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Stashus con Fusion

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Stashus con Fusion is a beautiful restaurant based in Puerto Viejo de Talamanca. It offers delicious dishes and drinks at unbeatable prices for both locals and adventurers. It is suitable for a family and a romantic dinner. If you are around, make sure you try this spot.


Foods at Stashus con Fusion

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The menu offers various dishes such as hot sauce, Mediterranean salad, Indian salad, shrimp, hummus, rice, potatoes, Carribean curry, and much more. The Mediterranean salad is a blend of Pakora chickpeas, greens, beets, and reds. As you order your entrée, you will have this appetizing salad as a freebie.

Then, you can ask for rice accompanied with shrimp or with chicken tamarind, plus your preferred hot sauce; you can add fresh fruits as well as potatoes. This meal is unbeatable.

As you order butter chicken, you will get it accompanied with the tasty Indian salad, which comprises in red cabbage, tomato, and chickpeas.

As for beverages, you can either get wines—Argentinian Malbec and others—or non-alcoholic drinks such as juices; you can either pick cocktails or smoothies. Then, you can end your meal with Chocolate Orange Brownie, which comes with ice cream.


Services at Stashus con Fusion

The staff is hospitable and kind. When they receive the visitors, they do their best to accommodate them with everything they need. They offer them food recommendations for the excellent dinners. As they decide on their entrées, the servers bring their courses in a timely manner. If they need more food or something extra, the clients can reach out to the servers, who are attentively walking around their tables.



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Como en mi Casa Art Cafe

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Situated in Puerto Viejo de Heredia, Como en mi Casa Art Cafe, a brilliant restaurant, offers flavorful veggies, meaty foods and beverages to the locals and tourists for breakfast and lunch. Though it’s an unpopular spot to the travelers, those who finally made to this place wish they had found it earlier. Whether you are visiting this area, you need to check it out.


Foods at Como en mi Casa Art Cafe

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The menu comes in two languages: Spanish and English. It offers eggplant, avocado, homemade bread, hummus, omelette, hot sauce, bruschetta, sandwiches, and much more. The food is prepared with fresh ingredients and made to perfection. Every plate comes loaded with side dishes.

You can start with the sandwiches. They are served in large portions; this is enough for two clients. You can either get chickpea burger or veggie wrap. For breakfast, you can order omelette.

As for beverages, you can either ask for smoothies or pineapple. You can also get an excellent blend of cappuccinos with almond milk. There is a great selection of coconut water drinks for order as well.


Services at Como en mi Casa Art Cafe

The staff is friendly and professional. They welcome the visitors and treat them with all their care and respect. The owners make the visitors feel special. They even give travelers guidance about things to do in the city and recommend places to visit. What’s more, the owners speak good English.



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De Gustibus Bakery

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De Gustibus Bakery is a popular bakery restaurant run by an Italian family in Puerto Viejo de Talamanca. It’s famous for its amazing breakfast and lunch. That said, to visit the spot, you need to make a reservation. While it is outside the town, visitors find hiking to the spot worth it.


Foods at De Gustibus Bakery

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In spite of being small, the menu offers a great variety of foods, such as bread, pastries, veggie pizza, avocado, coffees, sandwiches, eggs, cheese, cannoli, and some more.

You can start with the eggs and sandwich. This dish is served in large portions. So, you can share it with someone. Then, you can order cheese as well as veggie pizza. If you like batidos and cannoli, then you will have a plenty of options.

As for beverages, you also have many options. For example, you can grab the freshly made coffee or other drinks. You can also get take-away snacks throughout the day. If you want juice, you can get tasty smoothies.


Services at De Gustibus Bakery

This main go-to restaurant offers excellent baked goods, which are also available for taking away. The staff is professional and friendly towards the clients. With their real espresso machine, they make genuine coffee and tasty croissants for the clients. When the clients arrive, the staff welcomes them and guides them to their seats. Before taking their orders, they offer them a handful of baked goods to whet their appetite and to help them choose their favorites. Then, the servers take their orders and bring their dishes in a few minutes—the prices are very affordable.



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Pan Pay

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Though most of the restaurants in Puerto Viejo are on the pricey side, Pan Pay offers amazing meals at unbeatable prices. This restaurant is suitable for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Given its great location by the beach, the spot is mostly frequented by tourists. The locals also go for their favorite foods. Since it has lots of clients, you’d better make a reservation for you not to miss out on the great fun.



Foods at Pan Pay

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The menu is extensive. It offers great dishes such as croissants, beans, bread, chicken, asparagus, potato egg frittata, rice, mushroom, sandwiches, plantains, and much more. Every food is freshly prepared by the restaurant’s connoisseur; it’s served in generous portions to satisfy your hunger. Yet, you can make more orders depending on your appetite during the day.

You can whet your appetite with fresh watermelon. Then, you can order eggs blended with mushroom, which is finely chopped with asparagus.

You can’t miss out the daily bread; it is freshly baked. You can add the great croissants and some other tasty pastries. You may also order the frappuccino; it is very smooth and tasty coffee. Fruits are available, too. You can end your meals with fresh pineapple juice and creamy cookies.


Services at Pan Pay

The staff is welcoming and attentive to the visitors. They provide the clients with the best pastries and breads with flavorful coffee for the breakfast. The clients who go for lunch and dinner can also have their take. With their fast services, they receive their entrées in no time. And the owner, a friendly man, chats with the clients to make sure they are happy with the services.


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Monli Bar Restaurante and Grill

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Monli Bar Restaurante and Grill is a little yet fantastic restaurant specializing in seafood. Since its flavorful dishes are also suitable for vacation and for celebrating anniversaries, the spot easily gets filled by both travelers and locals. So, you need to make a reservation prior to your visit.


Foods at Monli Bar Restaurante and Grill

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The menu’s sea foods include lobster, shrimp, tuna, lion fish, clams, seabass parrillada, crab, mussels, squid, sauce, octopus, and much more. Each of these foods has great helping to get you stuffed at affordable prices.

You can whet your appetite either with hummus accompanied with vegetable sticks or with tahini taste; the ceviche is also appetizing.

With the fresh fish and seafood being caught on a daily basis, you have a lot of options: you can request seafood parrillada and seafood pasta, which is accompanied with a tasty homemade tomato sauce. You can then try marlin and shark dished up with salad and mashed potatoes.

The seafood platter is a mixture of so many different foods. As you order it, it will definitely have your mouth watering; the lion fish is a wonderful treat. And it is hard to find. So, as soon as you find it on the menu, you got to grab this unique plate.

Anyway, don’t forget to enjoy the amazing desserts of the bar.


Services at Monli Bar Restaurante and Grill

The restaurant offers amazing services; the staff is kind and friendly. They greet the clients and serve them the best way they can. The clients love their meals, including the daily specials, which are made possible by their local seafood source.


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Tasty Waves Cantina

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Tasty Waves Cantina is a great eating spot near the beach in Puerto Viejo de Talamanca. The restaurant blends American with Costa Rican cuisine to provide clients with unbeatable dishes, which are suitable for all the tastes. If you are looking to have an amazing meal in Puerto Viejo de Talamanca, Tasty Waves Cantina is the right spot for you.


Foods at Tasty Waves Cantina

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The menu offers delicious dishes, such as fish tacos, shrimp tacos, chicken fingers, corn tortillas, guacamole bacon burger, burritos, fries, and more. The food is dished up in large portions to satisfy your hunger. If you are not very hungry, it’s generous to share it with friends.

For entrées, you can either ask for fish tacos or guacamole bacon burger. They are wonderfully prepared and delicious; the homemade corn tortillas are also yummy.

As for beverages, you can either order the amazing cocktails or beer. You can also order passionfruit margaritas; it’s sweet and tasty, with no equal.

As you go to their movie nights, you’ll enjoy the free popcorn.


Services at Tasty Waves Cantina


The staff is friendly and attentive to the clients; they are always present. So, the clients don’t need to call them in order to order their meals; the staff takes their orders as soon as they arrive at the spot. Then, they bring their food in no time. What’s more, the customers can also watch a bit of their cuisine, as the staff makes the amazing corn tortillas and tasty margaritas in front of them—the food and the beverages are incredibly cheap.


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Restaurante Lidia’s Place

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Restaurante Lidia’s Place is a popular and family-owned bar in Puerto Viejo de Talamanca. The spot is near the main street, so it is an easy find. It offers amazing foods and services; besides offering all the normal meals of the day, it also provides wedding ceremonies. That said, you can take your partner with you for a good time.


Foods at Restaurante Lidia’s Place

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The menu has delicious dishes, such as patacones, coconut curry shrimp, Carribean chicken, red snapper, rice, plantains, guacamole, and much more. The food is perfectly cooked by Lidia, the restaurant’s connoisseur. So, you may feel tempted to try all the dishes; leave room for the dessert.

For entrées, you can either order coconut curry shrimp or Carribean chicken. These are some of the unbeatable dishes that you cannot afford to miss.

You could also ask for the red snapper accompanied with a hot sauce; if you love guacamole, you can get it blended with patacones.

As you order rice dish with beans, this great meal will be stuck in your memory. What’s more, you can’t miss out the fresh batidos.


Services at Restaurante Lidia’s Place

The restaurant has a great staff, which takes care of the clients very well. As the clients arrive, they find the servers awaiting their orders. Not only do they bring the food in time, they also bring the best food for the customers, based on their palate; the satisfaction of the clients is their top priority. The owner, Lidia, walks around the tables chatting with the clients, making sure they are satisfied with their entrées.


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