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Cool & Calm Cafe

Despite its unappealing look, Cool & Calm Cafe offers quality dishes and excellent services at unbeatable prices, surprising those visitors who had been underestimating it for quite long time. With that said, if you are around Manzanillo and feeling hungry, don’t let the ambiance deter you from enjoying your meals at this spot. I assure you that the restaurant will also surprise you with everything.



Foods at Cool & Calm Cafe

The menu comprises in lobster, fish tacos, passion fruit, pargo, Caribbean chicken, crabs, BBQ, fillets, rice, ribs, and much more. Thanks to the cook, the master of grill, every food is out of this world. The portions are generous to satisfy your hunger.

Since every food is excellent, you will have a hard time choosing your meals. Yet, you can ask the staff to guide in this regard.

In any case, the lobster should not be missed out on. It’s one of the best dishes out of this spot. If you love seafood, you have the fish tacos awaiting you. It’s full of exquisite flavors.

For juice, the staff makes passion fruit, a tasty beverage to accompany your meals.



Services at Cool & Calm Cafe

The staff is welcoming and hospitable. No matter whether you have been hesitating to visit this place; once you walk in, you will be warmly welcomed and seated promptly. The staff will tell you what they have for you. It’s so many foods to be regurgitated out of his head. That’s astonishing. But yeah, he masters it all. You can choose your favorite dish to then be surprised by its unbeatable flavors upon its arrival. He also recommends the best foods if you need help choosing your own.


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