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Ohana Sushi Tapas Bar

Your craving for good sushi in Costa Rica is going to be fulfill here. They serve the best sushi in the whole locality. Ohana Sushi Tapas Bar is trying to break the mold and be a little adventurous in the land of Costa Rica.

Their menu shows great variability. They have Japanese Cuisine, Sushi, Local Cuisine, Seafood, Fast foods, Drinks and many more. They have different kinds of sushi. It is said that they have the widest collection of sushi. Poke bowl is their another top item. Steak tapa, spicy edamame, tempura, tofu coco etc are some other delicious dishes of this place.  Continue reading “Ohana Sushi Tapas Bar”

Side Street Bistro at PuddleFish Brewery

It is a beach side restaurant with rich menu and great service. A beautiful place to have food with a beach view. If you are looking for foods that taste like home, you are at the right spot. This beach front restaurant offers Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch, and Dinner. And all are in an affordable prices.
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The Beer House

If you are looking for a place which has the biggest collection of beers, go check it out. This is mainly a bar that also serves various kinds of foods. The focus of this place is to provide local Costa Rican brewed beers. But it also has some US brands like Rogue. The Beer House is small place but it has the best collection of draft craft beers in the whole Jaco.
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Taco Joint


” Best taco place ever, great food and service”…… Guest

Speaking of the cheaper options and the faster service, Taco Joint obviously stands out amongst other restaurants in this category as you’re paying a low price for a high-quality food.

And if you are a Mexican or Latin food lover and a Taco addict, you better don’t think twice to go visit them.


The place is mainly offering Central American, Mexican and Latin food.

But they are so well known for their Tacos and Burritos.

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