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New Year’s Eve Montezuma, Costa Rica

If you are traveling around Montezuma and seeking a place for enjoying a great New Year’s Eve party, you will find Ylang Ylang Beach Resort absolutely perfect. It is a great place to enjoy candlelight dinner buffet with vegan and gluten free options. You can also enjoy dancing with live band show. This event also include stunning fireworks and beach bonfires. From this amazing resort within walking distance you can reach the village and on a stretch of beautiful beach. At this place you will enjoy first class services. It offers amazing views of the surrounding area. Continue reading “New Year’s Eve Montezuma, Costa Rica”

5 Best Restaurants in Costa Rica for Travelers from USA

If you are coming from the US in search of the right restaurant in Costa Rica, then you have come to the right place. Costa Rica does not cater only for its nationals; it has a lot of restaurants for all internationals.

Today, I bring you five restaurants that you can choose from as you enter the country.


Los Amigos

Based in Puntarenas, Los Amigos offers tasty dishes. If you are traveling to Costa Rica, make sure you stop by Los Amigos. It is one of the most recommended spots in the province. Many happy clients remember returning multiple times for more meals. You, too, during your first visit, you will definitely return for more.

Though the restaurant is situated in Costa Rica, its foods are typically American. As for the dishes, you can find hamburgers, fresh seafood, and various beverages. Both foods and beverages are excellently prepared and served in a timely manner. So, you will not be kept waiting.

The staff takes care of the customers in such a way that if you have allergies to some foods, you will still be given the right food—they have various foods; nobody walks away hungry.


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Restaurante Nuestra Tradicion

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Situated in Puntarenas, Costa Rica, Restaurante Nuestra Tradicion offers every kind of foods suited for everyone; whether you are a veggie or meat eater, you can find something perfectly made for you. So, if you are around Monteverde looking for a place to have your favorite meals, look no further; this is the right spot for you.


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Express Burrito

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Located in the center of Manuel Antonio, Express Burrito offers excellent, affordable Costa Rican and international foods suitable for every taste, the taste of the locals and of the travelers. If you are a local or traveler looking for a better treat, look no further; this is the right spot for you. As you go, take your family with you. Thanks to their fast delivery, if you have no time to eat out, you can ordered from the hotel and get your cash delivered in a timely manner.


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El Arado Restaurant


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El Arado Restaurant is a highly recommended, family-owned restaurant. Though the spot is not so appealing, its dishes are the reason it is in the talks of many clients. If you are in this area looking for delicious food at affordable prices, this is the spot for you. This place has no bummer but delicacies.


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Boca Coronado

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Boca Coronado is a first-class restaurant situated in Ojochal, near the Pacific road 34. The restaurant offers quality meals—breakfast, lunch, and dinner—at affordable prices. So, it is frequented by many visitors, both locals and travelers. It is one of the few restaurants worth every penny; you will fall in love with this spot as you stop by.


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Shana Lounge Pool Bar

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Shana Lounge Pool Bar is an amazing restaurant based in Manuel Antonio. It offers delicious dishes and beverages at affordable prices. With that said, the restaurant is very popular in the area. So, the spot frequently receives both locals and travelers, who are always happy with their dishes and services; if you are looking to enjoy excellent American, Italian foods, this is the right spot for you.


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Soda Jimenez

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Soda Jimenez is a small yet great restaurant offering mouth-watering foods at cheap prices. Pleased with the foods, the locals and the travelers, who have just found this spot, wish they had found it earlier. The reason is that it is arguably one of the best restaurants in Puntarenas. It is suitable for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. As you find yourself in the area, make sure you visit this place; be prepared to make it your favorite restaurant.


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Pizza Time

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Pizza Time is an excellent restaurant specializing in pizzas in Uvita. Since it is a popular spot, it is highly frequented by travelers and locals. The pizzas are above the average: they are authentic Italian dishes. This is one of the few restaurants that will turn you into a believer; no matter how much you have been looking for the Italian pizzas. Now this is it! Book and enjoy your meals.


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Ceviche Pinuelas

Ceviche Pinuelas is an excellent restaurant based in Ojochal. Unlike the most of the restaurants in the area, this spot offers its specialty foods, the seafood, at cheap prices. As the clients discover this place, they no longer go away; that is, they cannot help returning for more. The same will apply to you as you give it a try. Given the many clients it gets, especially on the weekends, you need to make a reservation.


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