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Top 5 Restaurants to Eat in Costa Rica on Christmas Day

Christmas Eve or Day is full of celebration and its high time to choose the perfect location. It is the high season and you will mostly find crowd everywhere all day and it is better to make a reservation earlier. There are a lot of restaurants serving traditional menus. You will also find some of those also offer International dishes. Here goes top 5 restaurants in Costa Rica that you might can choose for enjoying Christmas eve or day: Continue reading “Top 5 Restaurants to Eat in Costa Rica on Christmas Day”

5 Best Restaurants in San Jose for Travelers from USA


In your search for the best restaurants in San Jose, you might have had some terrible experiences at the restaurants that you have visited so far. So, I have decided to put together great restaurants offering tasty, affordable dishes. Next time you are in San Jose, be sure to check out the following restaurants:


Lorenzos Italian Steakhouse

Lorenzos Italian Steakhouse is a highly recommended restaurant, which, in addition to its normal dishes, offers special meals for Valentine’s Day. Though the restaurant is located among many other restaurants in San Jose, it stands out from them for its great services, tasty dishes, and ambiance.

The menu offers lasagna, shrimp fettuccine, Chicken Parm, meat ravioli, pasta, wines, and much more. All of the foods are cooked very well and served in large portions.

To whet your appetite, you can order either champagne or salad, which is fresh and tasty. Then, you can order pasta, which is served in a white sauce; it comes with mushrooms that will keep raving about it; its texture will have you lick the plate. The meat ravioli with a sauce is out of this world.

As for beverages, you can snap your favorite red wine, sangria. If you do not drink alcohol, then you can go for lemon mint; it is refreshing. You can then finish your meals with the passion fruit mousse accompanied by chocolate cake, both of which are delicious.


Restaurante Gaudi

This restaurant is well known for its terrific wine selections. Most of the travelers love the beverages and cannot have enough; they keep coming back for more. You can tell that the wine is freshly squeezed out of the nice vine on the patio. Other than wines, the spot offers delicious dishes that keep its clients satisfied.

The menu offers cheese, eggplant, risotto, pasta, octopus, lamb burger, marinated mushrooms, grilled lamb chops, and much more. There are wonderful appetizers to choose from. As for entrees, you can order risotto, which is the best seafood; you can order pasta as well as octopus. You can order more but you need to leave for the lamb burger, which is the best meat you can have—you can order grilled lamb chops; they are wonderfully prepared and delicious.

The servers are very good; they are influent speakers of English. So, the clients are never faced with a hard time communicating with them; the servers are helpful enough to recommend the best food for the clients. They even chat with the visitors.


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El Balcon Del Marisco

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Based in San Jose, Costa Rica, El Balcon Del Marisco offers a wonderful experience for both locals and travelers. If you are looking to have affordable, delicious meals in this province, this is the right place for you. That said, the restaurant is a few miles away from the city yet worth the effort for its uniqueness.


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La Criollita

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La Criollita is a perfect restaurant offering delicious meals at cheap prices. Many people, including travelers, visit this place as they can enjoy their dream food at lower prices. If you are on holidays and looking for breakfast, lunch, and dinner without breaking your pockets, this must be the spot for you.


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Segundo Muelle

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Located near the Hilton Garden Inn, Segundo Muelle excels in Peruvian foods and drinks. Because of its delicious and affordable dishes, the restaurant has become the number-one spot in the area. It is frequented by both locals and travelers. Then, if you are in search of Peruvian foods, this restaurant will definitely meet your needs. For a remarkable time, you’d better go early with your partner.


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Restaurante Ram Luna

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Restaurante Ram Luna is a great restaurant based in San Jose. It provides the customers with fresh, flavorful dishes at affordable prices. Given its fun, many locals love this spot; the travelers visit the spot due to high recommendations from the other happy clients. This makes the spot, at times, crowded. So, you need to make a reservation prior to your visit. Go with your family, partners, and friends for a great time.


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La Muny Restaurante & Bar

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La Muny Restaurante & Bar is a highly recommended restaurant based in San Jose. It provides the customers with Costa Rican dishes at reasonable prices. Travelers that have made to this place keep raving about the food; this should mean a lot to you, who are still on the fence as to whether you visit the spot. So, I have no qualms about recommending this very spot; if you are in this area looking for delicious Costa Rican foods, this is the place you need to check out.


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Le Monastere

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Le Monastere is a highly recommended, breathtaking restaurant based in San Jose, Costa Rica. Despite its old age on the hilltop, it does deliver quality dishes that make the clients rave about unceasingly. If you are looking to enjoy delicious foods in a secluded yet amazing spot, this restaurant is the right place for you. Since it is frequented by both locals and travelers, you’d better make a reservation. As you go, take your partner with you. Given the location, the drive to the place is also recommended.


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Restaurant La Bastille

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Though the exterior of the spot is not so appealing, Restaurant La Bastille offers excellent foods and services that you can’t afford to miss. Thanks to its amazing services, the clients label it the most entertaining restaurant with delicious and affordable dishes in San Jose.


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La Terrasse French Cuisine


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La Terrasse French Cuisine, as its name implies, offers quality French foods at affordable prices. The people who have so far visited the spot label it the best French restaurant in the area of San Jose. Given its large size, the spot can hold many visitors such as families, business groups and so forth. So, if you around this area, take the cash with you for special meals.

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