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5 Best Restaurants in Costa Rica for Travelers from USA

If you are coming from the US in search of the right restaurant in Costa Rica, then you have come to the right place. Costa Rica does not cater only for its nationals; it has a lot of restaurants for all internationals.

Today, I bring you five restaurants that you can choose from as you enter the country.


Los Amigos

Based in Puntarenas, Los Amigos offers tasty dishes. If you are traveling to Costa Rica, make sure you stop by Los Amigos. It is one of the most recommended spots in the province. Many happy clients remember returning multiple times for more meals. You, too, during your first visit, you will definitely return for more.

Though the restaurant is situated in Costa Rica, its foods are typically American. As for the dishes, you can find hamburgers, fresh seafood, and various beverages. Both foods and beverages are excellently prepared and served in a timely manner. So, you will not be kept waiting.

The staff takes care of the customers in such a way that if you have allergies to some foods, you will still be given the right food—they have various foods; nobody walks away hungry.


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Isla Coco’s Bar & Grill

Isla Coco’s Bar & Grill 
has every options a foodie expects from a restaurant. A tiki bar, bountiful seafood, a tour desk, live music and even a sushi hut is attached to this restaurant. This place will give you a chilling environment away from the city crowds. Continue reading “Isla Coco’s Bar & Grill”

Casa Almendro

When you are tired of same kind of restaurants, Casa Almendro is going to refresh you with its stunning settings. The building gives a historic vibe. You will have delicious meals with the beautiful sunset view. Foods come in fair prices. So, do yourself a favor and check out this place. Continue reading “Casa Almendro”

Restaurant Los Toneles

It is a well-known restaurant in Punta Arenas.  Both tourists and locals love to visit this place. It may not look very posh from the outside. But it’s a must stop when you are on your way to the beach.

Restaurant Los Toneles is a restaurant where you will get International food, Costa Rican, Cuban dishes as well as Bar and Grill. They have variety of foods in their food menu. A wide selection of drinks will blow your mind. This place offers the best mojitos in town. Delicious Craft/draft beers will satisfy your thirst. There are lots of choices for meat lovers. All the items are very delicious and it shows how skilled their chefs are. Bbq ribs, fish fillet, lobster, chicken wrap, shrimp salad these are some of their famous dishes. Their octopus ceviche is considered as the best ceviche of the area. Serving foods quickly is their another motto to please the customers. Foods come in large portion.
Extra sauces are given with every fries. After eating here once, like many other people, you will become their fan too.

You will love this eatery because of its decoration. It is designed as a pirate ship. All the ornaments are related to the theme. It is a air conditioned restaurant. You will be cooled down even in the hot climat of Jaco once you are here. There are inside and outside seating arrangement. You can enjoy your meal inside under the AC or on the terrace. Free wifi service is available both outside and inside. It’s a spacious place with VIP area up to 20 seats. Melodious songs are always playing on the background. Delicious foods with a great atmosphere and in affordable prices. A plasma television is attached on the wall. All the favorite shows are playing there.
Owner himself handles everything. All the staffs are very kind and always there to help you. The parking lot outside the restaurant adds an extra point. Because attached parking area is a rare thing in this area. Both cash and cards work. They are open Mon – Sun: 7:00 – 22:00.
Restaurant Los Toneles is a highly recommended place if you are in this locality.

There are plenty of signage on the buildings to give you direction of Restaurant Los Toneles. It’s so easy to find on the non-ocean side of highway. You will like how it is located on the main road. A great place to be.

100 meters north of Clup Punta leonaPunta Arenas 61102,
Costa Rica.
Phone : +506 2637 4747
Facebook :

Restaurante Caballo Blanco

It is one of the aged restaurants in Puntarenas. A pretty place on the highway of the beaches in Guanacaste. On the highways often people look for good places to eat. Restaurante Caballo Blanco is doing this job for a long time. It is a highly suggested place for the people who are travelling through the highway.

This restaurant offers breakfasts, lunches, dinners, fast foods, drinks and coffees. Their seafood meal is the best  you can eat in Costa Rica. They serve various foods like – seafood, meats, beef, chicken, drinks, beers etc. Also, you can have barbecue ribs, beef stroganoff and noodles. The breaded fish filet is the most ordered item in this place. Ceviche and rice with chicken and  Salmon with Rice are also very popular. Mouthwatering Camarones con arroz, patacones, fried fish are going to give you a new taste.
The quality of the foods is excellent. The standard presentation of the dishes will amaze you. The portions are large.
The services are quick and you can stop by to get quick launch. The food is always fresh and delicious. After tasting the food at this restaurant, you will surely come back for more.
It is also so affordable so you will have great food with average prices.

The vibe of the restaurant is so relaxed with fresh air coming from the nearby beaches. It is a must visit place for those who are travelling through the highway. Because of its perfect spot on the highway, this restaurant get to deal with a lot of customers everyday. It is a spacious place with comfortable atmosphere. Classy white table cloths gives it a cozy outlook. A very clean and tidy place.
All the staffs are very attentive and ready to help. Satisfying all the customers is their goal. There are some bilingual servers to help the foreigners.
There is bus stop just a few walking steps away from the restaurant. It’s another advantage of this place.
Free wifi is always a plus. They start their day at 5:30 am which is very early in the morning.
They are open everyday a week!

It is a great rest stop both for the people who are travelling from San Jose to Guanacaste and from Puntarenas to Montaverde. It is about half way between San Jose and Monteverde. A right choice to stop by. Once you are there you will be glad that you are there.

Route #1 , Km 131 | Miramar Crossing 7 Km northPunta Arenas Aranjuez, Costa Rica.
Phone : (506) 639 -1189
Facebook :

Restaurant & Marisqueria Gugas

Restaurant & Marisqueria Gugas is a great place to eat near the cruise ship dock area. It was first established in 2002 and since then they are serving with pride. If you are looking for a place with good foods and hygiene ambiance near the cruise ship dock area, this place is perfect for you. Continue reading “Restaurant & Marisqueria Gugas”