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Tortilla Flats


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Tortilla Flats is an amazing beachfront restaurant based in Dominical. Given its American and Costa Rican cuisine, the foods are suitable for every client, be it a local or a traveler; all the visitors are delighted with all the meals of the day, breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Next time you find yourself in Dominical, try visiting this restaurant; you won’t regret it.


Foods at Tortilla Flats

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The menu offers various dishes such as ceviche, calamari, fish tacos, sandwiches, and more. All the foods are perfectly prepared to meet your needs.

Looking at the generous portions, you may consider sharing your food with your partner.

You can’t miss out on fish tacos. It’s out of this world.

You can also order calamari. It is served in large portions and delicious.

Aside from your entrées, you can order Thai basil margaritas. Yet, you’d drink it slowly as it is a little bit fermented. Yes, you might get a little bit drunk if you drink it quickly.


Services at Tortilla Flats

The staff is welcoming and friendly towards the clients. They are always moving around the tables taking orders and answering any questions about their menu. As soon as they take the orders, they bring the food in no time. Since the staff also speaks English, visitors never have a hard communicating with them. Of course, those who speak Spanish make their order in Spanish while the English speakers do so in their language.

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Del Mar Taco Shop

It is a well known restaurant in Dominical. It is famous for its various different services and offers. People often fail to find a place where the foods are delicious and the environment is cool. But this place is a combination of both. So, do yourself a favor and check out Del Mar Taco Shop if you are in Dominical.

This restaurant serves Barbecue, Local Cuisine, International Cuisine, Mexican Cuisine, Seafood, Fast Foods and many more. As new addition they have Hawaiian BBQ Specials. Vegetarian dishes are available for veg people. The menu is rich with various kinds of foods. Taco Salads, flour or corn tortilla chips, salsa fresca, carne asada, pollo asado, fried shrimp etc are the top dishes of this place. There is a separate kids menu for the kids. A special offer called Taco Tuesday is offered on all the Tuesdays from April to November. On this offer you will get tacos cost just US$2. It’s an unusual feature that no other restaurants has. A board collection of drinks will help you to choose your drinks wisely. Natural mixed berry ice tea comes with free refill. Fresh natural fruit smoothies will become your favorite.
The decorative presentation of the foods will amaze you. Their home-made tortilla chips is famous around the locality. Foods come in big portion. All the dishes are made with fresh ingredient. All your appetite will be satisfied once you are here.

Del Mar Taco Shop is a majestic little spot. You have to place your orders on the window shaped desks and you will be eating outside in a lovely garden setting. The view of the ocean and cool breeze from the beach will refresh you. Macaw, parrots, humming birds fly around the garden very often.
The comfortable atmosphere is the main attraction of this place. All the staffs are very kind and always there to help you. The owner himself handles everything. He makes it sure that customers leave the place with a smile. Menu has both English and Spanish versions.  It is a great place for couples, families and large groups.
Free wifi is available. Takeout option is there too. They accept both cash and cards.
They are open all the 7 days from 6:00 AM – 9:00 PM!

It is very easy to locate the restaurant. Situating in the south main street in Dominical, it takes only 50 meters to the South of the police station. A beautiful rustic tropical environment with ocean view. It is a great place to be.

Main Street | 50 Meters South of the Police StationDominical 11901, Costa Rica.
Phone : +506 8428 9050
Facebook :

Cafe Mono Congo

Cafe Mono Congo is a renowned restaurant in Dominical. It is serving the locality since 2014. An amazing organic restaurant in the heart of this little surf town. A great place to be with delicious foods, beautiful scenery and relaxing atmosphere.

It’s a spacious restaurant that serves various foods. The menu exclusively has vegetarian and gluten-free dishes. But there are other choices too. Breakfast, lunch and dinner all your meals can be fulfilled here. For breakfast, tico bowl chock, brown rice, mini-omelet with red peppers, pinto beans, spring onions, etc are famous. Organic juices, kombuchas, shakes and herbal teas are on the top of the list. A vast selection of local and imported Californian craft beers will blow your mind. Coconut french toast and banana pancakes are some other delicious items of Cafe Mono Congo.
Decorative presentation of the dishes is another plus point of this place. All the meals come in big portion. Several flavored coffees will keep you fresh. After meals, you must go for desserts. Because their desserts are addictive. Once you eat there you’ll find yourself wanting to go back for the foods again and again.

This cafe is situated just next to a river with an open air seating arrangements. Their decoration is so different. They have swings around the restaurant. Sit on a stol or on a river side table or on the swings. The waiters will bring your foods there. Live music programs held at the evening. It gives a cool vibe. Washrooms and restrooms are clean.
Staffs are very welcoming and helpful. They know English. So you won’t face any problem while communicating with them.
They open very early in the morning. At 6:30 am. Which is undoubtedly a plus. They are open all the seven days of the week!
It’s a cash only place. Takeout option is available. Wheelchairs and baby strollers are allowed.

If you’re in dominical, Mono Congo is a must! It’s a beautifully located restaurant. Easy to find. Your wish of eating foods and seeing the river at the same time is going to be fulfilled here.


Pueblo del Rio Centro | Main Entrance into DominicalDominical 60504, Costa Rica
Phone : +506 8384 2915
Facebook :


Bar Jolly Roger

If you are looking for a combination of great food, friendly service and a casual atmosphere, Bar Jolly Roger is the place for you. You will find this pirate-themed open-air bar on the edge of a hill in Dominical. It is a funky little rustic bar. Overlooking the Pacific Ocean this bar is situated up on the hillside. The owner of this place is an ex-pat radio announcer from Charleston, SC. He formed this restaurant with love and care. Continue reading “Bar Jolly Roger”

El Pescado Loco

El Pescado Loco is a small open-air restaurant. This is one of the most famous restaurants at the beach in Dominical. It is a specialized restaurant in Seafood and local cuisine. El Pescado Loco started it journey in May 2015. In this short period it has become everyone’s favorite because of its better food quality.
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