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Exploring Jaco Costa Rica: Hotels, Beaches, Weather, Nightlife and More

Located within two hours of Costa Rica capital with white sands, Jaco Costa Rica is one of the most preferred tourist destinations for a number of reasons. When visiting Jaco Costa Rica, it does not matter at all whom you are, there are number of activities you can carry out. Jaco Costa Rica weather is also cool giving you the chance to relax and be away from the hustle and bustle of your daily activities.

Jaco Costa Rica

When seeking to enjoy your vacation, booking the best hotels should be a priority. Most of the hotels in Jaco Costa Rica are located near the beaches giving you a great afternoon watching experience of the waters in the sea. If you need to enjoy nightlife in Jaco Costa Rica, you need to select the best beaches and hotels. There are also a number of activities you can carry out in Jaco Costa Rica and they are highlighted below. Continue reading “Exploring Jaco Costa Rica: Hotels, Beaches, Weather, Nightlife and More”

5 Best Restaurants in Costa Rica for Travelers from USA

If you are coming from the US in search of the right restaurant in Costa Rica, then you have come to the right place. Costa Rica does not cater only for its nationals; it has a lot of restaurants for all internationals.

Today, I bring you five restaurants that you can choose from as you enter the country.


Los Amigos

Based in Puntarenas, Los Amigos offers tasty dishes. If you are traveling to Costa Rica, make sure you stop by Los Amigos. It is one of the most recommended spots in the province. Many happy clients remember returning multiple times for more meals. You, too, during your first visit, you will definitely return for more.

Though the restaurant is situated in Costa Rica, its foods are typically American. As for the dishes, you can find hamburgers, fresh seafood, and various beverages. Both foods and beverages are excellently prepared and served in a timely manner. So, you will not be kept waiting.

The staff takes care of the customers in such a way that if you have allergies to some foods, you will still be given the right food—they have various foods; nobody walks away hungry.


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Adventure Dining

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Adventure Dining is a popular restaurant in the area of Jaco, Costa Rica. It’s well known for its great services, fun, and meals. In fact, this spot has many surprises that you can’t afford to miss. If you are around this area, look no further. This is the right place for adventures, dinner, celebrations, and so much more.  Get ready to join in the fun.


Foods at Adventure Dining

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The menu offers unbeatable dishes such as salad, salsa, rice, chicken, beans, veggies, guacamole, steak, bananas foster, garlic shrimp, fish, mash potatoes, and much more. While the names look familiar, the taste of the food is exquisitely out of this world, thanks to the connoisseur of the spot.

You can start with a salad, and then order your favorite food from the menu. Yet, don’t miss out on the salsa. It’s unbeatable.

The banana foster is out of this world. This is the best dessert you can ever have at the restaurant.


Services at Adventure Dining

The spot is amazing. It’s different from the ubiquitous restaurants in Costa Rica. You can tell from the name; it’s an adventurous restaurant, where the services are taken to the next level. Not only does it offer delicious dishes, it also offers a luxurious transportation to pick up the clients from their hotels and return them. All they need to do is reserving the tables. As it’s a large place, you won’t want to go alone; take your family and friends with you. As you go, you will be amazed at the beautiful roads up on the mountains. You will also feel safe as the driver skillfully maneuvers the road. You can’t believe all these wonders–the food and services–are offered at affordable prices.



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Soda Jaco Rustico

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Soda Jaco Rustico, a restaurant situated in Jaco Beach, offers authentic Costa Rican meals—breakfast, lunch, and dinner—for locals at affordable prices. Though it’s often visited by the locals, travelers who pop up to the spot love it as much. If you are around the Jaco beach, this is the best place to enjoy your meals. Thanks to the parking, you can keep your car in a safe place and enter for dishes.


Foods at Soda Jaco Rustico

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The menu offers delicious dishes such as fried fish, chicken, rice, salads, crabs, beans, pork, meat, beef, plantains, and much more. The food is excellently prepared with fresh spices and ingredients; it has different, tasty flavors.

After starting with fresh, tasty banana salad, you can then order Casado, which is made up of rice, meat, beans and some more foods.

You can’t miss out on the chicken. It comes in a corn tortilla. As for a beverage, you can ask for the spot’s specialty, arroz con pina drink.

If you need additional food, you can request pork accompanied with beef and chicken. This is a mouth-watering dish.


Services at Soda Jaco Rustico

The staff is always attentive and kind to the visitors. Since the spot is always full, the clients have to stay in line for food. While it may sound like a downside, the staff attentively serves the clients in a timely manner. They dish up the food in front of the clients. So, they get to see their food being served and then they can take a seat. The food is homemade. Because of its quality foods, the clients never have enough of this food; they keep returning.



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Jerah is a highly recommended restaurant in Jaco thanks to its delicious dishes and amazing services. Frequented by locals and travelers, the spot has become the number-one restaurant in the area. You can’t miss this place while in Jaco. As you go with your family and friends, take cash with you.


Foods at Jerah

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The menu provides clients with great dishes such as beef noodle soup, Casados, shrimp pad Thai, phat, rice, yellow curry, tuna, papaya salad, fish egg rolls, chicken satays, and much more. The food is excellently prepared with fresh ingredients and wonderfully presented on the plates. Even the appetizers are dished up in generous portions.


If you love seafood, you can order fish egg rolls; they are uniquely prepared and flavorful. You can add the mouth-watering yellow curry.

Then, you can go for Casados, a mixture of so many foods. You can also grab flavorful wines to accompany your meals. If you prefer juice, you can order smoothies as well as cocktails.


Services at Jerah

The staff is the owners of the restaurant. They are kind and helpful towards the clients. Given the big size of the spot, all the visitors have enough seats even if they come as a group of four or more. The staff takes the time to explain all the dishes on the menu. So, the clients can choose in accordance with their taste. The food is brought to the table in no time; the portions are so large that oftentimes the clients don’t finish their food. Instead, they just take the rest home to have lunch the following day. Because of its top-notch services and reasonable prices, the clients go as far as saying, “The spot is a hidden gem in Jaco.”



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Ohana Sushi Tapas Bar

Your craving for good sushi in Costa Rica is going to be fulfill here. They serve the best sushi in the whole locality. Ohana Sushi Tapas Bar is trying to break the mold and be a little adventurous in the land of Costa Rica.

Their menu shows great variability. They have Japanese Cuisine, Sushi, Local Cuisine, Seafood, Fast foods, Drinks and many more. They have different kinds of sushi. It is said that they have the widest collection of sushi. Poke bowl is their another top item. Steak tapa, spicy edamame, tempura, tofu coco etc are some other delicious dishes of this place.  Continue reading “Ohana Sushi Tapas Bar”

Side Street Bistro at PuddleFish Brewery

It is a beach side restaurant with rich menu and great service. A beautiful place to have food with a beach view. If you are looking for foods that taste like home, you are at the right spot. This beach front restaurant offers Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch, and Dinner. And all are in an affordable prices.
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The Beer House

If you are looking for a place which has the biggest collection of beers, go check it out. This is mainly a bar that also serves various kinds of foods. The focus of this place is to provide local Costa Rican brewed beers. But it also has some US brands like Rogue. The Beer House is small place but it has the best collection of draft craft beers in the whole Jaco.
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Taco Joint


” Best taco place ever, great food and service”…… Guest

Speaking of the cheaper options and the faster service, Taco Joint obviously stands out amongst other restaurants in this category as you’re paying a low price for a high-quality food.

And if you are a Mexican or Latin food lover and a Taco addict, you better don’t think twice to go visit them.


The place is mainly offering Central American, Mexican and Latin food.

But they are so well known for their Tacos and Burritos.

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