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Casa Dominga Cafe

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Casa Dominga Cafe is a beautiful restaurant based in Heredia. It offers quality breakfast, lunch, dinner at unbeatable prices. Thanks to the hard-working staff, none of the clients have ever been disappointed; that’s one of the reasons they have over-hyped the spot for a long time, resulting in many more happy visitors. With that said, you’d do yourself a great favor by visiting this place.


Foods at Casa Dominga Cafe

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Though it’s a small menu, it offers various dishes such as pozole, antipasto, cappuccino, tarts, pastries, flans, pasta, chocolates, fish, pizzas, and some more. The food is excellently cooked with fresh daily ingredients.

You can whet your appetite either with pozole or with antipasto, a tasty veggie for vegans. You can add your favorite red wine, sangria. Then, you can grab a pizza, which is generous and yummy. These appetizers and entrées will have you stuffed fast. So, you should eat a little food not to miss out on the delicious desserts, which are made possible by the owner of the spot, a great connoisseur. With that being said, you can end your meal with cappuccino, tarts, or chocolates.


Services at Casa Dominga Cafe

The staff is knowledgeable about their foods; they offer well-prepared, exquisite dishes with a great value. The owner is the cook. So, he does his best to ever surprise his clients with new dishes added to the menu on daily basis. Because of that, the food is never boring. There is always a new touch or feel as you savor the dishes.


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Artisan Brew Pub

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Artisan Brew Pub is a little restaurant, based in Heredia, excelling in pizzas and beers. Thanks to its great food and services, the restaurant is highly recommended by its visitors. You too should not miss this spot. Next time you are in the area, take your partner with you to share in the fun.


Foods at Artisan Brew Pub

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The restaurant has a great menu. It offers tasty pizzas and great brews; it has great selections of beers. So, there are many refrigerators filled with various brews and stouts.

The imported brew is excellent; you will keep ordering more and more beer.

You can order the Medium pizza. It’s so big that you can share it with your partner. Since it is cooked with fresh ingredients, nothing can beat it. You can also ask for pie. It is fresh and tasty.


Services at Artisan Brew Pub

The staff is friendly. They even remember the names of the clients who have previously visited the spot. When the visitors arrive, the owner offers them free samples of tap beers while introducing herself and the reason she became a connoisseur of craft beers. As the clients decide on their beer, the staff brings it in no time. Since every brew has a great taste, clients are tempted to order more than twice; those clients who want pizzas can also choose theirs too. In the same way, the staff will bring it in a timely manner.

The pizzas and the brews are very affordable.


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