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P.F. Chang’s Costa Rica

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P.F. Chang’s Costa Rica is an American Chinese restaurant based in San Rafael de Escazu. It offers delicious dishes at affordable prices. It is big enough to hold a group of people, families, and more. If you miss your favorite food back home, you can get it at this spot; it turns out to be better than the restaurants in the US. It also offers anniversary celebrations. Since it’s a highly frequented spot, you need to make a reservation.


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Restaurante Pescatore

Restaurante Pescatore

” Fresh, delicious and awesome service! you have to go “……. Guest

If you are a fan of Peruvian food or you have wanted to try it, it’s time now. This amazing restaurant won’t let you down. A Peruvian chef owns it, so you are getting 100% original food.

It may sound to be a little bit on the pricier side, but it won’t matter if you get top notch food, right?

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Taste of India506

Taste of India506

” One of the best Indian Ethnic Cuisine in America. Real Taste and very prompt service “… Guest

We are not always looking for traditional food options when we are visiting a country, right? You may need to try something different, so if you are a fan of Indian food or if you have been waiting to try it, Costa Rica didn’t forget to provide you with an Indian restaurant.

And if you are an Indian and craving some home country food vibes, here is the restaurant to go.

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Nau Sushi Lounge

If you are looking for a restaurant offering Japanese food such as sushi, Nau Sushi Lounge is one of the best options you have. This beautiful restaurant is situated in the intercontinental hotel.
As it is a popular restaurant in Costa Rica, you may get there while it’s full. So, you will have to be patient as the staff arranges for an empty table for you. Meanwhile, wherever you will be seated, you will be able to order your favorite food.

Foods at Nau Sushi Lounge

Though the menu is small, it provides a lot of options for delicious food. The dishes comprise of sushi, cheese, spinach, potatoes, gorgonzola, etc. Despite the many options of the menu, some dishes don’t seem to be available. For example, while you may order pork tenderloin blended with marsala sauce, you may not receive it all together. Instead, you may be given beef with mushrooms. Sometimes, the food is brought later than expected. So, you’ll have to patiently wait for your dish.
If you like, you can either order miso soup or gyozas; you’ll have delicious desserts, too.
Beer is available; you can also have drinks like saki and rahter. Preferably, you can enjoy hot saki, the traditional drink.
Keep in mind that, while the restaurant excels in sushi, sometimes it is not cooked well. You may feel it sandy. So, though the restaurant is good for celebrations, it may not satisfy you in this respect. You might need to enjoy sushi at supermarkets, where, at times, is way better than this.
Though it’s a beautiful place, you will be surprised at the low price of the food. It is very affordable.

Services at the Nau Sushi Lounge

The servers are kind, polite and patient. They respond positively to complaints. Even when clients return some plates, they accept and promise to better their services; they may later bring your ordered dish. Continue reading “Nau Sushi Lounge”

The Market

The Market is a romantic restaurant near Escazú. So, if you happen to be around and wonder where you could have your favorite dishes with your partner, the Market is the best option. It offers great dishes from Costa Rica and from some other countries.

Foods at the Market

The menu is vast enough to meet your needs. The food comprises of fresh eggs, seafood and fresh fruit. The breakfast looks good to the eyes and delicious as you eat it.

For breakfast, you can try the delicious Costa Rican food.
For entrée, you can order salmon. Also, you can have a lot of options for dried food.
Yet, for salad, you would need more fruits added, as you will just have melon and some other fruits, such as the excellent pineapple and papaya. You could also ask for apple, if you want. You can order the great carrot-ginger; you can have the tasty cranberry. Plus, cantaloupe is available on the menu.
For bread, there is jam blended with pineapple; you can try coconut pizza.
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Tierra Gaucha Parrilla Argentina

If you are looking for a restaurant with a great banquet, a restaurant with delicious food and unique cuisine, Tierra Gaucha Parrilla Argentina is the right one for you. It is an affordable restaurant, which offers great quality food. Plus, the staff is so friendly and helpful that you won’t lack anything you desire to have.

Could you need to surf the Internet, you need not worry as the restaurant got you covered.



The restaurant offers gluten-free options.

There are good Empatadas; great sirloin butt steaks to choose from. You will be delighted with passion fruit mousse and milk-rice.

Right after your meal, you can indulge yourself with tasty desserts, and the Argentinian pinot noir. Also, there is plenty of juicy, lomito skewers, served with grilled vegetables and fries. The meat is wonderful. But if you do not eat meat, the veggies are great, too.

Could you want to drink beer, you will be given the best wine. And, you can request for any beverages you desire.


The restaurant has wonderful, peaceful setting. Its unique, unusual cookery and friendly service are the main contributing factor for folks to visit it.

Though it’s located in Costa Rica where some people don’t speak English, the employees do understand and speak the language. So, you won’t have any problems communicating with the staff. Even those, unable to speak English, do offer so wonderful, attentive services that you will have an indelible experience. So, if you are still on the fence as to whether you’d visit the restaurant, I assure that you won’t regret going there.


The restaurant is open from 12:00 PM to 22:00 PM

Phone: +506 2221 6003




The restaurant is located at Paseo Colon, 50 miles away from Mcdonalds, San Jose 13088, Costa Rica

Furca Restaurant

This great steakhouse is located in San Jose. It’s situated nearby the park ”La Sabana”, National stadium and museum of Costa Rician art. It’s the super modern international restaurant because of a combination of Costa Rician and European twist. Their goal is to support the small producers the best they can and show how much love they give to their farms and gardens. They show it through their dishes and with their motto which is: ”From farm to table”.   Continue reading “Furca Restaurant”