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5 Best Restaurants in Puerto Limón for Travelers from USA

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Travelers love visiting Costa Rica. If you are one of those tourists or even a simple traveler to the country, you will need to find a great restaurant where you can have your favorite dish. As you visit Costa Rica, check out the following restaurants, one of which might be just for you:


Soda El Patty

This restaurant offers delicious, affordable dishes to international travelers. Soda El Patty offers breakfast, lunch, dinner. So, you can pick your meals for the day. If you are thinking of visiting as a family, you can do so; the spot offers great comfort for families.

The menu offers patties, coffees, rice, beans, and much more. The food is served in large portions. So, you can share with a friend, because you, alone, can’t finish your dish.

At this restaurant, you can enjoy rice and beans accompanied by cas juice. You can also get coconut milk, which is amazing.

Because of the delicious foods, many clients keep returning for more.

This beautiful and small restaurant offers excellent services; the staff is welcoming and attentive to the needs of the customers. Every client going in is greeted, offered a seat, and then served accordingly.


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