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5 Best Restaurants in Costa Rica for Travelers from USA

If you are coming from the US in search of the right restaurant in Costa Rica, then you have come to the right place. Costa Rica does not cater only for its nationals; it has a lot of restaurants for all internationals.

Today, I bring you five restaurants that you can choose from as you enter the country.


Los Amigos

Based in Puntarenas, Los Amigos offers tasty dishes. If you are traveling to Costa Rica, make sure you stop by Los Amigos. It is one of the most recommended spots in the province. Many happy clients remember returning multiple times for more meals. You, too, during your first visit, you will definitely return for more.

Though the restaurant is situated in Costa Rica, its foods are typically American. As for the dishes, you can find hamburgers, fresh seafood, and various beverages. Both foods and beverages are excellently prepared and served in a timely manner. So, you will not be kept waiting.

The staff takes care of the customers in such a way that if you have allergies to some foods, you will still be given the right food—they have various foods; nobody walks away hungry.


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Las Brisas Hotel

Las Brisas Hotel in Costa Rica should never miss in your travel list because it has luxurious services and offer delicious food alongside a beautiful nature. Costa Rica is one of the places with thrilling adventures such as kayaking, zip-lining tours, cliff diving, sky diving and scuba diving among others. With more than 900 miles of coastline, the country has luxurious hotels located along this coastline and Las Brisas hotel is one of them.


Las Brisas is situated in Puntarenas, approximately 45.1 km from Jacó. The hotel provides a unique view of the sea and has an outdoor pool. The nearest airport is about 33.8km from the hotel meaning it is a convenient destination for many tourists. Customers who have visited this hotel have always received services more than the value money paid as compared to other places.


During the last few years, I have travelled a lot in Costa Rica and I have to say that Las Brisas Hotel has the most delicious foods. I have stayed in different hotels and Las Brisas has been home for me. Most of the foods reminded me of my home kitchen and I felt home away from home.


The rooms are very clean with a good AC and a reliable WiFi. The waiters are reliable and are always willing to offer the best of services. They make sure that you are happy and comfortable as you stay. The pools are also maintained at high level of cleanliness and provide a nice open area for relaxing.


It is an ideal place for family or romantic diners since it is strategically looked with the view of the sea. They also offer fresh fruit juice and delicious sea foods among others. Las Brisas has a bar that offers local beverages and beers. You can never miss your favorite drink. This hotel will definitely satisfy your stay.


West end of Paseo de los TuristasPunta Arenas 60101, Costa Rica.