recommendable to take a taxi since it is a place worth visiting.

It is a suitable place to hang out with friends and family as you enjoy tasty drinks and delicious food.

Foods at Trilogy Pub & Friends

Whenever a special occasion arises, you can count on Trilogy Pub & Friends to grace the occasion by providing delicious food and tasty drinks. You will have a wide range of beer selection in the pub as well as foods available on the menu. For special occasions, you can request for special meals to be prepared. The cost of such services is affordable, and you will receive quality services and delicious foods.

The food served in this restaurant is delicious especially grilled octopus and shrimp. The chefs understand their work and always giving their best when it comes to seafood as well other delicacies.

The most interesting thing about this restaurant is that they have a TV that shows how your meal is being prepared and you can watch other meals as well.


It is strategically located on the main street making it easily accessible. It has uniquely prepared foods like tapas, and antipasti. There are awesome starters and desserts served before the main dish. There are good juices like the tamarind juice that is freshly prepared.

They have awesome salad even though it lacks herb and onions.


Frente a la parade d Bus d la UCR, Heredia 40101, Costa Rica

Phone: +506 2261 5197

Restaurante Leno Y Carbon

An introduction to Restaurante Leno Y Carbon

This is a usual place where the local professionals love taking their meals. It is a suitable destination for a business meeting because of the professionalism in the restaurant. Also, it is in a quiet environment with less external disturbances.

It has a good choice of interior design is good and the waiters offer excellent services. The restaurant has a good selection of deserts and food that satisfies customers. You will nearly love everything served by the waiters.

Foods at Restaurante Leno Y Carbon

This restaurant is among the few places in Costa Rica that offer delicious meals. Rice served with Shrimp is amazing. The chefs are creative in the way they serve the meals and you will love the presentation.  Other meals that are awesome include skirt steak, ribeye, yuca frita, and fried chicken.

This is a suitable place to attend with family and friends. The restaurant is spacious, and the waiters can set a table for you to fit the number of people you go with. You can have breakfast, lunch or dinner. It is also a suitable place for a romantic dinner because the environment is quiet. The staff can set for you a table in the way you prefer with relevant decorations to match the event’s theme.


The location is suitable for holding any type of celebration including birthday and engagement parties. It has excellent food and services that will leave you satisfied. They will also provide you with receipts for records if you are on a business trip to Costa Rica. Restaurante Leno Y Carbon is an outstanding place to visit in Heredia Province.

Whenever you are in Heredia Province, do not hesitate to visit this restaurant. You will certainly enjoy your meals and the services.


Del Wallmart de San Francisco de Heredia, 500 m Oeste Carretera a La Aurora

Contact: +506 2238 5151

Quattro Restaurant

An introduction to Quattro Restaurant

Quattro restaurant deserves a six-star rating because it offers great food and awesome services. It is hectic to get a restaurant that has great food and perfect services. In most cases, you will find one area is okay while the other sectors are lagging behind. At Quattro, you will get this two under one roof. Any type of food you order at this restaurant is delicious, and you will certainly love the experience.

Foods at Quattro Restaurant

Quattro has fabulous foods that are freshly prepared at your request. The foods available include pizza, tuna, and rice among others. The menu is rich in a variety of delicacies that will you wanting more. They also offer freshly prepared juice like pineapple juice. I highly recommend tenderloin and lemonade which are made to perfection. Mushroom soup was extremely delicious with a heavenly experience.

They offer a variety of meals from desserts to full meals. Therefore, you can never miss something delicious to eat at the restaurant. It has a bar section ready to serve you with your favorite drink. A suitable location for family and friends. The environment is also quiet and convenient for business meetings.

Attractions at Quattro Restaurant

The restaurant has a unique bar area that has a variety of beer, wine, and liquor. They have amazing cocktails. You can never miss your favorite drinks once you visit Quattro.

It is located in a quiet and calm environment with ample parking. You can comfortable drive in. The area is so secure, and you do not have to worry about losing your property. This makes it a suitable place for both formal and informal meetings.

This restaurant should never miss in your list whenever you visit Costa Rica. You will certainly enjoy a heavenly experience and always come back.


Hotel Wyndham San Jos Herradura, Heredia 1000, Costa Rica,

Phone: +506 2209 9860

Kawah Cafe

This is an awesome and wonderful place to visit when you are in Costa Rica. It has a dark exterior environment, but the inside of the restaurant is bright with modern decorations. The decorations and the light make the café warm and enjoyable to stay. You will definitely enjoy having dinner with family and friends at this place. This place will remind you of your home kitchen because they make delicious foods for breakfast, lunch, and supper. However, the place is difficult to find, and it is advisable to drive or take a taxi to the café.


There is a wide variety of delicious meals. The chefs make sure that the meals are awesomely prepared. The waiters are creative when it comes to presenting the food on the table. Coffee is one of their best drinks that they offer to customers. For instance, the cappuccino is extremely smooth and has a rich taste. You can always enjoy this coffee after work and eat the food of your choice. When you go with a bunch of friends, you can never run out of food options.

They have vegetarian options. The vegetarian meal options are well prepared and mouth-watering. I highly recommend you to try it out anytime you are in Costa Rica. The waiters are friendly who always aim at making the customers comfortable


They have the best interior decoration that makes the restaurant auspicious. The color selection and decoration is perfect for evening dinners. Also, the restaurant has a nice and decorated backyard.

The café has one of the best coffee in Costa Rica which deserves a 6-star review. It is rich in taste and amazingly smooth. It is hands-down made within the restaurant. You can always order a cup of coffee with the main meal.


San Francisco, Heredia 40104, Costa Rica

Phone: +506 2263 3636



“looked for a good stop, and found a really amazing restaurant”……. Guest

Speaking of the highly rated restaurants in Costa Rica, KATTA Pub has certainly stood up amongst the 5 stars reviewed ones.

According to all their visitors point of view, the place is amazingly attractive and everyone recommended It to their families and friends as the food was so yummy and the staff was so friendly and attentive.


The place provides Bar, Pub, Gastropub and Central American food as well as some vegetarian options if you’re looking forward to.

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