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Manuel Antonio Costa Rica: 6 Awesome Vacation Tips

Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica is a land of exotic lush and jungles. It is a great place to stay, especially if it’s your first time. The place has a lot to offer, from beautifully luxurious hotels to amazing wildlife adventure; this place has got you covered.

However, there is also one ugly truth about the place, the fact that it is incredibly pricey. Basically, it’s one of the most common reasons that prevent people from experiencing the beauty of that precious gem of Central America. So today, we are going to give you awesome tips from expert travelers, that you need to know if you are in a budget. So after you read the rest of the article, you can definitely feed your wanderlust already, without splurging a fortune!

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Tip #1. Choose the Cheaper hotels

Surely, you would want to splurge a little to try a queen-worthy staycation, especially if you want to treat yourself for an allure. And it’s OK, especially if you have a pretty budget for that. But it is our heartfelt advice that you really don’t need to. Let’s be honest, what you need to have when you are in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica , is just a place where you can lay your head to rest at night. Most of the time, you are either out at the beach, or you are hiking or you are enjoying famous tourist destinations and the famous wildlife. You most likely did not travel just to sleep and treat yourself a spa, so might as well save a penny in your stay. Continue reading “Manuel Antonio Costa Rica: 6 Awesome Vacation Tips”

Express Burrito

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Located in the center of Manuel Antonio, Express Burrito offers excellent, affordable Costa Rican and international foods suitable for every taste, the taste of the locals and of the travelers. If you are a local or traveler looking for a better treat, look no further; this is the right spot for you. As you go, take your family with you. Thanks to their fast delivery, if you have no time to eat out, you can ordered from the hotel and get your cash delivered in a timely manner.


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El Arado Restaurant


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El Arado Restaurant is a highly recommended, family-owned restaurant. Though the spot is not so appealing, its dishes are the reason it is in the talks of many clients. If you are in this area looking for delicious food at affordable prices, this is the spot for you. This place has no bummer but delicacies.


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Shana Lounge Pool Bar

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Shana Lounge Pool Bar is an amazing restaurant based in Manuel Antonio. It offers delicious dishes and beverages at affordable prices. With that said, the restaurant is very popular in the area. So, the spot frequently receives both locals and travelers, who are always happy with their dishes and services; if you are looking to enjoy excellent American, Italian foods, this is the right spot for you.


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La Luna Restaurant at Gaia Hotel & Reserve

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La Luna Restaurant at Gaia Hotel & Reserve is an excellent spot based in Manuel Antonio. It offers quality foods and drinks at reasonable prices. No matter whether you are fussy about your food; every food is made to meet every taste. Since you are visiting a popular restaurant—an American and a Costa Rican spot—you need to make a reservation, and dress decently as you go.


Foods at La Luna Restaurant at Gaia Hotel & Reserve

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The menu consists of bread, ribs, mahi-mahi, pasta, plantains, tomatoes, shrimp, tuna tapas, churro, papaya soup, and much more. The seafood dishes are freshly cooked and beautifully presented. You can’t miss out on them. And since every food is yummy, you will have a hard time choosing yours.

To whet your appetite, you can grab your favorite bread. You can then order the mahi-mahi accompanied with pasta as well as shrimp. Though it might seem to be a simple dish, its flavor will have your mouth watering; this is bound to stay in your memory. Plus, you will love that you can also get the most flavorful dirty martini.

You can order tasty cocktails to accompany your meals. For a dessert, you can ask for chocolate cake. It’s the most flavorful cake ever.


Services at La Luna Restaurant at Gaia Hotel & Reserve

The staff is friendly and attentive to the clients. They attentively serve the visitors with excellent foods and drinks. After the meals, the staff even goes an extra mile: they offer every client with a complimentary ride from the hill down to the bus stop—you will love this golf cart ride. It’s a wonderful treat after unbeatable dishes.



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Emilio’s Cafe

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Emilio’s Cafe is an amazing, spacious restaurant located in Manuel Antonio National Park. The spot offers unbeatable daily meals for everyone. It is perfect for gatherings. So, you can take your friends with you.


Foods at Emilio’s Cafe

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The menu provides the clients with great dishes, such as fish, falafel salad, brugatta, red snappers, plantains, omelette, French toast, cappuccinos, and much more.

To whet your appetite, you can get the calamari with wedges. Due to its large portion, you may get satiated with it. So, you’d better ask for a smaller portion to save space for your entrée.

If you order omelette, you’ll get it accompanied with veggies; if you love salad, you can choose between Mediterranean salad and falafel salad.

Every meal is tasty; even those that don’t eat seafood are hooked; they find the fish amazing. You can get the fish prepared as you wish at an unbeatable fee. For example, you can either order tuna trio or poke tuna.

The grilled Red Snapper is also worth ordering. Then, you can end your meal with cake or with the key lime pie; they are wonderful desserts.



Services at Emilio’s Cafe

The staff is very attentive and friendly. They take care of the clients by preparing their food accordingly and delivering it in a timely manner. Since each day has its specials, the clients are never bored with food; there is always something new for every visitor; the prices are very affordable.


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El Patio de Cafe Milagro

El Patio de Cafe Milagro is a great place to be. The environment is very calm here. A slow background music is always making your visit pleasant. A perfect place to hangout with friends and family. It’s a highly recommended restaurant. The staffs and servers try hard not to make their customers down. The place is popularly known as Cafe Milagro. Continue reading “El Patio de Cafe Milagro”

Manuel Antonio Falafel Bar

Manuel Antonio Falafel Bar is a renowned restaurant in Manuel Antonio. It mainly serves Israeli cuisine and vegetarian dishes. This is the right place for you when you are tired of local Costa Rican cuisine and want to have something different. The setting of this place is also divergent from other restaurants of this area. One of the ideal places to have meals while in Costa Rica. Continue reading “Manuel Antonio Falafel Bar”

Rico Tico Jungle Grill

1995 is the year when Rico Tico Jungle Grill was first established with a small arrangement of  20 seats on the poolside Boca Bar at Hotel Si Como No with a simple menu. When the hotel started gaining popularity it turned itself into a Boutique Resort, expanded their space and modified their food menu. Banana Flambé fire show is the main attraction of the place. Canopied dining area and poolside services are also appreciable. Nearly 15 years ago they started serving Chalupa & Banana Flambé and it still has its demand among the food lovers. If you want to enjoy an amazing Banana Flambé fire show with delicious foods, this is the right place for you. Continue reading “Rico Tico Jungle Grill”

Cafe Agua Azul

Cafe Agua Azul is an open air restaurant. There is no walls but a huge roof held up by wooden posts. If you are looking forward to enjoy meals in a small and simple but comfy place than this place is for you. As compared to other restaurants, this place has affordable prices with quality services and foods. This is the place where you get to see the  profound beauty of the jungle and also the ocean. Continue reading “Cafe Agua Azul”