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Manuel Antonio Costa Rica: 6 Awesome Vacation Tips

Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica is a land of exotic lush and jungles. It is a great place to stay, especially if it’s your first time. The place has a lot to offer, from beautifully luxurious hotels to amazing wildlife adventure; this place has got you covered.

However, there is also one ugly truth about the place, the fact that it is incredibly pricey. Basically, it’s one of the most common reasons that prevent people from experiencing the beauty of that precious gem of Central America. So today, we are going to give you awesome tips from expert travelers, that you need to know if you are in a budget. So after you read the rest of the article, you can definitely feed your wanderlust already, without splurging a fortune!

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Tip #1. Choose the Cheaper hotels

Surely, you would want to splurge a little to try a queen-worthy staycation, especially if you want to treat yourself for an allure. And it’s OK, especially if you have a pretty budget for that. But it is our heartfelt advice that you really don’t need to. Let’s be honest, what you need to have when you are in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica , is just a place where you can lay your head to rest at night. Most of the time, you are either out at the beach, or you are hiking or you are enjoying famous tourist destinations and the famous wildlife. You most likely did not travel just to sleep and treat yourself a spa, so might as well save a penny in your stay. Continue reading “Manuel Antonio Costa Rica: 6 Awesome Vacation Tips”

El Avion

‘A good place for the family” – Guest 

 If you’re looking for a nice location, amazing view and deliciously delightful food, you should visit the ”El Avion” restaurant in Manuel Antonio, province of Puntarenas. It’s located nearby ”Espadilla Norte”, ”La Playita” and a ”La Selvita” National park. It’s the restaurant built around the plane. The giant plane which is protruding out of the restaurant will amaze you, especially if you are visiting with kids which are fascinated with the plane. Continue reading “El Avion”