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Na Praia Seafood & Raw Bar

na praia restaurant San Pedro

Na Praia Seafood & Raw Bar is a great restaurant based in San Jose. That said, if you want to dine, look no further; just head to this restaurant, as it excels in fresh seafood, meat, and veggies, among which there can be your favorite dish.

Foods at Na Praia Seafood & Raw Bar

The menu has great foods like octopus, ceviche, pasta, tuna, etc. Preferably, you can order tuna. It looks fresh and it is delicious. You can also order veggies blended with pasta, or you can try nai prai pasta. It is wonderfully prepared. Calamari ink and linguini are added so as to make it delicious. You realize how hard it is to cook this together. But the cook knows quite a lot about dishes. He can either get it made or he can prepare it by himself. Whether he prepares it or gets it prepared by a co-worker, you will thank him for blending the two dishes, giving you great taste. The octopus is fresh. Continue reading “Na Praia Seafood & Raw Bar”

Cafe Kracovia

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Located beside Costa Rica University, Cafe Kracovia has great surprises for the clients. It has excellent dishes and great services. That would be a great spot for your dinner.

Food at Cafe Kracovia

The menu offers dishes whose name suggests something like European food. You can also have vegetarian dishes. The food comprises of salads, perojis, flatbread, cheese, hummus, apple pie, etc.


It also has nice patio outside the restaurant. So, you can choose whether you want to be inside or outside. The inside has a beautiful decoration. You will feel comfortable in there. Yet, you should also try staying on the patio overlooking that beautiful garden and some buildings. With the restaurant built on the hill, the view is great. The terrace is romantic. It has great lights for the romantic night. You will not regret being there with your partner. You could also take a friend with you. It is just perfect for the clients with a company.

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Le Chandelier

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Le Chandelier is popular restaurant in San Jose. While it is an old house, it has excellent food. It offers European dishes. So, if you from Europe, you will feel home as you arrive at this restaurant. Even clients from another side of the world love this place thanks to its great cuisine. As the owner is a European, he has an in-depth knowledge of European dishes, blending it with Costa Rican foods to provide excellent meals for you; he has great ingredients and excellent preparation. The professional servers are so attentive to the clients’ needs.


The menu is filled with tasty dishes offered in a modern manner. Salad looks fresh. You can ask for fish and eat it with that attractive salad. It is served well. With the great options for meat and veggies, you can order whatever you want. You all can have your take. After dining, you are blessed with great options of desserts. You can get about 5 options and choose for yourself.
You can also grab wines at good price, or have any other beverage.
Because of the staff’s great care of you, you may feel like you are with your family. They answer every question you ask; they often come to ensure you are happy with your order. They care much about your satisfaction. They seek to make sure you return many times.
Given their excellent services, the price is high for a good reason.
The restaurant has a great ambiance and beautiful decoration. The atmosphere is also suited for romance. So, you can bring your partner with you. You will be able to rock with each other, especially in the evening. This is an appropriate time for romance. Yet, it is good for friends, too.

Map of Le Chandelier
Phone number: 00 506 2225 3980
Open from 11:30 AM to 12:00 AM


Located away from the center of San Jose, Neshuma has a variety of delicious dishes. While it offers some other kinds of food, the restaurant excels in vegetarian food. So, if you are a vegan or a vegetarian, this is the best restaurant to go to.


The menu has great dishes. You can choose from rice, beans, burger to sandwiches. Though it offers a lot of veggies, the food is not bland. It is excellent. No matter what you choose from the menu, it is all flavorful. So, you will need to keep some time to choose the right dish, your food for the day. Otherwise, you will need to try all the dishes of the menu. Plus, there is a great option of pizza, which is suited for veggies.
The meals are offered in great portions. So, you won’t worry whether you’ll get satisfied. Given the bountiful entrée, you will hardly order for desserts despite their great options.
Aside from the flavorful dishes, the menu offers great drinks. There is a lot of beer and wine. Yet, you will not find pop. So, just ask for other drinks, wine, beer and goodies. You will have plenty of options.
In addition to the great dishes, there is a wonderful atmosphere inside; there are many tables for the clients. So the space is so roomy that you can take your friends along for a great dinner.
For the great meals and friendly services, the price is worth it.
The staff is helpful and responsive. They will take care of you. As a matter of fact, if you are allergic to some foods, the staff will make sure the food is prepared well and suited for you. If you ever complain about anything, they are comprehensive enough to help you; they immediately look for solutions to the problem. For example, if you don’t like your dish, they might change it for you. So, you won’t need to walk out of the restaurant hungry; there is always something right for you.

Map of Neshuma

Open from 11:00 AM to 12:00 AM
Phone number: 00 506 2224 1700